Ch.1 "From Hunter To Ninja"

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"Sniff." A child around four years of age quietly cried while moving through a thick forest. The blond hair child was confused… So confused as to how this happen and where the lust forest went as it was now replaced by a jungle. All the weird animal sounds scared the blue eyed child as the child moved through the jungle somewhat crying as the child knew being in one spot like a deep forest was not safe.

'But… Where do I go?' The child through, hugging the large scroll with small arms. It was the only thing other than the clothes on the child that the blond had from what the child called home… But, could such a torturous place be called home?

'…I got to stay strong… I lived through getting cut by knives, kicked by the kids and adults alike, and living basically on my own! I can't give up now!'

"Waaargh!!! Waaargh!!!"

"Huh?" The child looked up to find a cat size orange and black smooth looking lizard with wings land on the child's whiskered cheek face. "Ack! Get off! I can't see!!" The child struggled before the lizard climbed on top of the child's head just in time for the blond to see the large two-legged, sliverish blue lizard/bird mix running towards them.

"Ack!!!" The blond ran, barely avoiding the… monster's sharp claws. "Why do things like this only happen to me!!!?" The blond was then forced to stop because of a cliff.

"Squaw!!" The creature prepared to strike as the blond fists tighten so much, they began to bleed. "Squaw!!!" The lizard charged for the blond to look at it with silted sapphire blue eyes and fangs in the blond's mouth.

"Leave me alone, dammit!!!" The child slammed the beast right between the eyes with a punch and knocked the creature back before grabbing both hands together. "There's no way I'm going to be your dinner!!!" The blond hopped into the air and slammed the gripped hands down to hear a sickening crack from its skull breaking and it collapsed to the ground dead.

"Huff… Huff…" The blond panted, not noticing the whisker like marks had become long glowing red crystal, but thin triangles upon the child or the face the red on the blond's knuckles were not just the blood from the beast, but red crystal with a small. "… What is this thing?" The child asked, picking up the scroll dropped during the battle before poking the creature with a stick.

"Wraaagh…" The child took the cat size monster from the blond mob it had attached itself to. The child looked over the creature to see it was orange with black stripes and a white belly.

"…You look like a dragon… And a wolf… But, you're a scary-cat…" The child sighed while looking at the creature.

"Waaag…." The creature looked down, shivering in fear.

"…… Futeki…" The creature looked at the blond hair child. "It means 'fearless' and I am giving you that name so you can be fearless." The child grinned, not noticing the long pointed ears coming out of the child's head twitching with joy. "My name is Naruto! Do you like your name, Futeki?"

"Wraaagh! Wraaagh!" The dragon squealed in joy.

"Huh…?" A blond hair child looking around being just a short pre-teen blinked, awaken thanks to hearing some kind of commotion from the hammock the blond was sleeping in. The blond was wearing an orange kimono-like top tied loosely around the waist with a loose obi with bags connected to it and loose black armor made from scales and metal over the chest, loose black pants tuck into black scale leg armor that matched the blond's gauntlets which only covered the arm, but just the back and front of the hand to make the knuckle and fingers free, and a black and orange headband to keep the blond's long hair from going into the blond's sapphire to the point of being reflecting like eyes. The blond also had red crystal on the knuckles, as claw like nails, and triangle whisker marks on the cheeks.

The blond got out of the hammock and looked around. "Futeki?"

"Oh, you're up, Naruto." Naruto looked up to see a young man in metal armor with black scale patches for the buckles with black clothes underneath with red markings while he was wearing a metal helmet on his head that hid his face except his eyes glowed somehow a low red that showed through the eye holes.

"Oh, hey… Why are you wearing your armor? Don't cha remember your eyes?" Naruto sighed, looking at their home. Most of the houses around the median size village were round buildings with straw or wood titles roofs along with steam coming up from all the hot springs underneath and had plenty of trees around. However, the blond's home was a giant tree which was hollowed out a bit in the trunk to make a home inside it. A very roomy one at that for several reasons.

"Oh, I was just finishing putting in the hexes so the tree can still grow with our home inside, so I was wearing this for protection…." The man sweated inside the armor as the blond glared at him. "…And because it's private in here…" (Mythbuster fans rejoice! Guess who said that!... Not character, I meant Mythbuster… Sorry, couldn't resist that. Now onto the story.)

"…" Naruto only sighed before getting back to subject on the mind. "Hey, do you know where Futeki is?"

"Wasn't he sleeping next to you?" The man asked, a bit confused.

