Hey guys this is something new. 'Cause I HATE my other T for some stuff. For Vladmir Tod, this is when Vlad goes to Otis's house, there is a meeting, Vlad meets Dorian and a girl who is older than the oldest vampire. DON'T READ IF YOU HAVEN'T READ ELEVENTH GRADE BURNS. Read and Review.

Hello there again


I was running from my two favorite people. Tom and Bill.(A/N sorry if that isn't there names)I didn't want to be beat up today and can't control both of them. I finally ran and ran right into a deadend.

"So goth boy want you going to do 'bout this. COME ON PUNCH ME", Bill screemed at me. Pushing me against the wall. Bill got tried and held me against the wall so the wall was making me bleed. Bill pulled back his fist.

"What are you doing", I opened my eyes to see a werid girl about 3 feet away.

"Lookie what we got here.A girlie." said Bill (Tom and Bill were real perverts. They could touch a girls butt and not lose a second of sleep).He dropped me and walked over to the girl.

"What's your name"Tom said. Right then I got a meggse in my head.

"Hi Vlad I will not lie about my name to you, I'm Arianna ". Arianna it saided very common like I read it a million times over and over.

"Hi I'm Vlad's sister" she said in a very silkie voice and if I didn't know I didn't had a sister I would have beilived her. She had pale skin, dark eyes, black hair about a little pass shouler, and one difference was she was tall.

"Wow Vlad your sister is HOT" said Tom. I knew this was a joke about her being my sister but I needed to play big brother. I looked at Arianna she was mad and stomped over to Tom and Bill. Man did she looked pissed.

"What did you say" Arianna said in a threating tone.

"I said you are H O T hot" spelled Tom.

"I wouldn't mess with her" I said playing the big brother act.

"Why what's-" Bill was cut off by a scream and cranck. The scream was from Tom and the cranck was Tom's hand breaking. Arianna broke Tom's hand, and that fast she punched Bill knocking him out. Arianna paused and literty changed. Now Arianna had dark brown, golden brown eyes with a moss green glow, and looked like she was a tall 12 year old. ARIANNA! thats it shes a VERY old shapeshifter. Like 2,000 years old (A/N I think thats older than Em cause I wanted Arianna to be older) and she looks like she 12 or 13. Wow.

"thanks" I wispered. This was really cool like I was a girl meeting Fall out Boy in person (A/N I LOVE YOU PETE, PATRICK, ANDY, AND JOE)

"I though the Pervus was spceical. Guess I was using the wrong spceical. I needed to use SPCEICAL ED" she said and in the blink of an eye she was gone.

My jaw dropped. Now I felt like the girl who was told she was to ugly to be seen with.

End of Fashback

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