The vampires of Jerusalem's Lot.

"so, what are you up to today?" Kali said to Lori, snapping her out of her daydream. She was staring at a young man, standing at the other side of the bar. She picked up her drink (a Bacardi and coke.) and took a sip. It was eleven minutes past eleven, and the sun had gone down around six. The young man noticed her staring at him, grinned, and strode over to her. "whoa! Lo, looks like you've got an admirer!" laughed Kali. "hey, gorgeous. Can I buy you a drink?" he asked. She nodded, twirling a lock of her long, red hair around her finger. He smiled, cheekily. "Bloody Mary, please." at the word "bloody" he smile went even wider. Kali looked at him with distrust. " he looks fishy. Like he's too good to be true." Kali sneered. Lori stared at Kali in disbelief. "now, now Kalilah. Your just jealous." Kali rolled her eyes. "jealous of what? Hello? I don't even like men!" Lori looked up, to see the young man, standing near her with her Bloody Mary. He grinned. "hey, ladies. My name is Skye. And may I have the pleasure of knowing the names of two lovely ladies as yourselves?" Kali rolled her eyes. (she had a habit of doing that.) "no, you may not, Skye. And what kind of name is Skye?" he frowned. "a Salem's lot name. I take it your not from around these parts?" Lori smiled at him. "no, we're from Colorado. My names Lori, and this is Kali. Sorry she's a bit annoyed, she's like that to the whole male sex." Skye raised his eyebrow. "so you're a…" he asked. "a lesbian? Yeah." replied Kali, proudly. "anyway, I'm gunna leave you two lovebirds alone. Meet me back at the hotel, Lori." Kali left, turned around, and Stuck her finger up at Skye's back. Skye sat down next to Lori. She smiled at him. "so, Lori. What brings you to Salem's Lot?" he asked. She wasn't listening. She was too busy staring at him. He had short, brown hair, shining eyes, and perfect white teeth. She found herself drawn to his teeth. "so, honey. Wanna come back to my place?" he grinned, cockily. She nodded, dreamily. They exited the bar, and he got into his car (an Enzo Ferrari!) and invited her to hop in.

She woke up the next morning in his bed. He was nowhere to be seen. She blinked, and turned on the TV. The news was on. She gasped to see that the news was about Kali!