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Ch.4 "Giant Monster Hunt! Part 2!"

"This is crazy!" Tenten shouted as the rock shook.

"Not really since we are ninja." Sasuke shouted before running on the walk with chakra on his feet to get around and get to the monster and unsheathe his sword and jumped onto the beasts back for Naruto to grab him to keep him from falling off as he slashed into the beast's back.

"Wooooarh!" Sasuke and Naruto jumped off its back as it did a roll and drove back into the sand.

"Get ready! It's coming back!" Naruto shouted as Sasuke and she got back on the solid rock and the beast surfaced again and charged towards the fighters.


All of the group jumped and used the wall walking technique to stick onto the wall and run up high enough to avoid the Jhen Mohran's attack.

"Dai Kamaitachi!" Temari shouted while launching a blade of wind from her fan and it hit the Jhen Mohran before bolts of sand hit the already off balanced monster and sent it to its side.

"Alright! Full on attack!" Naruto shouted as the lower group jumped off the rock and ran towards the fallen beast. Naruto used her yo-yo weapons to get on top of the beast and punched the beast to send spikes of crystal into its thick hides in several spots as Kiba used two swords to slash where Neji broke open with his Gentle Fist style. Chouji swung around a large hammer and actually managed to break one of the monster's spine parts outside of its hide.

Sakura fired off several ice bullets at the head as the others aimed at the parts of the body where the others were not.

"Crap!" Sasuke cursed as the Jhen Mohran began to move and all the close range fighters began retreating. However, the beast jerked up quickly, sending Naruto high into the air.

"Naruto!" Sasuke shouted as the Jhen Mohran twisted and was aiming to eat the blond.

"Waaaargh!" An orange and black blur snatched Naruto from the air before the beast managed to bite where Naruto was at. The ninja look up and were shocked to see a mix between a tiger and dragon flying with Naruto hanging from its front talons.

"…Futeki… You have impeccable timing." Naruto sighed as the dragon looked like it was panicking as the Jhen Mohran began circling in the enclosed space. "Huh?" Naruto looked up and noticed on the saddle she had on Futeki a bag that was pretty full. "Huh? Oh! Yes!" Naruto chimed, climbing onto the wyvern's side, making him panic more as Futeki had a feeling Naruto had a crazy idea. "I forgot all about these! Come on, Futeki!" Naruto flopped onto the wyvern's back with a grin under her helment.

"Naruto! You alright?" Sasuke shouted, hoping the small beast was on their side.

"Yes! Yo! High team! Get the Jhen Mohran out of the ground! I got a plan!" Naruto shouted back for the bandaged up Oto-nin known as Dosu to chuckle.

"Well, if a sonic boom is needed to get these kinds of monsters out, this should do." Dosu put his arm onto the sand and hit the metal plating on it for some ripples to be seen in the sand where he had his hand before suddenly the beast wailed while coming out of the sand. The ninja at the canons fired their rounds in hopes of keeping the beast out of the sand.

"Wrrraaaaagh!" The beast roared for everyone but Naruto and her dragon pal to cover their ears. Naruto pulled out some strange blue barrels from the pack on Futeki's saddle and lit the fuses on them and threw them into the beast's mouth. A flash was seen in the beasts mouth before thick spikes of ice came out through the beast's mouth and skin.

"Ack!"Naruto yelped as Futeki barely dodged some of the flying spikes of ice as the beast fall onto the ground, becoming still and lifeless.

"Ow… My ears are ringing…" Kiba groaned as Futeki landed on the lower part of the rock and let Naruto off.

"Yeah… Give it some time for your ears to recover." Naruto sighed.

"What?" Kiba asked as everyone else sweated.

"I guess his clan has heightened hearing?" Naruto asked for Sakura to nod to her. "Oh, then his hearing will probably return in around at least five minutes or so. Luckily for him, the Jhen Mohran are a low roar kind wyvern."

"Why isn't it moving?" Chouji asked, panting as he was tired of carrying the heavy hammer he chose.

