Title: Warm You Up
Author: Hotaru / Zorbazura001
Fandom: Fuma no Kojiro
Characters/Pairing: RyoumaKirikaze
Rating: T
Disclamer: I don't -and never will- own Fuma no Kojiro. Not the manga, not the animé, not the drama and not the stageplay.
Summary: Kirikaze asks Ryouma to warm him on a cold night.
A/N: You could say this is some sort of...not a sequel, maybe, but something happening at the same time as this; .com/2010/03/11/fanfic-fnk-cold-winter-night/
Intended to be smut, but it became more sweet than dirty...^^;
I might do a third part for this, for Kojiro and Reira.

Ryouma yawned when he made his way to his room after he had been relieved at watch by another shinobi.
As he passed by Kirikaze's room, heheard a supressed groan, and he stopped. There it was again, he noted. He knocked, hearing Kirikaze reply, then slid the door open to sneak into the room. "What's wrong?" he asked in a low voice.
"...it's cold..." Kirikaze mumbled, looking up at the long-haired man. "Will you keep me company?" he asked, reaching out a hand towards Ryouma. Ryouma sighed and undressed, since his clothes was cold as well. He slid down beside Kirikaze and wrapped his arms around him. "Better?"
Kirikaze nodded, reacing up to press a kiss to his lips. "Stay here tonight?" the sleepy boy murmured. Ryouma pulled Kirikaze even closer, his had sliding downwards. Kirikaze kissed him again, his hands burying in dark locks of hair. He wrapped his legs around the slightly shorter man, pressing against him. Ryouma groaned and deepened the kiss. He rolled around, so that Kirikaze was under him. Kirikaze looked up at him, a slight haze passing through his gaze, then his hands moved to rest on Ryouma's hips. One of Ryouma's hands traced the younger boy's chest, as he supported himself with the other. The moving hand came to rest on the mist user's pale skin, tracing small circles over it. He lowered himself down over the younger man, toppling over on his side.
They lay beside each other, exchanging kisses and talking in low voives about anything and everything.
The kisses differed between sweet and fierce, sometimes involving tongues and teeth, sometimes without.
They stayed close, though, shielding each other from the outer cold and the wind that sneaked in through the walls and floor.