Namikaze Kimiko – The Wind's Mistress.

Summary – After the Sandaime had sealed the Kyuubi in her, Kimiko become hated by everyone. She was alone in a world filled with hatred but she was going to show them all - her true potential. ItaFemNaru.



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Pairing – ItaFemNaru


Rated – M (I haven't decided yet but there may have some lemons later on... even thought lately I skip then while I read but who know what kind of muse I might have)

Title – Namikaze Kimiko – The Wind's Mistress.

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The name Kimiko means - child without equal, empress child, noble child.

Chapter 1 – The Sealing…

The village hidden in the leaves was in full out chaos and the reason for that was the surprised attack of the great Kyuubi no Kitsune. While the chaos outside was getting worse and worse, inside of a hospital room, a young woman was giving birth to a little girl, but the birth was a premature and there were some complications with it.

The mother was given a choice – the child or herself… She, like any other mother, loved her unborn too much to choose herself and she was also far from being a selfish person, so she choose the life of the child... little did she know that the father would come to hate the child just because that decision of hers.

When the little girl was born the medical-nins gave her to her dying mother. "I hope you live a happy life, my little Kimi-chan. You know if you were a boy, I'd of named you - Naruto, but well you are cute little girl, so I'll give you the name that I believe will suit you the best – Kimiko, Namikaze Kimiko. Give your best and do what you believe is right, don't let other people control your life and be happy, my little hime. Goodbye and know that I will always love you." Kushina said with tears falling down her cheeks as she took her last breath and closed her eyes for one last time.

Seconds later- one medical-nin came to her and picked up the little infant, who started to cry the moment her mother closed her eyes like she understood what was happening. Just in that moment the Sandaime come into the room and gently took the girl that was covered in an orange blanket. He brought her to the battlefield where a couple of minutes later the Sandaime sealed the Kyuubi in her and with his last chakra he put another seal on the little girl, a seal that totally changed the infant, from a girl into a boy, the hair that was red now looked yellow, and her cheeks now had whiskers.

"I wish that the villagers would look at you as the hero I asked them to, but I am a smart man and I can tell that the hatred towards the Kyuubi and the pain it caused would make them hate you. Hopefully your father would be there for you, but I am not so sure." he said to the little girl as he remembered the event that happened minutes ago.


As Sarutobi was leaving the hospital, with the newborn baby in his arms, his eyes met Minato's coming figure. When he got closer, he saw Minato looking at him questioningly and then at the child.

"This is your child Minato but you know that I must use it to seal the Kyuubi into… I am sorry but it must be done." He said as he smiled weakly at the Yondaime, who in return looked at him slightly hurt.

"Is it really needed?" he asked doubtfully and the Sandaime nodded his head at the young father, who sighed and then nodded too. He will do this for the village that he had sworn to protect. "How is my wife?" he asked Sarutobi with a small smile that felt the moment he saw the sad look on the old man's face.

"I am sorry Minato but she didn't make it." Sarutobi murmured sadly as he looked at the young man with a sad look.

"What? No! You... Tell me you are kidding! Please Hiruzen-sama." Minato pleaded as his eyes were quickly filling with unshed tears but Sarutobi just shook his head, but he didn't expect what happened next.

After hearing that his wife died he looked at the little baby in Sandaime's arms with hate filled eyes.

"Get it out of here before I kill it! This is not my child! No child of mine would kill its mother!" He growled out with threatening voice that showed that he wasn't kidding at all.

Sarutobi looked at him seriously and then said in pissed and disappointed voice "The child is not 'it'." Minato glared at him.

"It's not my child. My child died with my wife. Do whatever you want with it." And then he turned around but before he left he heard the voice of the Sandaime call out after him.

"Minato my last wish is that the new generation doesn't know of the Kyuubi and it's vessel and the people that do know to believe that the vessel is a hero, too" he said and then Minato left grunting and leaving one very surprised Hokage who looked at him with disappointment.

"I expected more from you, Minato. If you aren't going to take care of this child then who would? Aren't you seeing that she doesn't have anyone else but you? You are fool, Yondaime." He said then he too turned and left for the battlefield.