"It's dead." The group looked at Naruto with shock. "Though, I now know those ice bombs are going to have to go back to the drawing board before I submit them to the weapon guild's main board. The ratio of gunpowder to the experimental new combination of ice crystal as the bombs packed a bit too much punch." Naruto pouted as she took off her helmet. "But, hey, it did a good job for being such small bombs against a Jhen Mohran." Naruto chuckled before running up the rock which she was followed by the others to the top.

"Is it dead?" Kankorou asked, pulling back his puppet though not kind of wanting to part with the new weapon Naruto lent him. It was awesome in his opinion.

"Yep!" Naruto grinned. "It's a Monster Hunter first! A group who managed to kill a Jhen Mohran without a hunter vessel!"

"…But, how do we transport it back to show as proof?" Kabuto sighed though amazed at the full size of the beast.

"We'll carve a good bit off of it before hand as the ore on it's back is quite valuable and heavy. Then, can you use your sand to transport it back?" Naruto looked at Gaara who lowered the sand wall used to keep the beast from escaping the area.

"… Yes… But, I need some rest after what we did… However… I would like to know if there are others like that beast?" Gaara asked, finding something… much more better to kill than humans. Though, his mother keeps screaming for human blood… While watching this hunt, he found himself at awe at the power and strength of the beast they killed and it made him wonder if he could kill such beast.

"You betcha. I've been training Sasuke and Sakura to keep up being at least specialized in hunter wyverns and such for when I returned to the world where these beasts come from as since I have no idea what is causing the monsters to come here." Naruto sighed while pulling out a scroll.

"…So, you take on missions specialized to take out these monsters?" Gaara smirked as his siblings sweated.

"Hai. The Hokage looks over certain missions and if it fits it being possible a monster from the world I am used to, he gives it to my team. Though, you might want to wear heavy armor over that sand armor of yours as if your slow, it's best to focus on defense so when hunting the stronger beasts, you can take a beating." Naruto opened the scroll for a good rank of picks and such for gathering and carving appeared. "But, first, before we celebrate, we better at least carve the most we can off the beast so it will be easier on Mr. Sandman over there."

"I'll head back to Suna and inform them you have killed what was responsible for the caravans." Baki sighed before running off as he did not want to stick around with seeing such a large beast.


"Heh heh! Man, my sis has nothing she can brag like this!" Kiba chimed as the large group was celebrating their success hunt around campfires and near the corpse. "I bet you haven't killed something like this before, Uchiha!"

"Actually, I have." Kiba gapped as Sasuke pointed at his armor which had taken off to clean. "The fur and scales are from a Nargacuga that surprised us on a hunting mission. It's a pretty aggressive beast and it took a lot to kill it."

"For Sakura and you, yeah, since you're both still novices at this." The ninja looked at the monster hunter of the group as the now un-armored hunter used a spike she made from her fist to open a large barrel she unsealed. "But, once you're up to my level, a Nargacuga looks like a kitten."

"Hey! Thanks for getting us… drinks…" Chouji as well as the others paled as Naruto sat down and then lifted the large barrel to drink from.

"Ha!" Naruto chimed, the skin around her nose flush. "You're too young to drink alcohol! The drinkin' age is sixteen back where I am from." Naruto smirked at the group who remembered the drinking age was higher in this world.

"Then, why are you drinking? You're the same age as us!" Ino glared at Naruto who glared back at her after taking some more gulps of alcohol.

"No, I ain't! Sure, technically I should be, but how I ended up in the other world also put me back in time some, so I am older." Naruto snorted.

"Yeah right!" You're can't be older if you look like a tiny thirteen year old." Temari added on with a snort for a vein to pop up on Naruto's forehead.

"That's it!" Naruto put her hands together for a seal to expose all over her body. "Release!" Naruto shouted for the seal to disappeared and stood before the group.

