A Complicated Friendship:

The Story of Jag Fel and Jaina Solo

A little note to the reader:  Hey, what's up everyone.  I thought that I would give a short background for my weird Star Wars Universe.  It kind of follows the cannon set up in the books, but it is also an AU story.  You'll see as you go along.  I hope that you enjoy!

Disclaimer:  All of these wonderful characters belong to the great George Lucas, Timothy Zahn, Michael Stackpole or Kevin J. Anderson:  With the exception of the Jade-Skywalker children, minus Ben, the oldest Antilles (you'll see what I'm talking about), and the Fel children's names, excluding Jag Fel.  I AM MAKING NO MONEY OFF OF THIS. 

Dramatis Personae

Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master; human)

Mara Jade-Skywalker (Jedi Master; human)

Benjamin Brady Jade-Skywalker (Jedi Knight; twin brother to Taylor; human)

Taylor Naberrie Jade-Skywalker (Jedi Knight; twin sister to Ben; human)

Corran Biggs Jade-Skywalker (aka C.J.) (Jedi Knights; twin brother to Ami; human)

Amidala Hannah Jade-Skywalker (Jedi Knight; twin sister to C.J.; human)

Han Solo (Captain, Millennium Falcon)

Leia Organa Solo (New Republic Ambassador; human)

Jaina Padme Solo (Jedi Knight; Lieutenant, Rogue Squadron; twin sister to Jacen; human)

Jacen Lucas Solo (Jedi Knight; twin brother to Jaina; human)

Anakin Christian Solo (Jedi Knight; human)

Corran Horn (Jedi Master; retired Rogue Squadron Captain; human)

Mirax Terrick Horn (Captain of Pulsar Skate; Trader; human)

Valin Horn (Jedi Knight; human)

Jysella Horn (Jedi Apprentice; human)

Wedge Antilles (retired General, Rogue Squadron; human)

Iella Wesseri Antilles (New Republic Intelligence; human)

Sean-Connor Antilles (Lieutenant, Rogue Squadron)

Syal Antilles (Oldest Antilles daughter)

Myri Antilles (Youngest Antilles daughter)

Baron Brady Soontir Fel (General, Imperial Remnant; human)

Syal Antilles Fel (Baron Fel's wife; human)

Valin Fel (Jag's older brother; human; deceased)

Jade Fel (Jag's older sister; human)

Jagged Fel (Colonel, 181st Imperial Squadron; Remnant; human)

Neeja Fel (Jag's younger brother; human)

Zena Fel (Jag's younger sister; human; deceased)

Ok, I know I got a little carried away with the names. Some of them will make sense later.  In the case of Soontir Fel, I really always thought that Soontir was a stupid name, no offense to the guy who made him up.  So, I have always liked the name Brady, so I decided to change it to that.  All will be revealed in time.

P.S.  This is mainly a Jag/Jaina story.  Just thought I'd let you know before I get started.  The characters listed above are just the main families used in the story.  Other secondary characters will be used also.

Don't worry, I am about to start.  Luke and Mara have 4 kids, 2 sets of twins, Ben & Taylor and CJ & Ami.  Of course the Solo kids are the same, as well as the Horn children.  I thought Wedge should have a son so I gave him one.  The Fel's I believe have five kids but only one, Jag, is named so I used my imagination.  This is kind of an AU timeline, so in this story Mara and Corran are twins.  The Horn background history is the same, just Mara is included now.  But she didn't find this out until right before her and Luke got married (she was still the emperor's Hand, with no memory of her past).  I hope to expand on this in later stories.  NOW ON TO THE STORY!!!!!