End of Flashback

"I hope you live a happy life and someday have a nice family of your own. I wish you the best Kimi-chan. Goodbye." He said then he fell to the ground with the crying girl now boy on his stomach. The medical-nin that helped Kushina give birth to the infant took it and smiled at it.

"You will grow to be nice lady, little one. But for now, for your own safety, you would need to remind a boy, Kimi-chan." Rin murmured to the crying girl and smiled at it as it stopped crying.

Later on in the Hokage's office

After leaving the little baby in the Hospital, Rin made her way to the Hokage office where she was called by the Yondaime.

There, in front of the Yondaime, stood The Gama sennin – Jiraiya and Rin looking at him in question.

"I called you here for a reason… As your Hokage I order you to never tell that the Kyuubi child has any blood ties with me. No child of mine is a killer." He said in hateful voice, making Jiraiya's and Rin's eyes wide with surprise. After all they have never expected something like that from their Hokage.

"Minato-sensei, tell me you are kidding! The baby is your child. You can't leave it in the hands of the village!" Rin exclaimed and Jiraiya nodded because he was too surprised to say anything at the moment.

"It is not my child and never will be! It killed my wife!" He growled out and Jiraiya glared at him.

"Your wife knew the risk. She made the decision to choose the child over herself. The boy is not at fault at all. Minato you cannot be so blind to not see that." Jiraiya yelled at his student that he was greatly disappointed at.

"I will not kill the child, because Sandaime asked me to, but I will not recognize it as mine either and that's final." He said in pissed voice as he narrowed his eyes at the two in front of him challenging them to say anything.

"I am disappointed in you Minato." Jiraiya murmured then he looked at Minato seriously "I wish to take care of Naruto. You may leave him, but I will take care of the boy." Minato narrowed his eyes and then he said in commanding voice.

"The child will remain orphan. No one will take care of him."

What he said made Rin and Jiraiya glare at him. But then he continued and what he said made them glare even more heatedly.

"And you will not go near it. That is an order." He growled out and Rin bit her lips to stop the sob from coming out. She just couldn't believe that her sensei would be so bad. She had always respected him but that respect vanished and on its place stood hatred. How could he leave his child alone and even forbid other people from looking after her, well now him.

Jiraiya looked at his student and then he said in pissed off voice. "I am disappointed in you, Minato. I am leaving this village and someday I will come to get Naruto out of here. In time of need don't expect me to help, because I will not!" Then he turned around and left.

Rin looked at the Sannin and then back to the Yondaime and she too with displeased voice said "I am leaving too and will never return. If I return it would be for Naruto's sake. Goodbye, Yondaime." She said the last part very disrespectfully.

After catching up with Jiraiya she looked at him worried.

"Was it the best idea to leave Naruto?" She asked doubtfully and Jiraiya looked at her with sad eyes.

"It wouldn't have mattered. If we tried to take him we would be going against all of Konoha and it may have ended up badly for Naruto. This is the best we can do at the time. Maybe after a couple of years we would be able to come back and take him with us." He said displeased and Rin looked at him sadly, but then her look changed to serious, making Jiraiya raise an eyebrow in question.

"Her." She said making Jiraiya blink at her. He really didn't understand what that girl was talking about.

"Huh?" He asked and Rin sighed.

"Her, it's her. Naruto is in a fact a girl. Namikaze Kimiko was the name that her mother gave her with her last breath." She explained making Jiraiya's eyes widen in surprise.

"Your mean he is a FEMALE?" he asked while screaming the last part. He really felt like just turning around and taking the infant without carrying through who he needed to go to take her. Rin looked back at the village and then at Jiraiya and smiled slightly.

"We will come for her someday, hopefully soon. Until then we can only hope that she will be alright and that maybe someone would see her for who she is, not the demon inside her. Well Sandaime was very smart to put the second seal to hide her gender and make her a boy on an outside look. For now she is safe." She said and with that the two left as their last thought was "Be safe Kimi-chan. We will come for you when the time comes but for now just look out for yourself."


Hime – princess

Hokage- Leaf shadow

Yondaime- (the) fourth