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"Hey look, cop uniforms lying in that alley!"

Two large men ran into the alley and slid the uniforms on over their clothes.

"Ha ha I'm a cop! Whee!" He yelled as both skipped out of the alley.

"Hey, cops! Let's beat 'em!" Two men with bats yelled as they chased away the two men.


Jim, Snake, and I woke up behind the dumpster at around 1:00 the next morning.

"Hey where'd the cop uniforms go?" I asked.

"I dunno.." Jim said as he yawned.

We had only known each other since a few days back when we started the bank robbery but we depended on each other now. Snake was sort of the smart one, despite his hairy and tattooed look. Jim and I just took beatings and knew the city well. We had only prisoner's uniforms but we obviously couldn't wear those so they went straight to the dumpster. Basically, we were three men running around the city in our underwear by now.

"We need to find a place to stay and catch up there. It's dark now so hopefully we don't get the crap beaten out of us." I said.

"Yeah we better take a shortcut," Jim said.

"Not again," Snake said as Jim went up the fire escape of the building we were behind.

We all, of course, followed him. We went across rooftops until we came across an apartment building. Jim ran down the stairs from the roof into the last floor hallway and we followed.

Jim knocked on a door. Someone answered.

"Sorry, ma'am."

Jim knocked on another door. Someone answered.

"Sorry, ma'am."

Finally, we found a room that was not (currently) occupied. Jim knocked again.

No answer.


I kicked right above the lock and knocked down the door. A neighbor opened his door.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"Nothing, just forgot our keys…"

He closed the door and we went in.

"Ahh, clothes," I said as I opened a drawer inside the room.

It was a two room apartment with only a kitchen and bedroom. Snake did what we expected and repaired the door. Like either of us could do it…yeah right. We sat down and started to talk.

"So, you escaped from the jail?" Snake asked.

"Yeah, the guard left a door open and we found some uniforms. What happened to you at Chris's that night?"

"I jumped out the window," he said.

"Nice," Jim said, "We ended up in the emergency room after some cops shot us…"

"But I repayed you when I got those cops to arrest Chris and his huge bodyguards…" Snake said.

Someone opened the door and approached the bedroom. Our hearts sank.

"Should've taken out the lock, huh?" Snake said.

"Oh man, can we not use violence this time guys?" I asked.

A large man with a ponytail walked into the room.

"Well, he's gonna use violence…hehe," Jim said.

"What…in the hell?" the large man yelled.

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