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Prologue "I Don't Know What the Hell I'm Doing"

A stillness was in the air as a heavy mist surrounding ruins of a once great civilization hung, not moving even the small bit due to no wind. All that gave off the signs of life was the clanking of wood to gravel and the sounds of metal to rock. The mist moved around two large bi-pedal birds as it moved through the mist, pulling a caravan cart behind it loaded with various things from skins to armor to weapons. The driver was a feline creature with some human features like paws closer to hands and able to sit like a human. It was trembling while driving the caravan through the seemingly lifeless and haunting chasm the ruins were within, hence keeping the mist from rolling away.

The cat creature jumped, making a meow sound with hearing a tap and looked behind to see the person walking beside the cart. It was a young man wearing a fearsome black armor with some orange on his shoulder blades along with his arm and leg guards. His hands were oddly not protected with armor, instead having gloves with the knuckles and tips of his fingers exposed. Under one of his arms, he was holding his helmet which looked more like it belonged to a demon than a human. Due to this, his head was exposed. He had messy blond hair held back in a bun and soft, lazy blue eyes that did not match how menacing his armor was.

He gave a reassuring nod to the cat, helping it relax. However, it instantly jumped and ran straight into the window of the caravan and shutting it when a monstrous roar echoed throughout the ruins, causing the mist to finally move as bursts of wind blew through the chasm. The man put on his helm and grab off the caravan a staff with thick end on one else and a blade on the other along with a long sword kept in a sheath before running ahead of the caravan.

The man quickly found the source of the roar, standing atop an old alter. The beast was a dragon with metal scales shining in the dull light. It towered over the pillars surrounding the alter while its wings were outstretched, showing they were connected from its shoulders all the way to its rear where its long tail started. It was standing on three legs, one limp and bleeding as it snarled at the man who threw the blade down nearby and ready his staff.

The dragon roared, unleashing a torrent of wind which the man vaulted out of the way with the staff and then ran towards it. He instantly bolted to the side with the dragon turning to face him, but not before shooting a bolt from the staff, nailing the wound. As the beast charged, the man faced his back to it as it past, exposing what looked to be a large winged insect with a fish like body. The insect leap off the man and right onto the beast just before it fully past the man. The man then dug into a pouch connected to his belt and pulled out a ball as the beast flew up and turned around, gusts of wind encircling it.

The man dodged again another blast of wind from the beast, throwing the ball towards the beast. It instantly blinded the beast when it exploded in bright light and causing it to fall over with trying to move without being able to see. The man sped right over to the beast, unleashing a fury of slashes from his staff though, only digging into the metal scales instead of hitting flesh. He jumped back as the beast spun around and tried to slam the man with its tail.

The insect flew off the beast and landed on the man's arm, injecting him with something before the man had it get back on his back. He noticed the whelp left behind was orange on his exposed wrist. He quickly moved again as the beast charged, but embedded the staff in the ground and grab the long sword he had left behind earlier and unsheathe it as the beast galloped towards him.

"Roaaaaar!" The beast howled when the man managed to dig the blade right into its front leg, slashing down the leg as it pushed forward to try and run the man over, only to find itself falling due to now both front legs damaged. The man leap back and took a stance to ready for the kill.

However, another roar caught the attention of the down dragon and man. Both looked up where the roar came from only to see a flash and lightning hitting the alter, causing the ruins to being glowing blue before everything blinded both the dragon and man with white, then darkness.

Now Loading

Uzumaki Naruto groaned, his head aching far more than normally should. "Did I drink scotch again?" The blond grumbled, his body... feeling strange. He could not put his finger on it, but simply though in his daze to be from the hangover. He stumbled, trying to get up... Finding his legs seemed to be shorter than before... But again, blamed it on the possibility that the alcohol has not cleared his system. He struggled to the bathroom, wondering if he had stayed at an inn... A pretty expensive one if the bathroom was in the suite. He blinked at the titled bathroom, confused as to how it looked, but just shrugged it off as a very expensive hotel. He heard of them from other hunters while in the pub, but never been in one.

'Damn... There does my mission pay.' Naruto pouted, knowing how loose the pockets of the rich was. He turned the knobs, finding the rumors of the rich having running water to be true as water came out of a metal tube in a ceramic bowl embedded in the counter with a hole in the bottom for it to run out.

'What a waste of water.' Naruto thought before splashing water on his face, trying to clear the fog in his mind. He then drank some of the water, hoping to relief his hangover. However, as the fog cleared, his mind finally began to process properly... And he realized his hands were small compared to what size they were before.