"…Nothing is happening…" Dosu's female teammate Kin chuckled before Naruto's limps shot out as her body went through rapid growth, showing the group Naruto's eighteen year old form.

"Now do I prove that I am older than you?" Naruto asked in a deep female voice with her loose kimono top now more fitting and showing off a somewhat bandaged, almost flat chest, slender stomach, and long limbs. However, the most shocking part was the fact Naruto's face went from cute pre-teen to a handsome face.

"Na-na-na-nani?" Lee gasped, too speechless to say how youthful Naruto looked.

"Why the heck were hiding such a nice face, cutie?" Temari chimed, liking how Naruto looked as was Kin also checking Naruto out.

"Who knew that you were actually quite a ladies' man in that chibi form." Kiba snorted, sort of annoyed Naruto looked better than him older.

"One, I'm a straight female." This made the group looked at Naruto with shock, even Sakura and Sasuke though their shock was still on how Naruto looked in her real form. "Two, I ain't single. Once I get back to the other world, I 'm getting hitched as I took on the quest that got me here just before the wedding."

"What?" Sakura shouted in shock. "You didn't tell us about this!"

"Tch. I ain't much for personal life talk." Naruto drank some more alcohol. "Plus, with all the junk I been dealing with, it sort of slipped my mind as I focused more on trying to get home than on the wedding. My husband-to-be also went on a quest before I ended up here."

"…Your partner you mentioned before?" Sasuke asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yep. He maybe a coward, but he's my love of my life. I just hope if we have kids, people don't pressure them up to our standards as it seems in this world, a lot of people do that." Naruto hiccupped with a frown, making Kiba and Chouji giggle at the drunk.

"Your standards?" Neji asked as Naruto pulled off something the front and backing of her gauntlet which had expanded some to still fit her and pulled back the gauntlet to expose her upper wrist which had a red crystallized tattoo of two curved, spiky blades next to each other and a dot near each hilt.

"Yup. My dream was to become a Forbidden Hunter like my sensei. This mark gives me access to all hunting grounds and the right to join hunting parties while they are still hunting." Naruto chimed with a grin. "Though, the organization was made to kill a certain dragon which actually had been killed by a fellow 'wild' pal of mine, it also serves to help keep hunter guilds from illegal hunting and such as well. Only top hunters can take the test to get this mark. But, now that both my partner and I become Forbidden Hunters, we're planning to settle down and have a family."

"Then why do you have a monster for a pet?" Shikamaru asked, looking at the wyvern eating some cooked meat.

"Futeki isn't my pet." Naruto growled, making Shikamaru sweat. "He's also my partner and been a good friend of mine for many years! Don't insult him! Hic…" They all watched as Naruto finished the barrel of whatever alcohol was in it and fell back, falling asleep.

"…Well, Naruto is full of surprises." Kabuto smiled as the group kept celebrating as Naruto slept with Futeki joining her and making a good pillow for the blond.


"Agh… Man, I can't wait to get out of this desert!" Naruto groaned, drinking another bottle of blue liquid. "The winds just keep coming and buffing my armor!"

"Heh! I guess being a hunter doesn't mean you get used to climates." Kankurou chuckled, though very happy Naruto was going to let him keep the gun lance and promised before leaving Suna to teach him how to make the shells for it.

"No, I'm more adapted than most hunters, but I do most of my smithing. This armor is more fit for volcano areas, not deserts." Naruto sighed as everyone sweated at the blond. "The sand is getting stuck in the joints of my armor."

"You're joking, right, about the volcano areas?" Kiba laughed as he knew he didn't want to get near a volcano.

"Nope. A lot of good ores and monsters are in hot volcanic areas." Naruto then spotted Suna ahead. "Finally! After this, once I get to Konoha, I am taking a long hot bath!"

"I agree with you, Naruto." Sakura sighed, rubbing her arm as there were now sore. "In fact, I'm going straight to the hot springs."

"They're probably not as good as Yukumo Village's springs. You can even drink in the bathes there." Naruto chimed.

