This fanfiction is a songfic to the couple known as Thuke. This is not a fluff songfic. It is indeed a back track on certain points of their lives mostly the rough ones. Hope you like it.

The song is "The Last Song I'm Wasting on You" by Evanescence.

"Sparkling grey,
They're my own veins.
Any more than a whisper,
Any sudden movement of my heart.
And I know, I know I'll have to watch them pass away"

I decided to be a huntress. I wanted to. It would protect me from the fate of having to deal with the great prophecy. It's over whelming to an extremity. I wanted to escape it and that was true, but I had left something behind.

The girl, the girl I had protected all the way to the camp they called a safe haven. Just as I crossed the border I was nearly killed. My father sent mercy to me supposedly by turning me into a tree. Hah mercy, to me it was nigh punishment. I would have rather died then end up how I am. That girl I had left behind when she was seven. She deserved better. She was so smart so… wise. It makes her nickname fitting, Wise Girl.

The boy, oh gods that boy, her was the first boy I actually thought I had loved. He was saved and across the borders with the girl. He was safe. I wanted to tell him I loved him before I died, but I hadn't died. He was so sneaky, but so caring for those around him. I hoped for their best. I knew they could survive the both of them.


What I had least expected when I came back was what I found. Everything was supposed to be perfect when I was saved. I was supposed to be freed from the tree and the boy would save me. I was supposed to open my eye and see that scarred face and blonde hair. Those blue eyes were supposed to look at me and he was supposed to say he missed me.

That was not what I opened my eyes to. I opened my eyes to a black haired boy. He had a worried face telling me everything would be alright. He yelled at some people to get some ambrosia and nectar and stop standing around. He turned back to me with sea green eyes that could only belong to one person. The son of Poseidon, I opened my eyes to one of the most powerful demigods on Earth.

I claimed to him that I had been dying. He told me I was fine. I wasn't sure id he knew who I was, but he certainly had figured out once he actually looked at me. My eyes always were the dead give away. Electric blue eyes sat somewhat nicely on my face and he knew. I was a daughter of Zeus. The one and only daughter of Zeus was lying in his arms and he didn't even back away afraid of shock. He just stared at me.

We went on a mission together. His mother was generally nice reminding us what we needed. Percy, the son of Poseidon found it annoying and embarrassing. Annabeth, the girl of which I spoke of earlier, and I found it very comforting to have a motherly figure hanging about to remind us. It made remembering much easier.

On that very mission we met the Huntresses of Artemis. I had been considering it as a possibility, but I never really thought of it as reality. But, at the end of that year's quest I was invited by Lady Artemis herself to become a huntress. Not just any huntress though, I would be the head Lieutenant. I would be in charge like I always wished to be.

I needed that offer so much. When I was offered the position it was the eve of my sixteenth birthday. I would barely miss the birthday of which the great prophecy spoke of. Just barely, but I had escaped it. I accepted the position and said goodbye to my father leaving at Lady Artemis's right hand side.

Today I think back on the good times I've experienced with my friends for that short time that I was not a Huntress. Annabeth and Percy seemed to live in their own world. Best friend at heart, they would fight about the stupidest things and then still have the heart to apologize for it.

It makes it hard to say I'm happy here when I think about them. The war is over and I was there to help Percy, but I can't help but to regret leaving in the first place. It makes it hard to agree to all the demands of Lady Artemis because I simply don't hate men. I myself am that of a tomboy. I hang with the guys just to hang. I don't give anything up for them. Though when I was with Luke as his companion, I regret not giving him more. Maybe, just maybe, I think, if I had just told him how I feel he wouldn't have done what he did.

I had to watch him leave. I had to. I couldn't let him hurt anyone else. What I think was the hardest was the one who actually killed him was Annabeth. She didn't physically stab Luke. No, Annabeth would never do that. But, she convinced the inner him, the one I knew, that what he was doing was wrong, and he killed himself in the technical aspect.

I was happy it was over; I was. But, I secretly hated Annabeth for a short time. I used to have those feelings for Luke the ones that made me wish I could refuse the Huntresses. He aroused that sort of feeling in me. I couldn't explain it. But, once he had given himself to Kronos I couldn't stand it. I gave Annabeth my silent forgiveness. She never knew that I had blamed her, but she didn't have to know.

I just don't understand. I should choose, but there are no more sides. I simply have to live the life I have set up for myself. It's hard to say there are no more choices in my life. I have a never ending life and a family of girls. I don't have to worry about broken hearts or my family. My mother is already dead. But, the broken hearts is just a lie to my self. No, I don't suffer from new broken hearts, but the one from him still lives. I shouldn't care about him anymore. He hurt so many including those close to me and himself. I care about him thought, more than I should in fact. I guess now I just have to survive now…

"Just get through this day"