"Eh?" Naruto looked at his hands. They were smaller and lithe. There was calluses, yet much lighter than he remembered. His hands were suppose to be big, weathered, and strong. He looked down at his body and found his body also smaller with only some definition of muscle... It was basically a younger body as he noticed his surroundings compared to his body. He then saw the mirror before him and got a look of his face. His eyes were more wide and younger like his face with whisker mark cheeks which he knew all his life he had. However, there was no scarring like he remembered over at least his cheeks from a bad hunt. All the scars he remembered was not over his body, all signs of his life. His memories. "Eh?" Naruto stupidly grinned at himself before trying to run out of the room. Instead, he tripped and hit his head against the wall of the hallway.

"Ooow." Naruto moaned, swaying with getting up. He realized the problem of his height. He was a towering six feet something, but now he had to be under five feet now. He carefully got up and used the wall to balance himself as he adjusted to the change of height. He went back into the room, finding it to be actually a bedroom instead of a hotel room. He noticed two doors made of glass, which he found stupid as it provided no protection. He went up to it, finding the doors slide and open one to go out on a small porch. He gripped onto the rails and was in shock at what he saw.

He was in a village or city, having no idea the exact size. It reminded him of the hot spring village, Yukumo. It had many buildings that were circular or rectangular in shape with shingled roofs. However, unlike Yukumo which was a simple and only a few buildings with trees in between them. Instead this village or even city had many buildings, yet somehow managed to bring into it all trees and plant life. Also instead of a huge building with stream pillaring up from the hot springs within as the main landmark, a large mountain with four faces craved into it was this village or city's major landmark.

"Where the hell am I?" Naruto mumbled in disbelief as he stumbled back into the bedroom. "I don't remember... That's it... This has to be a dream! I must have drunken some bad Goldfish Brew." Naruto said, breathing hard as he began to panic. He looked around, remembering a common thing that woke him up.

"What kind of knives are these?" Naruto said, picking up a kunai. Sure, a craving knife would be around the size, but it had no means to saw into bone and scales like he was used to. It was just an angular blade that looked possibly for throwing. However, he pushed the thoughts out and put the blade to his other hand.

"Agh!" Naruto bit his lip with pushing the blade into his hand, careful to not cut any major arteries. He twisted it, allowing the pain the flood his system as pink crystal began to grow and try to stop the wound from bleeding. "Why... Isn't... This... Working..." Naruto groaned, doubling over in pain. He let go of the blade and the crystal that was growing instantly pushed the blade out, covering over the wound like a hard bandage. "Maybe this isn't a dream." Naruto sighed, watching as the crystal break off and exposed fully healed skin. It kept him from looking like some of the hunters who had scars covered bodies others had.

'But, is this really "my" body or a "sort-of" my body?' Naruto thought, quite confused. "Wait, think... What was the last thing I was doing." Naruto said aloud, trying hard to remember what the heck he was doing before waking up as a younger version of himself. "Ok... Took a quest to kill a Kushala Daora... Managed to wound it and it ran away from the jungle hunting ground I found it at... Tracked it done to some ruins where-" Naruto stopped, his brain seemingly going blank after finding the Elder Dragon he was hired to kill.


Naruto jumped, frighten by the knocks coming from the front of the home he was in. He hurried through the hallway, finding it opened into a dining/kitchen area where the front door was. He took a few breathes to calm down as another few knocks hit the door before opening it.

"Hey, Naruto!" Naruto paled seeing a tanned man standing in the doorway. He was wearing some kind of uniform that had an odd green vest with a lot of pockets and a headband with a metal plate on his forehead with a spiral with a little triangle coming off the bottom right side of the spiral. He also had his hair in a spiky tail at the stop of his head and a scar on his nose.

"Hey..." Naruto replied, shocked to find himself speaking a language he never heard before. 'So I can at least understand-"

"Here's your new ID for becoming a Genin." Naruto took the small book the man handed him, though half of what the man spoke did not even process in his head. "Remember to meet at the academy tomorrow for the meeting new Genin. I would offer to take you out for ramen later, but I gotten swamp with all the work setting it up with Mizuki now in prison. Well, see ya, tomorrow, Naruto, and congrats again!"

"..." Naruto did a small wave as the man before him disappeared in a whirlwind of leaves, leaving a few behind in front of him. "..." He closed the door, his back against the door. Naruto gripped his head, sinking to the floor in horror. He looked at the small booklet and opened it to see it was identification papers for himself. The symbols though made his head hurt even though he could sort of read them. 'Shinobi? Genin? Konohagakure?...This isn't a hunter's papers... Military?... How... will I survive?' "I don't know what the hell I'm doing..." Naruto head dropped his heads between his knees. He was a young adult hunter know to always preferred to hunt alone with Lynians as his only comrades. He was skilled in the art of hunting down beasts normal humans could not... Not a pre-teen who just became a "Genin," whatever that was. 'How did this happen? How can it be fixed?' Naruto slumped down and in the first time in a long while, actually sobbed with being scared with having no idea what was going on.