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We went to the meeting and the Titan turned out to be Prometheus. He tried to get into Percy's head and it had worked to the slightest bit. I noticed that Prometheus didn't get far with his words. And he knew that. So what does Prometheus do? He gives a temptation. I stared at the pithos trying to register why he would do such a thing. Pandora's Box was like the ultimate temptation to give up hope. The one thing that had actually stayed in the jar, Elpis, she was the true test to see if a hero was truly a hero. I hoped that Percy would find the strength to keep her within the jar. We needed that. We needed a strong figure to show that hope was still with us. Percy could be that figure.

Prometheus also showed Percy the vision of the night we went to Luke's house. I told him how Annabeth had been so little. Mindlessly, I rubbed my thigh where I had been wounded and May had wrapped it for me. She was a sweet woman to me; she truly was. But, those episodes would have scared me though I never saw one. For that I was glad.

"Percy," I had said responding to one of his comments about Hermes to get this vision of the evil gods out of his head. "you can't start feeling sorry for Luke. We all have tough things to deal with. All demigods do. Our parents are hardly ever around. But Luke made bad choices. Nobody forced him to do that. In fact—"

I looked down the hall making sure we were alone. "I'm worried about Annabeth. If she has o face Luke in battle, I don't know if she can do it. She's always had a soft spot for him."

His face boiled red in anger and I took a step backwards protecting myself from any explosion he might have. "She'll do fine." He insisted.

"I don't know. After that night, after we left his mom's house? Luke was never the same. He got, reckless and moody, like he had something to prove. By the time Grover found us and tried to get us to camp… well, part of the reason we had so much trouble was because Luke wouldn't be careful. He wanted to pick a fight with every monster we crossed. Annabeth didn't see that as a problem. Luke was her hero. Annabeth didn't see that as a problem. Luke was her hero. She only understood that his parents had made him sad, and she got very defensive of him. She still is defensive. All I'm saying… don't you fall into the same trap. Luke has given himself to Kronos now. We can't afford to be soft on him." Some where on the inside as I said these words to Percy I knew I was reassuring myself even more of what I had chosen. I would escape the trap of temptation on my own. Now, it was Percy's turn.

"You're right," He answered looking out a window that looked over Harlem.

I patted hi shoulder reassuringly. "I'm going to check on the Hunters, then get some more sleep before nightfall. You should crash too."

"The last thing I need is more dreams." He said stubbornly reminding me of a younger Luke that I knew.

"I know, believe me." I thought back on the dreams I had been having that I didn't want to come back. "But Percy, there's no telling when you'll get another chance for rest. It's going to be a long night—maybe our last night." Once again I was convincing myself that I must get some sleep because me words were more true than I had expected.

Percy nodded wearily and then handing me Pandora's jar. "Do me a favor. Lock this in the hotel vault, will you? I think I'm allergic to pithos."

A smile cracked at my lips for the first time all day. "You go it." He walked away and watched as he disappeared in one of the rooms probably to pass out from exhaustion. I made my way to the hotel safe helping one of Apollo children bandage a camper. The Apollo camper fell asleep while I finished wrapping the kid's arm. I felt bad for the Apollo campers. Their healing abilities were great, but the powers drained them considerably. I tossed a blanket over him and then locked Pandora's jar away in the vault.

Soon, I had found a bed and passed out too lazy to actually climb beneath the covers. As I slept I knew it was coming, but I wished it to stay away. No such luck.

My nightmare was that of the past, not the future. They were good dreams I guess you could say, but now that I knew they could never happen again they were nightmares. The trips Luke and I had taken just running. It was hard to forget him when you know the Luke that was freer spirited with out the mark on his face that scarred him permanently.

Silena died the next day pretending to be Clarisse. We lost a lot actually. The biggest loss I was worried about was Chiron who had been buried in rubble when we made our way up to Olympus. I hoped the Hera's highest heavens that Mrs. O' Leary would be able to dig him out. We rode in the elevator was dead silent. There was an eerie feeling lingering in the air from the deaths that had occurred around us. Grover clopped his hooves nervously and munched mindlessly on a discarded tin can he had found next to a sleeping man.

The doors slid open and I gulped back my fear as I looked at the dissolving bridge before us. We stepped out and it began to crack at our feet.

"Jump!" Grover said, silly satyrs should know they can obviously jump farther and higher than half-bloods can. He sprang easily out of harms way.

"Gods, I hate heights!" I yelled as Percy and I launched ourselves from the crumbling marble.

I turned around just in time as Annabeth screamed Percy's name and began to tumble down toward Manhattan. Percy grabbed her hand and halted the fall. She began to slip from his grip and I motioned for Grover to follow my lead as I grabbed Percy's legs. Percy seemed to strengthen with the reassurance.

Grover and I pulled them up together and it got a bit awkward. Percy and Annabeth lay trembling on the ground in each others arms. I rubbed the back of my neck as they just stayed like that. Annabeth suddenly tensed realizing her position.

