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The plans were set. I sat in a meat truck in front of the Liberty City Bank. I hadn't planned on using a meat truck here, but it was parked in a lot, doors unlocked, so I grabbed it earlier that day.

Jim and Snake walked into the bank dressed in business clothes. They had the old white shirt, tie, and gray pants. They also held briefcases, the key to our theft. I stared through the glass windows of the bank, watching both of my partners pass bank security. The plan was simple, really.

"Federal Bank Examiners," Jim said in a monotone to the vault security guard.

"We need to investigate this vault or this bank can and will be shut down," said Snake.

He held up a paper and showed it to the guard. It's a good thing the guard didn't take the time to fully look at the piece of paper because he would have found that it was full of random words and signatures.

"I'm going to have to accompany you, but let's go," said the guard.

As I watched them all go through the door to the back of the bank, I was amazed that it had actually worked. I laughed to myself quietly.

Back in the vault, Jim said to the guard, "Hmmm….yes….we're going to need to talk in private."

Jim and Snake walked farther back into the vault to act like they were having a private conversation. Instead, they quietly opened a drawer and grabbed all the money they could, shoving it into the briefcases. They walked back to the guard and told him that the bank had been approved and could continue functioning. With a smile trying to creep up onto their faces, they left the bank and jumped into the truck.

As the door was swinging shut, I could here a bank teller ask, "Hey, why are those guys getting in a fuckin' meat truck?"

My heart was racing, sitting in the front seat of this meat truck. I turned my head towards the bank, grinned, and raised up an uzi, aiming at the glass. I fired. Instantly, I drove off as fast as the truck could go and heard glass shatter behind it. I don't think I'll ever know what actually happened with the bullets fired into that bank. Within an instant, a cop car swung out from an intersection and was on our tail. Behind the cop, two cars slammed into each other in the confusion. I drove straight into an alley that the truck couldn't fit very well into. The truck got stuck two feet into the alley. I shot out the windshield and we all hopped out the front. As we ran down the alley, the cops had to climb over the meat truck, not easy for the average donut-eating Liberty City cop. A few blocks down, we spotted our apartment building and ran quickly up the fire escape. Bursting through the fire door, we ran down the hallway. I instinctively pulled out my uzi to shoot open the door to out apartment but I decided not to startle anyone. I unlocked the door and we all ran in. Snake quickly shut it.

By this time, we all were out of breath and were leaning against the torn walls of the apartment, panting. Suddenly, something that truly ruined out day happened.

We heard a woman's voice yell, "They're in that room right there, officer!"

"Thanks, ma'am."

"Open the door, you filthy bastard!" yelled a cop outside our door.