Chapter 13 – Another secret gets found out…

Both, Neji and Naruto, talked for a minute, but then Neji went in his fighting stand and both looked at each other, the crowd was quit and eagerly waiting to see the fight.

Naruto smirked and send a couple of kunais in Neji's way and then run at him. 'I bet everyone thinks I am idiot right now!' Kimiko whispered quietly at Kyuubi who was standing at the place where Naruto had been just a second ago.

'Probably some of them are just wondering what you are thinking. Are you sure that your wind would withstand his chakra sealing?' Kyuubi asked and she wined slightly as Naruto was send in the air from one of Neji's hits, he flipped and landed on his legs with a smirk on.

"Don't be too sure of your win, Neji. This battle hasn't even started, yet." Naruto said and he made some kage bunshins.

'So thanks to these eyes of his, he sees even from the back.' Kimiko thought as the last of the bunshins were destroyed. 'Fate… fate… he is starting to piss me off, believing in fate and that there is no way to change things is like giving up!"

"So you are able to use kaiten." Naruto whispered as another wave of his kage bunshins were destroyed.

While the crowd was left dumbfounded and surprised, Neji went in another stand of his.

"Hakke rokujuuyonshou!" Neji yelled loudly as he hit Naruto.

The crowd was left mute and Minato was gripping his chair, using all his will power not to go and stop the match. 'What was Naruto thinking? I told him not to go in taijutsu fight with that boy!' but his thought quickly came to a stop as he saw how Naruto didn't move after getting his tenketsu all sealed off.

Neji's eyes widen as Naruto didn't move even an inch after being hit. "What the hell?" He asked loudly.

"Surprised? Let me tell you something… you think too high of your bloodline. It's time to show you what it's like to lose." Naruto said as he glared at Neji. "I will let you feel your own medicine… what it's like to try your best, but for it to be useless. Why did you attack Hinata in such a way, when she was doing her best while being an outsider even in her own family? Can you really blame her for that stupid seal the branch family caries? Was she the one who forced it on anyone? You had no right to talk and attack someone like that, when they have done nothing! I will make you feel the desperation you made her feel." Naruto yelled.

"You talk too big! What can you do with sealed chakra? I congratulate you for being able to still stand, but just what can you do with no chakra?" Neji yelled and narrowed his eyes at Naruto's laughter that followed his words.

A strong gust of wind started forming in the air and Neji's eyes widen at the change of Naruto's eyes.

"Pyuagan!" Naruto said loudly and everyone's eyes widen, his eyes went to his father's for a moment and he smiled at the clear surprise in them then he looked back at Neji.

"How are you able to summon chakra?" Neji whispered in amazement.

"I used my wind to protect myself, so you actually didn't hit me once." Naruto answered with a smirk. "It's time to end this."

After stating that Naruto disappeared to reappeare right behind Neji, who used kaiten to protect himself from the hit. Naruto smirked and then again disappeared but this time he went in front of Neji, just a couple of meters in front of him, and moved his arm before himself, whispering "Kaze." And a strong wind made its way toward Neji, sending him flying to the other side of the stadium.

"You have to believe some more in your abilities and your strength… You are the one who is in control of your life… And about that seal, just wait and I will think of something to get it off of everyone, I already have the way to remove the seal, I just have to get either the Hokage or your clan's elders to give their okay on removing it." Naruto said as he appeared at Neji's side and started to heal him.

"The only way to remove it is when dead comes!" Neji said and Naruto glared at him.

"Can't you take people's words seriously? Fine, here!" Naruto whispered a little angry and then activated his eyes again and put his palm on Neji's forehead and after 10 second removed it from there. "I am so going to get in trouble for this! Go and look at a mirror, there is no cage's seal there anymore." Naruto said and looked at the crowd where Hyuuga Hiashi stood, and smirked at the deadly glare that was send his way and then looked at his father, who was looking at him with wide eyes and Naruto's eyes filled with sadness for a minute. 'Just when I finally got to feel what it's like to have a father, I am going to lose his again.' Kimiko thought.

'Baka, look at his eyes, he looks like a proud father right now.' Kyuubi said as she made her way next to Naruto, knowing Naruto enough to know what he was thinking. Naurot's eyes went to his father again and they widen at the proud smile and gentle eyes that looked at him.

With the Kages

"That boy is quite amazing. When I heard there was an Uzumaki in Konoha and that it was the Kyuubi's vessel I thought he was given that name just because he was an orphan, but it looks like he is truly a part of that long lost clan… But even so I can't believe he is able to use so much of it." Orochimaru said and Minato glared at him. "So after such a good fight I believe is better to change the way of the fights and leave the other best one as the last, not as next, so why don't you move the Uchiha's fight as a last one." Minato glared slight at him but nodded.