"Wraaagh!!! Wraaaagh!!" Both looked to see the now just bigger than a large horse Futeki, the wolf looking miniature wyvern with mostly fur instead of scales like most wyverns had along with orange crystal coming out of the wyvern's head as horns, running away from a group of for people in similar armor to the guy next to Naruto with weapons in hands. "Wraaagh!"

"Ack! Hey!" Naruto groaned as the large beast hid behind the blond and managed to perch its upper half on Naruto with its head resting on top of the mob of blond hair. "…Yesh, I'm surrounded by cowards."

"Unhand that child, you wyvern!" The leader of the group shouted before Naruto snorted.

"I-di-ots." Naruto sighed.

"What!?" The group glared at the blond. "How can you say that when you are in danger of being eaten!?!"

"Duh… I'm not. Fuketi maybe an omnivore, but the biggest thing he eats is large herbivores and I have to cook it because he hates eating it raw unless it's raw Popo… Actually, he'll eat meat I cook, but that's the biggest he'll hunt and bring me to cook for him. What he likes to eat are mainly plants." Naruto explained. "Fuketi is cowardly, but he is also nice enough not to attack people, so don't attack him back!" Naruto growled.

"What is going on?" A young woman wearing an elegant pink kimono sighed. She had pale skin, narrowed eyes, and long pointed ears as her dark hair was pull back into a bun asked while walking up.

"Oh, Chief… Let me guess. These guys are new hunters you called out to for more people?" Naruto bared teeth in anger.

"Yes… But, I instructed them to meet me at the guild first… If they had followed that simple order, then you would be probably happier." The young woman sighed. "Please apologize to Naruto… Fuketi is Naruto's fri-"

"Did you just say Naruto as in the Great Hunter Uzumaki Naruto!?!" The group recoiled.

"I heard he defeats wyverns with just his fists!"

"He can even clone himself and fight a huge wyvern on his own!" (Guess what jutsu that is!)

"…" The group looked at the young man in arm next to the kid. "Let's us join you on a hunt!!!" The man in armor sweated as the hunters crowded him. "Let us join your hunting party!"

"Hmm… I'm not Naruto…" The man sighed. "Naruto is the blond. I'm just her fiancé."

"What?" All of them looked at the blond hair child before erupting in laughter. "This little kid! This kid must be happy to have-"

"SHUT UP, YOU NOOBS!!!!" Naruto roared, causing all of them to flinch in shock. "You are idiots! Agh! Forget it! Where's my armor!? I'm going hunting!" Naruto hissed in anger before finding her black armor and put on a black helm, a another black chest plate, but with orange scales for shoulder guards, hip guards made from large orange scales, and put a back hip pouch with a large, tube pouch that was well-built to be waterproof and battle-proof on her obi like belt. "Futeki, let's go." Naruto picked up two quite large yo-yos in orange scale pouch and attached them to the hips before hoping onto the wolf looking wyvern and the wyvern took off.

"What the!? You're letting that little kid go of on his own!?!" One of the hunters shouted at the man in armor.

"Yeah… She is eighteen." The armored hunter sighed with the others gapping. "Excuse me, but also have a hunt to go to as well."

"Wait!?! What is that guy going to hunt!?!" The leader of the group shouted.

"… Naruto went to hunt a Kushala Daora. I'm going to hunt a Teostra that has been spotted near a village near here. The job of being a hunter never ends." The now known hunter left the group of hunters behind.

"Stupid noobs." Naruto growled in anger as she rode on top of her friend for many years. 'Only idiots and noobs would underestimate anyone…'

"Naruto, you must never underestimate any enemy… Be it beast or man."

'…Sensei…' Naruto thought before focusing again. 'I have a job to-'

"DOOOOO!!!!!" Naruto shouted when the large sliver metal, rough looking dragon Naruto was hired to kill hit Futeki and knocked Naruto off. Naruto noticed a scar on the dragon's nose. "No way! You're-"

"ROOOOOAR!!!!" The dragon unleashed a storm of wind that actually kept Naruto up in the air, though struggling.

"Wraaagh!!" Futeki cried out while trying to rescue his friend, but the two battling giants created a cyclone that made it impossible for the small dragon to get close enough to Naruto.

"Heh, so you are still around… I'm going to make ya dinner!!" Naruto smirked inside her helm while pulling out the two yo-yos from their holsters and flung them at the huge beast which showed they were decked out with blades on the outer wheels with a smooth inside wheel for her to grip on. The flexible metal wire wrapped around the dragon's arm. "Just like I was planning long ago!"