"Yeah, not drinks in Konoha's springs, but the minerals the water is good for the skin." Temari chimed. "The only reason I'm mad that the Chûnin Exams got changed to this is I couldn't visit Konoha's hot springs as they were going to be held in Konoha!"

"Yesh, I thought you all are kunoichi!" Kin snorted. "Who cares about hot springs and baths?"

"It's a great way to relieve muscle fatigue and relax after a hard day's work." Naruto explained. "All the Monster Hunters in Yukumo Village uses the hot springs to recover and relax as well as talk to fellow hunters."

"Yeah, though of the same gender." Kiba sighed, sad at the fact Konoha's hot spring was not co-ed.

"Huh? What do you mean? Don't both genders use the hot spring at the same time?" Naruto asked while everyone did a double take at Naruto. "Or is Konoha's hot spring one where people can take a complete bath in the hot springs as everyone got to wear a towel even in the hot spring to keep decency."

"Naruto! If you ever find your way home, I want you to take me with-YOU!" Ino and Sakura slammed Kiba into the ground.

"Perv." Both Konoha kunoichi growled before continuing to walk up the village where other Gennin and their sensei's were waiting thanks to being called back.

"W-W-What the heck is that?" The other Genin watched in shock and horror as Gaara put down the carcass of the Jhen Mohran on the ground.

"It's a Jhen Mohran and the cause of the caravans disappearing." Naruto chimed with a smirk, her helmet off.

"... Dang… That's big…" The Suna Jônin sensei were staring at the beast. Everyone was at awe at the large beast, wondering how the group of Genin managed to defeated it.

"So, you all are the ones who defeated this… thing?" A Suna Jônin with Baki walked up to the group.

"Hai!" Naruto chimed. "We all did as one group!"

"I see, well, we need to get your names so that we can-"

"ROOOOOOOOOAR!" Everyone was shocked when a large roar filled the air and something a ways from the group began to seemed to faze into existence.

"Guys… Get ready… One of the worse possibly monsters had to appear now!" Naruto shouted as the she put her helmet back on as dust cleared around the beast for it to roar again to expose a red dragon with the face of the lion and looked completely furious.

"What the heck is that?" Temari asked, shocked as the beast sniffed the air and faced the large crowd and growled.

"A Teostra. A violent wyvern known to attack towns and villages… And it seems it decided for humans for its lunch." Naruto watched as the Teostra let out another roar and charged towards the group.

"What the heck?" The Gennin went into a panic and ran for cover except for the teams who fought the Jhen Mohran.

"This time, I get a go at the beast." Gaara raised his hand for a wall of sand to come and fired off several bolts at the beast, causing it to haul as the bolts hit it hard and caused some wounds, though not much.

"Hey! Keep your sand ready to provide us all defense! Teostras can produce an explosive power on their bodies and spread it around to cause wide spread explosions by sparking its fangs!" Naruto shouted while running ahead.

"What?" Kiba shouted, shocked though everyone else just nodded in understand. However, the beast let out a roar of pain and something much smaller fazed out of the sky and cut into the beast, making it bleed.

"Huh? What was that?" Ino asked as Neji was about to use his bloodline when the lion wyvern spun around and smashed whatever slashed it with its tail and the thing got launched over towards them for them to see it was someone in black armor as the person skidded to a stop, upside down in the sand.

"…What's that?" Sasuke sighed while sweating as Naruto walked over and grabbed the person by the belt around the person's waist and pulled them out for the group to see it was a young man in black armor with some red.

"Huh?" The man looked up to see Naruto. "Oh… Hi!" The man chimed while sort of holding his hand half way up to do an upside down hello.

"…Serious, you are a tank style hunter, yet you manage to still get whacked all the way over here?" Naruto sighed as the rest wondered if Naruto knew the guy. "Well, might as well help you out since thanks to that Teostra deciding the people around here might be tasty. " Naruto flipped the man upright and the man dusted himself off before realizing his surroundings.

