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As soon as the lift doors opened two small bodies rushed out, leaving a few science officers utterly stunned. " So you said the numbers were what?" Jim turned his head to stare at the Vulcan that ran beside him. Spock stared forward, pulling Jim into an empty corridor.

"May I take a look at the communicator?" Spock asked.
"Sure why not." Jim handed his Vulcan friend the sleek, black piece of technology, checking behind him as he waited.

"hm I see." Spock continued running through the programs. Before Jim could ask "what?" a loud, angry voice echoed from behind Spock. It was McCoy.

"Oh shit." Jim grabbed Spock roughly tugging him as he turned to run in the direction opposite of McCoy.

"Damn it Jim! Get back here!" McCoys scowl deepened as he pulled two unknowing, passing ensigns towards him and point at Jim and Spock. Seconds later the two officers were chasing after the boys.

"Turn." Spock deadpanned. "What?!" Jim replied, missing the sharp nod Spock gave. They arrived at an intersection where four different hallways connected. Jim went left, Spock went right.

After a few sharp turns Jim managed to shake the ensign off his trail. Panting Jim shook his jacket off and wrapped it around his waist. "Hey Spock you okay?" He huffed.

No answer.

"Spock?" Jim quickly scanned the area. Spock wasn't there.

Well isn't that fucking perfect?

Jim could only guess that the other officer gave up on Spock because now both of them turned the corner, catching Jim by surprise.

No one moved. Then Jim grinned. Fuck!

Instead of running away, Jim ran right at them catching the officers off guard. He rushed by, following the same path back to intersection. By then both McCoy and the officers where trailing closely behind Him.

Shit,shit,shit,shit,shit,shit, SHIT! Kirk rushed around one last corner then

Everything went black.

Kirk's head made contact with the floor causing him too howl slightly in pain. Soon after Jim let his eyes adjust to the sudden change in lighting. A small figure towered over him. It was Spock.

"Spock!" He gasped, grasping the Vulcan by the shoulders.

" It is nice of you to join me, Jim" Relief filled the little Vulcan's eyes.

A moment passed.

" But how did you...? where are we?" Jim was confused now.

" We are currently taking refuge in courters of Captain James . T . Kirk. As to how I knew you'd run by is unknown to even myself."

Jim scratched the back of his neck.

" So Spock. Whats the plan?"

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