'So you want to wait some more for your people to attack, fine.' Minato thought and then ordered his guard to go and tell Genma the change who quickly announced it.

With Naruto

Naruto made his way next to his teammate and smiled.

"Well done, Naruto." Sasuke said and smirked. "And thanks for not ending it on the first second; it was good to watch some match."

"Well I didn't want to anger the crowd, but I think I got myself in big problem with the Hyuuga clan." Naruto said as he looked at Kankurou who give up on his match and his eyes narrowed.

"We are going to be under attack, right?" Sasuke asked after Naruto had send Shikamaru in the stadium, using his wind and saving him from hitting the ground badly.

"Probably… right after your match or while you are fighting. Have you saved some chakra in that seal?" Naruto asked as he looked at Sasuke's neck.

"Enough for two chidories." Sasuke answered and then he felt Naruto's hand on his back and a rush of chakra going in his seal. "Baka, just how much do you have left after this? You're overdoing yourself!" Sasuke scolded Naruto, who simply smiled.

"Don't worry about me, I have big chakra reserve and I will be fine. Sasuke, Gaara is a demon vessel. He won't be easy to win against and to top it off his seal is a badly made one, he can snap any second and fully free Shukaku. Be careful!" Naruto said as he looked at Gaara.

"Don't worry about me, just don't get hurt!" Sasuke said and then they watched Shikamaru's fight.

"Shikamaru is so going to become chunin." Naruto whispered and Sasuke nodded.

"Isn't he way too smart? Even I probably would be unable to calculate my enemy's moves this well and I have Sharingan, that pretty much let's me see my enemy's movements before hand." Sasuke said and then looked toward Gaara.

"Be careful and win and if the war starts, don't get surprised by Kyuubi. We have agreed that she will be with you, while I will see if I can help dad with Orochimaru, if he needs help that is." Naruto said and Sasuke nodded after that he disappeared and reappeared next to Genma.

The fight between the two soon started and everyone was watching with interest and while Gay and Lee's eyes widen at the same moves that Sasuke made, Naruto smirked as he made his way next to them.

"So this is what you taught him, sensei." Naruto said and he looked at the match. "But he has much more to show." And Sakura smirked at that.

"What are you saying, Naruto?" Kakashi asked as he looked at his student.

"He didn't train only with you." Was the simple answer he gave.

Down in the stadium Gaara had surrounded himself with sand and was whispering some words. 'Shit, he is going to use Shukaku. Sasuke, don't be too hasty!' Naruto thought.

'Kakashi, you have taught him chidori!? Isn't it too early for him?!" Minato thought as he watched Sasuke form a chidori.

"Sasuke!" Sakura screamed as Sasuke yelled in pain and Naruto's eyes narrowed at Shikaku's hand that came out.

Sasuke moved away and fall on his knee holding his hand and then looked at it in surprise as it stopped hurting and started healing and then he looked at Naruto who was smiling and he smirked. 'So you also put some of your chakra in me, to heal me when I get wounded, thanks Kimiko.'

'Genjutsu!' Naruto thought and dispelled it and then looked at his father to see an explosion and as the smoke cleared a little he saw how behind Minato appeared the Kazekage and put a kunai to his neck after which they disappeared to the rooftop where four sound nins made a barrier that surrounded them.

"Dad!" Naruto whispered and then looked at Kyuubi. "Go to Sasuke. I am going to dad." He said quietly and Kyuubi nodded then disappeared. "Sakura, be careful." Naruto said before disappearing and smiled at the nod he got.

Naruto reappeared before the barrier and was about to hit it, but he was stopped by some sand nin. He moved away from being hit and looked at the stadium seeing Sakura and Shikamaru with one dog running after Sasuke. "Good, it's better this way." Then he looked at his opponent and smirked. "I will just blast you with that barrier." He said and then his eyes changed again and he moved both hands before his body, opening his palms widely "Kuro kaze" and a strong black wind hit his enemy and the barrier in which it made a hole and he quickly moved through it before it got closed.

As Naruto made his way inside he was met with the sight of the first and second Hokages and Orochimaru against his father. "Shit!" Naruto said loudly and Minato's eyes widen as he looked at him.

"Naruto! What are you doing here?!" Minato yelled loudly.

"So the princess comes to save daddy!" Orochimaru said as he smirked and Naruto glared at him.

"Naruto, get out of here!" Minato ordered as he stood in front of his son, hiding him from his enemies.