"ROOOOOAAR!!!" The dragon did a dive, heading towards a large lake.

"Heh heh! I know! Grilled dragon meat with herbs! You'll make a great main dish for the reception!!!" Naruto shouted before she felt kind of funny and noticed the dragon seeming to disappear at some places before everything was engulfed in a flash of light water as the dragon hit the water before becoming dark.

"Wraaagh!?!" Futeki looked around the lake to find both the dragon and his friend gone, as if they disappeared. "Wraaaagh! Woooooooooh!!!!!" Futeki landed before letting out a howl of despair.


"….Is he alright?" Naruto heard voices, but they didn't really register as her head felt like an Elder Dragon chewed on it. Which almost happened once, so she did know close to how that felt.

"Shouldn't we get Iruka-sensei?" However, Naruto heard whoever was around her gasp as she sat up, rubbing her head through her helm.

'What was I doing before?' Naruto thought sleepily, trying to remember what happened… Before remembering what she was fighting and got up looking around. However, the wind was calm and no dragon in sight, though there were several shocked pre-teens looking at her. 'Great… I guess we will always be rivals if this keeps happening.

"H-Hey! You shouldn't be moving! You could be hurt!" Naruto looked at the group of pre-teens… Actually, it was just two kids, but that was technically a group to Naruto. Naruto realized it was the pink hair, green eyed girl that shouted. She studied their clothing which was thin and provides protection at all.

"…You're saying that when I am the one in armor? What kind of idiot dresses like that in a hunting ground?" Naruto asked to see the pink hair girl turn red in anger. "Are you two noobs?"

"Noobs?" Twelve year old Uchiha Sasuke asked. First, he gets separated from his last class before the Gennin Exams when a sudden storm of wind hit the area of forest they would having the class in,gets found by one of his annoying fangirls, and now they found an armor wearing weirdo.

"I call all new hunters to Yukumo Village or idiots… They always get on my nerves, especially when they chase Futeki." Naruto sighed. "But, where am I?"

"You are in the forest outside of Konoha." Sasuke sighed.

"Ko-no-ha? Where is that?" Naruto asked as the group sweated.

"You don't where Konoha is!?! It's the ninja village in Fire Country!" The pink hair girl shouted at the armored blond.

"Konoha… Konoha… I know I heard it somewhere before, but I can't remember…. Oh, well… Can you at least show me to your village's hunter's guild? Maybe they can help me out."

"….Hunter's guild? What the heck are you talking about?" Sasuke asked as Haruno Sakura looked like she was about to tear the armor off the armored kid and kill him… Well, Sasuke guessed it was a guy under the armor from the somewhat mid-range voice which was kind of high for a guy.

"Huh? You're village doesn't have a hunter's guide? That's weird… Especially as it is clear we are in a forest… Doesn't your village get attack a lot by beasts because of that?"

"Okay!?! What the heck are you talking about!? You are making."

"Gaagh!!" Sakura and Sasuke froze as a large sliver blue birdlike reptile came out of the bushes and had some kind blue feathered crest on top of its head and had two smaller versions of itself without the head crest next to it. It was clear they had pointed teeth and sharp claws.

"W-W-What the heck are those things!?!" Sakura shouted in shock.

"Well, well. A Gaidrome and two Gaiprey." Naruto sighed, finding her two yo-yos next to her, but the wire had snapped. She picked them up calmly and put the weapons back before snapping open her tube pouch to pull up a large scroll. "Ya know how to fight monsters?"

"Monsters!?! We're ninja! We never seen anything like those things before!!" Sakura shouted before seeing one of the smaller ones jump into the air towards Sasuke. "Sasuke-kun! Watch out!"

Sasuke froze before Naruto jumped in front of him and knocked the beast back with just a thrust of the shoulder.

"Hmph… Never under estimate an opponent. But, even a novice hunter can kill these guys. Whatever this 'ninja' job is, it sucks if you let your guard around a these carnivores." Naruto opened up her scroll and touched one of the kanji for a long katana that looked to be made of bone to come out. "Here. Try that." Naruto threw it to Sasuke who caught it and was shocked it was pretty light to what it looked like it was. "Catch!" Naruto unsealed and threw a shield to Sakura. "Say bavk and make sure they don't get behind you!" Naruto threw her scroll over to the pink hair girl who was very mad before charging the leader. "Take care of the Gaiprey! I'll take out the Gaidrome!"