"Wait a second… Wasn't I in a Volcano a minute ago?" The mystery hunter asked before hearing the Teostra roar and begin running towards them. "Crap… One sec." The hunter grabbed a handle that was sticking out near where he landed and pulled out a large bell looking object, but weirdly shaped with several covered openings and buttons.

"…What is he doing?" Sakura asked as everyone sweated as he put a small mouth part in his mouth where the hilt was.

"That's a hunting horn and Kiba, you might want to cover your canine partner's and your ears." Kiba quickly put his hood back on his head and covered Akamaru's ears before the man blew into the horn for a barely heard his note to be heard, but the monster before them instantly stopped and roared in pain.

"Yesh… I knew you upgrade that Gaoren Zhong to play all notes, but I didn't think you make a new sonic frequency on it as well." Naruto sighed, while charging towards the beast which was swaying as it was confused.

"I will take that as a thank you." The man sighed, before killing the horn up some. "Huh? Who are you all? New hunters?" The man asked as everyone sweated seeing red glowing eyes from inside the eye holes.

"Not exactly. But, we need to stop that beast before it hurts all the other Genin and ninja as well as the village near here." Sasuke sighed, running ahead to join Naruto with a few others who were close range.

"Genin? Ninja? I don't know what those are." The person sighed as the others sweated. "But, if you're a ranged fighter, bows won't work against a Teostra as well as normal ammo. You need to use elemental and special shells as well as avoid fire as it is a fire element elder dragon… In fact, water element works best against this monster."

"But, you teammate has all the weapons." Kin sighed as her two other teammates already had ran off to kill the dragon.

"Actually, Naruto made me a lot more similar bowguns to the new one she gave me and she showed me how to use sealing scrolls so I have now several bowguns as well as ammo we could use…" Sakura looked over the landscape and noticed some rocks, though not high, near the dragon. "Let's go over there for cover and give them back up. I'll show you all how to use the bowguns there." The others nodded and head that way as the man ran after the other close rangers.

"Hey! Wait up!" The man shouted as Naruto launched several spiked with the fling of her fists and straight into the Teostra's horn and made the beast roar in pain before charging and everyone spilt to dodge the beasts attack.

"How many hits did you get in before both you and that beast ended up here?" Naruto asked, pulling out her yo-yos.

"A damage, mainly on the bottom of the body. I was following it into a new area when suddenly this happened." The man sighed before both hunters saw the beast began flexing its wings and moving its jaw some. "Move back! It's out to set off an explosion!" Everyone jumped back a good ways before red sparks came off its fangs and suddenly the air lit up and exploded around.

"That was close."Kiba sighed, shock that Naruto had been telling the truth as Gaara hand put up a sand wall to keep the blast off of them.

"Sabaku Kyu!" Gaara shouted as the sand wrapped around the beasts right front leg and wing, "Sabaku Soko!" Gaara crushed his hand for the sand to crush the leg and part where the wing connected for the back for Gaara to be shocked when the beast got free, though it's leg was crushed and wing got torn off. Then the Teostra turned to the side Gaara was on and opened its mouth nfor flames to shoot out.

"Yesh! Sasuke! I think we found your cousin!" Kiba shouted as they all stood behind Gaara's wall of sand that block the flamethrower.

"Yeah… Very funny." Sasuke sighed as Dosu and zaku from Oto chuckle.

"Roooar!" The beast stopped it attacked when several shells went into its side and Gaara dropped his sand wall for the group to see Kabuto's team, Kin, Hinata, Ino, and Sakura using bowguns to attack from afar.

"Good work!" Naruto shouted before using her yo-yo weapons to wrap around the beasts horns and swing up and get above the beast and land on its head and grabbed its horns as the large beast trashed around, trying to get her off. However, it fell over when Gaara used his sand control abilities to yank its back right leg to the side and everyone took advantage to jump the beast as the group with bowguns went for the beast's head. Sasuke broke his longsword while slamming it into the Teostra's chest, but the attack did its job as well as Chouji and Shikamaru braking it's rib cage and making its lungs collapsed with a hammer and lance and the beast died.