They exchanged a couple of unintelligent words and continued to look at each other. "Keep moving!" Grover tugged at Percy's shoulder and I laughed inwardly at his fatherly like qualities to ruin the romantic moments. The two untangled from each other and began to run across the sky bridge. I was behind them, which most likely wasn't wise considering every time my foot left the marble the marble crumbled beneath me.

I watched as Annabeth turned and looked at the elevator. I refused to turn around. The last thing I needed to see was a set of suspended metal door 600 floors above Manhattan. "We're marooned," She said. "On our own."

"Blah-ha-ha!" Grover bleated. "The connection between Olympus and America is dissolving. If it fails—"

"The gods won't move on to another country this time," I realized bowing my head slightly in he moment of sadness that had over come me. "This will be the end of Olympus. The final end."

We took off down the streets. Mansions burned around us. Statues were hacked at like they were butter and sat on slices around the pedestals. I stared at the damage. This was my father's home. This was the head of all the gods. I felt anger build up in me as I gawked over the amount of damage as my face grew hot with fury.

"Kronos's scythe," Percy muttered staring at the damage as well.

We continued up the winding path. It seemed to have gotten longer. I remember climbing up this once before and I remembered the trek being much shorter. A few minor gods had tried to stop Kronos' rampage. Their armor and weaponry that was left from the attempt was strewn across the road.

I heard Kronos roar ahead of us, "Brick by brick! That was my promise. Tear it down BRICK BY BRICK!"

A large domed mansion that I recognize as a shrine to my lady literally blew its top. The dome shattered and showered the city with rubble. A piece of the golden rood landed in the palm of my hand as I held it out to catch anything that flew toward me.

"That was a shrine to Artemis," I grumbled crushing the gold in my hand. "He'll pay for that."

We sprinted for the palace and made it under the arch when the whole mountain groaned. It rocked sideways knocking the archway. It began to topple over and I noticed its trajectory would put it so that it crushed Annabeth and Percy. "Look out!" Grover yelped. I rushed over a shoved them to the side I tried to jump out of the way, but through the dust from the statues I couldn't tell which way was which. Before I knew it I was pinned beneath the Hera statue.

"Thalia!" Grover bleated and I winced as the pain suddenly set in. The dust cleared around me and the mountain stopped rocking. Percy and Annabeth had faces of shock as they looked at me.

All three of them tried to shove the statue away but that just switched where the pressure was. I screamed in pain as the weight started to press harder onto my calves. "I survive all those battles," I growled. "and I get defeated by a stupid chunk of rock!"

"It's Hera," Annabeth threw her hands in the air in outrage. "She's had it in for me all year. Her statue would've killed me if you hadn't pushed us away."

I grimaced looking up at them with an annoyed look on my face. "Well, don't just stand there! I'll be fine. Go!"

More buildings exploded behind them. An evil laughed echoed down the streets. "We'll be back," Percy promised me squatting down to say his goodbyes.

"I'm not going anywhere," I groaned and then winced again when he turned away.

Fireballs erupted on the side of the mountain, right near the gates of the palace.

"We've got to run," Percy sounded determined.

Grover on the other hand, "I don't suppose you mean away," Grover muttered hopefully. Percy took off toward the palace with Annabeth at his flanks. "I was afraid of that," Grover sighed and quickly followed after them.

I sat out there and listened to the fighting that ensued within the throne room. I groaned in pain as the statue began to crack at certain spots and crush me further. I watched as the connection between the Earth and the palace rebuilt itself. The marble pieces floated up from the ground and pieced its self together. The elevator doors opened and campers started to file out. Clarisse stood at the front of the pack of campers.

"Thalia!" She shouted sprinting toward me. She slid to a stop on her knees right in front of me. "The Cyclopes are in the next elevator, hold on." Clarisse explained hastily and wiped her knees off. Chris came to her back side. He rubbed her shoulders gently and she smacked his hands away.

I heard the reassuring ding of the elevator as the doors opened again. I heard the heavy footsteps and the immensely deep voices of the Cyclopes from Poseidon's underwater forges. They counted as best they could and lifted the statue from my legs. I yelped involuntarily as Clarisse and Chris helped me up to my feet. Two Apollo children helped me up. One ran back down to the ground floor while the other splinted my right shin. My left was just bruised. I wasn't quite what sure the Apollo kid said what happened to the other leg. The other Apollo kid returned holding some crutches. I took them thankfully.

I started my way up the path until I was at the doors. I was forced to stop as the Fates made there way through the door way. I stopped them quickly and crutched my way over to the side of the green and white wrapped body. I recognized it to be a Hermes shroud. I unwrapped the head of the boy and stared at the scarred face of Luke Castellan.

"This is the end." I sighed. I didn't feel the ache in my chest or even the tears prick at my tear ducts. "I loved you… once. But, it's over now."

"And, you'll never hurt me again."