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The Stars and the Moon
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Luna supposes she should have forgotten what the stars and the Moon look like. She has been in the cellar of Malfoy Manor for so long now that she's lost count. She doesn't really mind though; Mr. Ollivander is far more interesting conversation than she could have hoped for at Hogwarts, and time doesn't really matter all that much, not really.

She should have forgotten what the stars and the Moon look like, but she is the Moon and Mr. Ollivander's eyes remind her of the Moon – and they are surrounded by stars every now and then, too. It doesn't matter that the stars they see aren't beautiful but murderous. It doesn't matter because even their twisted, dark forms sparkle in the darkness of the stuffy, lightless cellar.

Bellatrix Lestange is the worst of those stars, but Luna thinks she is the most interesting because her eyes are the ones that shine the most. It doesn't matter that her dark grey eyes are full of malice – they still shimmer as brightly as the star that she was named after. Bellatrix's eyes glimmer whenever she sees them. Mr. Ollivander tries to cloak himself in the shadows and hide from her, but Luna can't bring herself to be scared. Bellatrix Lestrange can only fire empty threats; even though they're imprisoned, Voldemort wants them alive and Bellatrix dare not disobey her master.

"Why aren't you scared of me, you stupid girl?" Bellatrix asks her one day – or maybe night. Luna doesn't know; the Moon and the stars are here, yes, but these moons and stars give her no indication of the passing of time. Not that it matters. Bellatrix's wand is at Luna's throat and she knows that the Death Eater wants her to cower and weep and shriek. She won't though. She can't. What's there to be afraid of?

"I suppose it's lucky that it's just Nargles," Luna muses as the cold wood pokes against her neck like a dulled blade. Because that's what it is, really – a blade that would cut her to pieces if Bellatrix Lestrange had her way, but Voldemort is in charge so Bellatrix can do nothing to hurt her. Nothing. What's there to be afraid of? "It's lucky that you're mad."

"And why is that, little girl?" Bellatrix laughs. If she were anyone else then it would be enough to make Luna's skin crawl, but given the situation she feels absolutely nothing. The moons of Mr. Ollivander's eyes widen in horror as the stars of Bellatrix's eyes glimmer with an even deeper, darker malice.

"Because it you were sane then you might actually be dangerous."

Then the stars go out and Luna is left with the Moon and the darkness and warm blood running down her face. It proves that time is still passing and that she is still alive.