"Sure! If they are the small ones!" Sasuke blocked a smaller dino's claws before slashing its chest while it jump back and stabbed the other into the heart, killing it and leaving Sasuke with only one more to deal with.


"EH!?" Sasuke looked at the killed reptile thanks to a head shot and saw Sakura on the ground holding a strange barrel device with her eyes clearly close.

"Did you just fire off a bowgun with your eyes close!?!" Naruto shouted in shock… Maybe the pink hair girl had a little talent with that weapon when Sakura nodded. However the Gaidrome jumped over Naruto and ran towards Sakura. "Duck!"

"EEEK!!!!" Sakura screamed while covering her head with her arms to protect herself before Naruto did a flying spin kick that hit her heel against the Gaidrome's neck and snapped its neck, killing it.

'No way…' Sasuke thought in shock. He had a hard time swinging a blade and killing an oversize reptile, but that blond just killed a large one with a simple kick. 'Just who is this person?!'

"You alright?" Naruto asked while helping Sakura.

"Yeah… Ow…" Sakura hissed when she discovered she had a slight gash on her arm.

"Let me see that…" Naruto looked at the wound. "It doesn't need stitches. You're very lucky as Gaidrome claws are very sharp." Naruto pulled out a bottle filled with green medicine and a roll of bandages. "This is going to hurt, but this will clean the wound as well as heal it faster." Sakura flinched as Naruto put the medicine onto the wound before she wrapped it up. "There. Now, promise me NEVER fire a bowgun or any projectile weapon with your eyes closed again."

"S-Sure." Sakura sweated at how serious the blond's tone was.

"Yes. I rather not have my eye shot out." Naruto sighed while grabbing the bowgun and re-sealing it. "Can I have the long blade back?"

"What?" Sasuke asked before realizing the armor kid meant the blade he was holding. "What if more-"

"Gaidrome and Gaiprey live in cold climates as they are ice-attribute monsters. They must have somehow gotten displaced by something… That's right! I landed in a lake before waking up here!" Naruto chimed.

"Huh?" Both looked at the blond as if she was weird.

"You guys say monster don't…. Well, technically was not existing here, right?" Naruto asked for both nodded. "Well, I went through some kind of portal from my monster filled world to this non-monster filled world while hunting..."

"How is that possible?" Sasuke asked as Sakura blinked.

"No idea, but it explains the weird fazing thing I saw before blacking out. It also might explain the Gaidrome and its minions… Wait. Better not forget putting these guys away." Naruto made the extra kanji on her scroll and sealed the bodies of the three dead "monsters."

"What are you going to with those?!" Sakura asked in shock.

"Eat the meat." Naruto replied as both paled. "Plus, their hides are good for armor and weapons along with the bones and claws. A hunter always uses all they can from a kill." Naruto sighed while sealing the katana away.

"O-Okay…" Sasauke sighed as Sakura was really pale.

"Hey. How do you think you get meat?" Naruto snorted while Sakura and Sasuke realized it and felt bad for some reason. "But… My name is Uzumaki Naruto… What's yours?" Naruto took off her helm making both pre-teens blink at her.

"I'm Uchiha Sasuke." Sasuke sighed.

"I'm Haruno Sakura... But why the heck did you just give me a shield!?! Do you hate girls!!!?" Sakura yelled at the blond.

"… I'm a girl, too, if you like to know." Naruto sighed as both gapped. "But, many mistake me for a guy even when I am in my real eighteen year old form."Naruto sighed as tears of despair when down her cheeks.

"There, there… I barely managed to get anything in the T&A Department, too… Instead, I got a huge forehead." Sakura sighed, patting Naruto's shoulder while Sasuke just stood back, confused as to what was going on.

"HEEEEY!!!" All three looked up to see a tanned man with a light scar on his nose and wearing a strange outfit (Chûnin attire) to Naruto. "What the heck is going on here!?!"

"Iruka-sensei!" Sakura shouted as Naruto noticed a sliver hair man in similar attire coming up with a group of pre-teens.

"Are you alright, Sakura? I heard a scream." Iruka sighed, seeing the two missing students were found after the freak storm. However, Iruka then notice Naruto standing next to Sasuke.

"Yeah. We attacked by some beasts and Naruto helped us." Sakura sheepishly smiled when Iruka noticed the bandages on her arm.

"You're arm!?"

