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Chapter 3: Working For Weak Humans

When we eventually got to the House of Night, Zoey showed me into the girls' dorm room, and showed me where I would be sleeping at for the next four years (Yeah, still not to happy at that thought.). "I'll show you around the campus later," she said to me when we got to the main gate, "Right now we need to go to my room so we can cover your new Mark additions."

Zoey had already filled me in on everything that goes around at the House of Night, like how they have a nocturnal schedule, how the students were called third formers on though sixth former, and all the basic classes I could take and other stuff. So all I had to do was see Neferet, the High-Priestess to get my schedule, and to cover up my new Mark additions. Now, instead of just an outline of a crescent moon, it now had little designs on either side of it that looked like feathers, three on each side, maybe three inches long. "Wait, why do I have to cover it up? Isn't it normal to have a tattoo on your forehead?"

"Yeah," Miss Barbie Doll, whom I learned was named Aphrodite, said. "But some people don't have extra tattoos like you or Zoey does. And those people don't need to know."

That reminded me, "Are you a vampyre, too?"

"Yes I am," she said without hesitation. But I saw her eyes widen just the slightest, and knew she was lying.

"Then where's your Mark?"

"I have it covered up, retard." I was seriously starting to hate this chick.

"Why are you lying?" I dared to ask.

Her eyes narrowed, "What makes you think I'm lying?"

"Your eyes widened when I asked you if you're a vampyre, and when I asked you where your Mark was, you made a sarcastic response, like you were getting angry for me asking you questions. Kinda makes me think, you know?"

Oh, boy, did she look mad. I was kinda half expecting her to slap me. But that's when Zoey said, "Cool it, Aphrodite, we need to stay quiet now. I don't want any of the teachers' knowing we snuck out." Now I had more questions. Why were they sneaking out in the first place? I doubt they knew I was going to be Marked, did they?

But I had to wait; actions first, questions later.

The campus was freaking huge! It had tall, old looking buildings that had strange looking carvings on them. We were walking towards what I thought was the girls dorm area, a three-story structure that had the same olden feel to them as the others did. Most of the lights that I could see looked more like modern streetlights that dotted here and there along concrete sidewalks that led to all of the old buildings. Most of the trees that stood here and there were completely bare, their leaves already fallen to the ground. A statue of a beautiful woman cupping a crescent moon, whom I supposed was their – now my – Goddess, Nyx, dominated the front part of a building.

When we walked into the common room, it was completely deserted. "Everyone is eating breakfast in the dining room," Zoey said, "Or the cafeteria, as it should be called. We've just gotten up."

"Oh," I said. I almost forgot they had a nocturnal schedule. I was going to have a hard time staying awake in class. As we walked, Aphrodite said that she needed to take off her make up and reapply it, so that left Zoey and me alone.

When we got into Zoey's room, a room with two four-poster beds, she said, "In the bathroom-which is right over there-there is a bottle of concealer. Use it to cover up your mark,"

"Umm, I don't wear make up," I told her.

"Your gunna have to," she retorted, "Trust me, it's for your own good."

"Fine," I growled. I didn't mean to, but I was getting crankier and crankier by the minute. If she said anymore, I think I just might snap, and for those of you just joining in on the misadventures of Maximum Ride, that wouldn't be a pretty sight. I really, really needed some sleep.

I stomped my way into the bathroom, shut the door, locked it, and took off my windbreaker. I checked to make sure that I had enough room and I stretched my wings, all thirteen feet of 'em. My wings were brown, with black and white flecks in the middle and on the tips of my feathers. It felt good to stretch them out. It seemed like it's been forever ago that I was flying high, then life got even more dramatic when I got Marked. But in reality, it was only just a few hours. Amazing how life can change that much in such a short amount of time.

If you think that was all so fast, then you're not going to be ready for what's about to come.

What's supposed to come, then, Voice? Am I gunna turn into a werewolf, too?Ok, I was only kidding. I mean, if vampyres exist, why not a werewolf? But as soon as I thought that I instantly feared what he would say. I didn't want to become something I usually fought on a daily basis. –Cough–Erasers–Cough

But to my relief, he said: No, but remember how I kept telling you that you were special?

Yeah, everyone tells me I'm special. What's it to ya?

Well, lets just say you're about to find out just how special you are.

Great, more freakin' fortune cookie crap. Just what I needed.

I then decided that I needed a shower. So I took one, letting the water fall down my back and onto my wings, stretching them out a little. The flock and I really never get the chance to take nice, hot showers every day. So when the chance comes, we take it for granted.

After about ten minutes, I heard a knock on the bathroom door and Zoey shout, "You need to hurry up and get outta there! Class starts in twenty minutes, and you still need to get your schedule!"

I sighed. "Be right out!" I shouted, then turned off the water, and started to dry myself off. Then I put on my clothes that I had been wearing, a white T-shirt that had seen better days, a pair of jeans, and my combat boots. I slipped my wings into the big slits in my shirt, folded them up neat and tight, and pulled my windbreaker back on. I saw a bottle on the counter next to the sink that was labeled: Concealer. So I grabbed it and covered up the extra tattoos on my forehead.

When I got out of the bathroom, Zoey was sitting on her bed with her eyes closed. She looked to be focusing on something in her thoughts. Almost like she was talking to someone mentally.

But when I walked in, she opened her eyes and got up. She was about to say something, probably about hurrying to class, when her eyes fell down to my clothes.

