"Why must I wear this Albus…"

"It's what all the men are wearing these days, Severus!"

"Your shirt doesn't show your chest hair…"

"No one wants to see my chest, Severus."

"And the scarf?"

"It goes with your eyes!"

"My eyes are black, Albus. Everything goes with them." He sighs. "This hat is ridiculous!"

"Son, we have to go to Muggle London to find where Harry has run off to again. You don't want people to think you're strange, do you?"

"Oh, yes, because this gay-pirate-Huck-Finn-meets-Farmer-Brown look is really going to help us blend in!"

"Quiet, Severus. Besides, you know those collarbones of yours are dead sexy." The older man leered, wiggling his eyebrows to make the younger man twitch.

"Fuck you, poofter!"

The older man smiled at his young friend before consulting the unique scar on his leg and beginning their search for the prodigal Potter.

Written for the Saturday Night Drabbles. The Prompt:
In a gmail Buzz conversation this week on whether Brody or Rickman made the better Snape, an unfortunate Brody picture was referenced. mischievous_t described it as

"a random gay-pirate-huck-finn-meets-farmer-brown moment."

Here's the pic:

Using the quote and the pic as your inspiration – what is going on with Snape?

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