"It's just a scratch. Naruto treated to make sure it wouldn't get infected and such." Sakura sighed before Sasuke and she was shocked when Mizuki had a pulled a kunai and had it at Naruto's neck. "Mizuki-sensei! What are you doing!?!"

"Who are you and what is your business here in Konoha?" Mizuki glared at the blond who looked at the kunai… before biting it and breaking it. "EHH!?" Mizuki gapped at his broken kunai.

"Pfft. Such a poor quality weapon…" Naruto snorted. "I'm Uzumaki Naruto… I have no purpose in Konoha except figuring out where the Kushala Doara I was hunting went."

"Kushala Doara?" The Chûnin asked as Sakura and Sasuke had a sinking feeling it was a beast worse than what they fought.

"A level ten ancient metal dragon known to attack villages with wind attacks. It causes cyclones to appear as it controls wind." Naruto sighed as Sakura and Sasuke paled while both Chûnin raised an eyebrow. "I was hired by the hunter's guild to kill it, but somehow I ended up here while fighting and it escaped… Have there been any strange sudden storms around here?" Naruto asked as Sakura and Sasuke instantly realized what the sudden storm they went through was. They were about to tell Naruto when Iruka ruffled the blond's hair.

"You have one overactive imagination." Iruka sighed as both pre-teens who knew the truth just stood there in shock. "Where's your parents, kid?"

"I'm not a kid! I'm eighteen! I'm just using a jutsu to keep myself in this form!" Naruto then bit (gentlely to the point of just taking blood) Iruka's hand which cause the man to take it back.

"Heh. Why the heck would you use a little kid form to hunt a 'dragon?'" Mizuki chuckled.

"Because it makes it hard for a dragon the size of a five story building to hit me… And because my partner has a fetish for my body as I got curves." This causes both Chûnin to blush tomato red. "Plus, for your information, I ain't got parents. The closest thing I had to parents was my sensei that died a while back."

"…You need help…" Iruka sighed as Mizuki helped to drag the blond towards Konoha as the said blond was too shocked at to how stupid the two men were while Sakura and Sasuke was wondering the same thing as the class followed their teachers back to Konoha.


"…" Naruto just sighed while looking at the headband in her hands. "Why do I have to become this 'ninja' thing?" Naruto asked the old man in front of her wearing formal robes. He was sitting behind a desk full of paperwork.

"Well, you are a citizen of Konoha even though you disappeared seven years ago. I know it may seem forced, but there are… problems that will happen if I don't do this."

"B-But, I already have a home! I got to find a way back!" Naruto sighed. She was worried both of her friends would be crying rivers thinking she was dead.

"I can understand. Once you find your way home, you can just go into retirement in the ninja field and go back into what you were doing before." The Third Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen, sighed.

"But, that's the problem! I was on a quest and the very dragon I was paid to slay is roaring around in this world, probably attacking a village somewhere!" Naruto said in worry.

"…Iruka was right. You do have an overactive imagination." The Hokage sighed.

"I'm not crazy!!! This is the paperwork to prove it!!" Naruto pulled out some papers and slammed it in front of the Hokage, causing the other paperwork to fall onto the floor.

"Huh?" The Hokage looked at the papers and blinked. "…I can read some of it, but… Naruto… What is a Monster Hunter?"

"That's what I am." Naruto sighed. "I hunt monsters on hunting grounds which are mainly opened to hunters, but they have to get a special permit through a 'quest' which is a mission. That's how we hunters get our money and main source of materials for weapons. I accidently became one when I was four thirteen years ago… But, I guess whatever sent me to the hunter world also put me in the past some and hence how I got older." Naruto sighed, trying to remember what happened.

"…So, you weren't making up anything." The Hokage sighed as he could tell with Naruto's eyes and tone that the blond was not lying.

"No… Kushala is a powerful and deadly dragon. Luckily, by what I heard, it must have gotten confused thanks to what had happened and went to find an isolated spot to rest for a while… However, if I don't find it and kill it, it will attack villages as it is a very territorially dragon." Naruto sighed.

"I see… I will keep you informed then if I get any information on this dragon." Hiruzen sighed.

"Thanks… But… There is also more to the problem as I found out." Naruto sighed as Hiruzen had the bad feeling he always dreads. He had a feeling a lot of "Naruto Specialized Missions" were already in the making.

'I need to buy some aspin.' The Hokage sighed while pinching the bridge of his nose. The council was probably going to be nagging at him for this, so the "council meetings stock" needed restocking if he was going to survive to the end of three months.


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