"I am good at seals, dad. I can seal both, Shodaime and Nidaime, but I need to get close to them to put the seal on them. Dad, please fight Orochimaru, while I fight those two." Naruto pleaded as he put a hand on his father's back.

"Like I am going to let you fight two of the strongest ninjas who have ever existed." Minato said loudly and while the two of them were lost in their talk, they were attacked by trees and water. Minato and Naruto were soon caught in the grasp of their enemies.

"Kuchiyose no jutsu." Naruto said and the branches of the trees were broken from the weight of Gamabunta, Gamaken and Gamahiro.

"Naruto…" Minato whispered in amazement.

Then Naruto used wind to cut the trees holding him and his dad.

Orochimaru didn't lose time and summoned Manda and a couple other big snakes.

Naruto looked at his father and smiled and then disappeared, making Minato's eyes widen, he reappeared right behind Shodaime and Nidaime in a gust of wind, hitting them both on the backs and when he put his hands on their backs they turned into sand.

Naruto glared at Orochimaru, who spit a big sword and removed something like a skin from his face which made him look like a girl.

"Damn! That's discusting." Naruto exclaimed loudly.

"Says the one, whose has been hiding, by the façade of a boy." Orochimaru said with a smirk.

"What?" Minato asked as he looked at Naruto, who flinched and looked at him with slight fear. "No way."

"So even you didn't know that your little boy was actually a girl." Orochimaru said and laughed.

"I… I was going to tell you… But I just didn't know how you would react..." Naruto stuttered out with trembling voice as he stepped away from Minato, then he closed his eyes and whispered "Kai." And on Naruto's place stood the red headed Kimiko. She looked at the ground and then shook her head. "It's not time for this." She whispered and then looked at Orochimaru, glaring draggers at him and her eyes change, this time there were three commas in a circle. "Hey, Gamabunta, get those two and get out of here." She said and as the three toads disappeared she smirked. "Hokage-sama, please don't move for a minute or I might hurt you, too." Kimiko said and then she closed her eyes. 'It hasn't been long since I tried and almost killed myself doing this, and I never thanked nee-san for stopping me at that time. I just hope I don't hit father.' Kimiko thought and they were surrounded by tornadoes, which become bigger and bigger going head on after Orochimaru. He tried to use doton to stop them but they went through and he glared at her.

"I will come again and next time I will either have you or kill you, Kimiko!" He said and disappeared.

The tornadoes died down and Kimiko panted for air, falling head on toward the ground but gentle hands caught her.

"Gomen…" Kimiko started saying but she was stopped.

"You have nothing to be apologizing for. Rest for now, you used too much chakra. I will take you to the hospital in a minute." Minato whispered gently and Kimiko smiled but then shook her head.

"I am sorry, but I have to go… Gaara is on his way of fully freeing Shukaku I have to help my teammates."

"Don't be stupid, you are too chakra exhausted. You have to rest!" Minato said worriedly.

"I am fine, don't worry about me." Kimiko said and then disappeared like a wind.

"No!" Minato yelled worriedly and scared. 'She has too little chakra to fight a demon! Damn it, why didn't I put a Hiraishin seal on her!'

He quickly made his way out of the roof and got surrounded by an ANBU squad. "Go help whoever needs help. I am fine on my own!" He yelled and they nodded and he quickly made his way toward the forest, where his daughter had left to and as he finally made it there he saw her smiling at the sand vessel as she touched his chest, both surrounded by sand.

"This seal is much stronger than yours, you will be able to sleep and not worry about Shukaku going on rampage, but you will still have free access to all his chakra." She said and then he saw her falling and just as he was going to go catch her he saw Sasuke get there before him and catching her in the air, then Sakura appeared, too- watching worriedly at her teammate. He felt jealous of them, they obviously knew about her being female, which meant she had much more trust in them than in him, but he also felt happy to know that she hasn't been fully alone.

Then Temari and Kankurou showed next to Gaara and Sasuke tensed, they were by far not good for a fight, but his eyes widen as the blond haired Hokage stood in front of him.

"Go back to your people and tell them to back off. Your Kazekage might be dead for the Kazekage I fought was Orochimaru, go to your village, choose a new Kage and then let us see what we can do about a peace treaty." He said and smiled at the grateful look of Temari and Kankurou and the grateful look on Gaara's face too, which was directed at his passed out daughter. They nodded and left and he turned to the ninjas behind him.

He looked at his daughter and made a move to take her from Sasuke, but he moved a step away and looked uncertainly and distrustfully at him.

"It's okay he won't hurt her." Kyuubi said as she came from behind Minato and he smiled, then gently took Kimiko in his arms.

"Let's go to the hospital, you all need to be looked at."