Bella's Abortion

"Bella?" Edward yelled. "Whets wrong love?"

"I really don't know, I feel kind of dizzy" Edward knew something had to be wrong.

As Edward called Carlisle he heard a noise from the other room. As he walked in he noticed Bella, on the floor throwing up.

'Edward, I think I may be pregnant" Bella said sadly.

"PREGNANT?" Edward yelled.

"I'm not sure, but can you just go downstairs and get Carlisle?" Bella said.

As Edward walked down the steps, he noticed that Carlisle was at the back door, just staring into the woods.

"Carlisle I think that Bella is pregnant"

"What has she been experiencing?" Carlisle said.

"Well she's been throwing up, great pain, and massive headaches."

"Tell her I'll be right up" Carlisle said.

As they walked into the room, they noticed that Bella had thrown up, again.

"Carlisle, I think I may be pregnant" Bella said.

"Lay down dear, so I can examine you" Carlisle said

Bella knew that she wasn't ready for a child. She just got married a few weeks ago.

"Well Bella, it looks like you are pregnant" Carlisle said.

Bella look confused as those words came out of his mouth.

As the weeks turned into months, she noticed that she didn't want to keep this baby. She wasn't quite ready to be a mother this soon.

As soon as she woke up, she went straight downstairs to Carlisle, to tell him the news.

As she told him the news, he looked very confused.

"Are you sure Bella? This is a very important decision to make" Carlisle said.

"Im sure" Bella said.

She knew that she wasn't ready to be a mother this had just got married, she needed more time.

As Bella walked upstairs with Carlisle, she heard somebody open the front door. It was Edward.

Bella had to tell him the sad news. He seemed very disappointed, but deep down in his heart, he knew he wasn't ready to be a father.

The abortion was very quick, it was pain-full mentally, and made a wise choice, maybe she could be a mother that day, was not now.