"Damn… That's the fastest I seen a Teostra go down." The male hunter sighed while pulling his horn like weapon on his back.

"Sorry, Naruto…" Sasuke sighed, somewhat sad his sword was broken. He really liked that sword.

"Eh, don't worry. I'll make you a new one with the supplies from this extra hunt and the Jhen Mohran we killed… After I fix the browless dude's sword as he kept bugging me while doing the finishing touches on your personal armor."

"Browless?" The mystery hunter asked, confused before yelping as he hit the ground as Futeki was sitting on top of him.

"Futeki, get off him… I know you like doing that, but we were talking." Naruto sighed as the man got up, but the dragon kept its front paws on the man's shoulder, yet the man stood there as if there wasn't at least a dragon with the weight of a horse or more leaning on him.

"It's alright, Naru-chan. I haven't seen ya in a month or so as well as Futeki, so he just missed me." The man petted Futeki's muzzle when the wyvern had lean its over the man's shoulder."So, you finished with the quest you took up?"

"No…" Naruto sighed. "The Kushala Daora is currently hiding, probably still freaked out with ending up in another world… Though, it could have also found a nice home within this desert with all the wind here." Naruto said while checking the Teostra. "Hmm. Oh, this is a good kill. He's in prime health! I bet the meat from him will taste delicious!"

"Oh… Wait? What?" The man shouted in shock, catching what Naruto said. "What do you mean another world?"

"Yeah, monsters have been ending up in this monster-less world." Naruto said though still focusing on checking and assessing the fur and scales of the beast they just killed. "Ironically, I found out I was born in this world."

"H-How can you be so calm?" The man shouted, though the ninja around him was wondering how the heck was the guy freaking out now as he just fought and help killed a huge lion-dragon beast.

"I've been here for a bit, so it's not as shocking. Plus, the Chief at Konoha where I found was my birthplace gave me a good job deal which allows me to hunt the monsters appearing here and keep a good pay with the promise of no complaints when I find a way to return back to our world. I also have been training my two teammates on my ninja team to be monster hunters to continue on the missions when I return back to our world." Naruto then glared at the man. "But, seriously, you have been taking that long to locate this guy?"

"Uh…" The man flinched and looked away while scratching the back of his head. "It kept changing locations and I finally caught up with it at the Volcano."

"…No… You were just too scared to take it on at either any swamps or desserts thanks to the fear of the herbivores and smaller carnivores." The man flinched and his head dropped in a depression as Naruto shook her head. "It's amazing you will take on an elder dragon, but you run away from small beasts like Geoprey."

"Naru-chan…" The man whined.

"Wait… Naruto, this guy is afraid of beasts like those lizard ones that attacked us when we found you?" Sasuke asked, now thinking this guy was lame for that.

"Yeah… But, when I found him back when we were younger where he barely survived being chased by the "Prey" predators and also some had the bad luck to be on the bad sides of herbivores as he managed to get badly injured by a Kelbi before, which is a deer like monster." Everyone, even the far attacking group that had come up, sweated at the embarrassed guy. "But, serious, even without the heavy armor you where, you can easily dodge those low level hunts with ease and kill them."

"…" Sakura let out a sigh. "Hey, Naruto, who is this anyways?" She wondered who this guy was as this is only the second hunter she met, Naruto being the first. "You sure know a lot about him."

"Yeah, because he's my fiancé," Naruto said while pulling out a carving knife. "Now, aren't you guys and gals going to help me carve this so I can cook the meat for celebrating another good hunt… Huh? Why are all your jaws dropped?" Naruto asked as her lover also pulled out a carving knife, though sighing as he understood the others shock. Naruto could be quite dense at times.