"Why are you wearing…Oh, duh! You don't have anything else to wear! My bad, here," she ran over to her closet and started to throw a bunch of stuff out. When she stood up, there was now a big pile of clothes near the closet, "Here, catch," and tossed a black hoodie in my general direction. I caught it with ease.

"Why can't I just wear what I've got on?" I said.

"Because you need to have something with the third former symbol on it, and that's the only one I have that might be about your size."

I had no idea what my size was, so I just shrugged and pulled it on over my windbreaker.

After that, we walked down the hall, cross the common room, and into the courtyard. Where we ran into something.

Not a something – someone. A tall, slender woman who looked to be about twenty with long, brown hair and bright green eyes smiled warmly, a smile that I instantly disliked, at us and said, "Why, I was just looking for you, Zoey. I heard that we have a new student on board, and I was going to have you show her around. I guess you've already shown her around?"

"Yes I have," Zoey replied. I didn't dare say anything about how she hadn't shown me around.

"Well then, that wonderful," she didn't say it like it was wonderful. Her gaze went to me. "Welcome to the House of Night, my name is Neferet, High-Priestess at this House of Night," Oh, so this was the big honcho at this place. Makes me hate her even more."I just need your name so I can get your schedule written up, what's your name?"

"Max," I said in a bored voice.

"You know, when you become a fledging vampyre, you are reborn into another life. Like starting all over. So you are free to change your name if you like."

"Nope," I said, popping the p on the last syllable, "My full name is Maximum Ride, and I personally like the name, so I don't think I'm gunna change it." After all, I had named myself.

Zoey's eyes widen in surprise at my name, while Neferet just narrowed her eyes like I did something wrong. Yep, I was definitely not liking her. Her whole aura (no, I can't read auras now, just an expression) just felt...wrong. Not human, more...dark. Herself physically was warm, welcoming. Her eyes, however, told a different story. Hmm...

I didn't think about it for too long, because as soon as I thought it, her eyes became normal again. I think I just imagined it.

"Well," Neferet said, "That's a lovely name. It won't take too long to make your schedule, I think you'll be able to attend first hour, but not the first few minutes though. Oh well."

"Umm...that's OK with me," I said.

"Good. Well, I'm off. You need to get to class Zoey, Max here will see you later."

"Umm...OK," Zoey said, "I'll see you later Max."

Crap. I didn't want to go alone with Neferet. Not that I was a big sissy or something. I just didn't want to...Ah, never mind. I don't trust her and the only person I think I can trust is Zoey.

You can trust Zoey, my annoying voice popped in, But you need to watch Neferet. There is something about her that you need to keep an eye on. She is not human.

Well, no duh she isn't human! She's a vampyre!

That maybe true, but something all vampyre's have is humanity. She has next to none.

"Fine, I'll keep that in mind."

"Excuse me?" Crap, I spoke aloud.

"Nothing, I was just muttering to myself. I'll see you later Zoey."

"O-ok," she said, and walked off to the cafeteria.

"Wait, Zoey!," Neferet called, "I almost forgot! Would you mind it if Max here was your roommate?"

She smiled, "Sure, that's okay with me!" And ran the rest of the way to the cafeteria. I watched as she paused in front of the doors to what I took was the cafeteria. She tooked a deep breath, paused for another moment, open the doors and walked in.

I've always had great eyesight, thanks to the mad-evil scientists at the School. I also could see well in the dark, but I couldn't see that well. Hmm..maybe it's a vampyre thing.

Neferet looked around to make sure that Max did not follow her into the copy room. She was still seated in the other room, talking to one of the professors. Good. Neferet pulled out her cell phone to make a call.

"Hello?" a woman picked up the line.

"This is Neferet, I need to speak with Mr. Chu please."

"One moment."

A moment pause, then a man picks up the phone. "This is Mr. Chu speaking."

'This is Neferet, High Priestess of the House of Night in Tulsa, Oklahoma."

"Ah, yes, Mrs. Neferet. You have some news?"

"Yes. I have some information regarding the human/avian experiments. One of them, their leader, in fact, was recently Marked as a vampyre fledging."

Mr. Chu paused for a moment, taking it all in. "I did not know that she was vampyre potential. My professors tell me that it was never programed in."

"I did not know either. What shall I do?"

"What does her Mark look like?"

"It looks like a regular Mark. But I could tell that she had some concealer on. She is hiding her extra Marks."

"I see. Well, I want you to keep an eye on her. She is obviously special to the vampyre goddess, Nyx. I also want you to find out what her extra Marks consists of."

"I don't know if I can. She will be Zoey's roommate, which will mean that she might befriend her and her gang of misfits. But I..."

"You will find out. No exceptions. And I know you have ways of finding things out, am I right?"

"Well, yes, but..."

"Then you should not have any trouble. Goodbye." And then he hung up.

Neferet sighed. She did not like working for weak humans. But someday, she will be able to free Kalona and use her army of undead vampyres to rule this weak world and make it like it was in the old days. But her undead fledglings are really undead anymore. That miscreant fledgling Zoey and her gang gave them they're humanity back, all because of that Stevie Rae. Ugh! She also knew that Zoey, along with the fledgling Aphrodite LaFont, snuck out of the campus to go meet up with Stevie Rae. Speaking of which, there was something stange about Aphrodite. She smelled almost human...

Neferet shook herself. That was impossible! A fledgling could not become human again. It has never happened in history!

Ding.The sound of the copy machine signaled that it was done. Neferet sighed. All will have to wait. For now.

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