"…Uh… What the heck are you cooking, Naruto?" Kakashi as well as Asuma, Kurenai, and Gai were wide eyed as they watched Naruto stand on a large turning gritting spilt and walking backwards to keep a large slab of meat over a fire her lover was fanning to keep hot as the other Genin now Jônin sat around and was enjoying the fact it seemed many of the villages decided last minute a good amount of the Genin were not ready to be Chûnin after the Teostra incident earlier in the day and the villages were embarrassed by how some of their Genin acted.

"Teostra meat. The thigh to be precise." Naruto sighed, just calmly walking as if she was doing something normal.

"My! What a youthful student, you have, Kakashi!" Gai chimed. "He is training while preparing food!"

"Eh.. You're weird… How is cooking meat training? I just learned this from the Lynians who I have a good deal of friends from back when I lived isolated. They are a lot smaller then some of their kills, so they made this kind of spilt to cook them." Naruto frowned while her sensei sweated.

"Hey, Naruto, you're saying that you been doing missions hunting down monsters similar to what we faced, right?" Ino asked as Naruto turned around to face her, keeping the meat going at the same time.

"Hai. The Hokage is the only one other than Sakura and Sasuke who before actually knew of my profession and since he noticed people requesting missions of beasts similar to what I explained was in my world before, he decided to give me those missions and I let Sakura and Sasuke join me."

"Wait… I haven't heard anything of this." Kakashi raised an eyebrow at this.

"Because we don't really see you as our sensei still," Kakashi sweated as Naruto did a back flip and began hand walking.

"Naruto, stop showing off." Sasuke tiredly sighed, wondering how Naruto could still have so much energy after killing a Jhen Mohran and a Teostra. He was dead tired.

"I'm not showing off… Just switched limbs to keep from getting a cramp." Naruto explained as she noticed the meat was done. "Oie! Done!" Naruto hoped off as the sensei gapped when the other hunter lifted the large slab of meat on the rod off the spilt with only on hand and put it on a large plate.

"Oh! Can I get the first slice!" Chouji chimed as Shikamaru rolled his eyes.

"Heh… Is it alright for us to eat that meat?" Ino asked, somewhat fearful of eating the meat of a monster.

"Yeah. Sure, many hunters don't bother eating the meat of their predator kills, but other people often eat Teostra meat in special cuisine dishes. It also has a lot of healthy minerals normal meats don't have thanks to the Teostra eating coal in volcanic areas to keep its fire aura up." Naruto chimed while slicing off slices of the meat which the others took to eat for their dinner.

"I see.. Well, I guess I could try some, though I am on a diet." Ino instantly found herself under Naruto heated glare. "What?"

"Ino, let me talk to you about something Naruto taught me about diets." Sakura chimed in a panic, dragging Ino away before she could see Naruto's wrath against stupid diets. She told Naruto of some of the diets she did and got quite a speech from the hunter thanks to that.

"So, how did the exam go?" Asuma asked Shikamaru, wondering how his team did.

"It was troublesome." Shikamaru said with a frown. "Though, we managed to become Jônin."

"Yeah! We're Jônin, too!" Kiba chimed, though drooling with his puppy pal on his head as they both got a big piece of meat.

"Hai! Gai-sensei! My teammates and I have also become Jônin!" Lee chimed before TenTen yanked him down with Neji as they wanted to relax some without Lee shouting.

"Wait, so what about you, Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke?" Kakashi looked at his students. He did not want to be stuck with all the bills for nothing.

"We are Jônin as well. Though, it doesn't matter to me." Naruto sighed after the celebration's main meal piece was handed out and now Naruto and the other hunter had their portions and Naruto was sitting between her lover's legs, being short enough to not be in the way of him eating, though he was still wearing his helmet.

"Wait, who are you?" Kurenai asked, getting a strange since of familiarity from the hunter.

"I'm Naruto's fiancé…" The hunter shyly said, seeming somewhat uncomfortable.

"Naruto, you're too young to marry." Kakashi glared at Naruto, wondering what kind of idiot is helping Naruto pull this prank.

"No, I ain't. I'm eighteen." Naruto said as everyone saw her plate was already clean and she got some more meat which was placed in her reach. "Just because I stay in this form all the time doesn't mean I am this age." All four Jônin sensei sweated, not understanding what she meant. "But, want some meat?"

"…Well, why not." Kakashi sighed, deciding to enjoy the free meal with the other three sensei before they have to treat their senseis to their own celebration later and teach them all new jutsu.


"So, Naruto, you were telling the truth about being a hunter of monsters, so I owe you an apology." Kiba chimed as the new Konoha Jônin, though not official yet, were heading home together as the Genin who failed to impress went home early since they now knew most of them were not becoming Chûnin.

"No need…" Naruto sighed. "Seeing is believing."

"Yeah…" Sakura frowned, remembering the time of the Gaiprey and Gaidrome. "But… Naruto, you're boyfriend is rude, he hasn't told us his name yet." Sakura glared at the still armored man. None of the group got to see him out of it as he seemed to refused to take it off except alone or with Naruto. It was like Kakashi and his stupid face mask.

"Huh? I did? I'm sorry!" The hunter bowed in apology. "I-I'm not so good at speaking with other people."

"Really?" Sasuke asked, wondering what Naruto saw in this loser. Even though the guy defeated a large wyvern with him, he was really meek and seemed to have hardly any back bone and scared of small beasts as Akamaru stared him when he barked. 'I don't why, but I had a bad feeling since we gotten back in Fire Country.' Sasuke pondered if this "fiancé" of Naruto was the cause or not.

"Huh? Zabuza, why are you doing out here?" Kakashi asked as everyone looked ahead to see the former Kiri missing-nin and Haku on the trail before them.

"Kakashi, how the heck did your Genin catch this damn cat named Tora?" Zabuza groaned as the now possibly once Genin chuckled, knowing of the annoying cat of the Fire Daimyo's wife.

"It got outside the village, so they decided to give us the mission as it was closer to the Wind Country boarder." Haku explained, hoping his master would not skin the cat.

"Oh, you're in luck, browless. I finished your sword while away." Naruto pulled out her scroll and opened it some to summon out a large cleaver blade much like what Zabuza had before, but it had a darker blue hue to the metal and the hilt seemed to be made out of some kind of carved crystal. "I added the hilt after the Jhen Mohran that a large group of us took down, so no matter what you cut into, your hilt will actually absorb the impact and make it easier for you to keep a hold on your hilt."

"Heh. Finally, you finished this thing." Zabuza chimed while putting the sword back on the holder on his back, where it belonged.

"Hmph! Sorry if I don't exactly have the best smithing supplies for my style of blacksmithing." Naruto snorted, giving a glare as Zabuza backed off, already having been the receiving end of her wrath before.

"Naruto-sama, thank you for repairing Zabuza-sama's sword." Haku bowed.

"Eh. No problem… I broke it by mistake, so we're ev-" Naruto was interrupted as a sudden wind storm engulfed the area.

"What the heck? Where did this come from?" Ino shouted before they all heard a roar and saw a large metal dragon land before them. "Nani? Another one?"

"Heh! Now you show yourself! This time for sure will finally get this fight really going!" Naruto chimed, charging towards the dragon.

"Naruto?" Sakura shouted though shocked when the still unnamed hunter held her back.

"That's the Kushala Daosa she had a quest on to kill… And the same dragon made a promise to kill several years ago before we met sensei." The man sighed as everyone looked at him. "It's a fight she wants to do on her own."

"So, you're saying that's the dragon Naruto was after when we met her?" Sasuke asked only for Naruto and the dragon to stop as they noticed themselves fazing. "Naruto? Huh?" The group noticed a strange ripple of light suddenly shot across the ground before the ground shook and they began phasing as well. The dragon let out a roar before it and the group completely phased out as well as other creatures except normal animals within a good radius the ripple of light went through dying before reaching any human settlements.

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