Before they knew what happened they were snogging and holding each other close. They didn't hear the painting open allowing the people into the room to see them snogging so intensely, causing them to jump apart when one of their watchers to clear his throat.

" What do you think your doing Ginervia Molly Weasly?" the voice demanded.

Ginny looked up to see her old D.A. teacher Remus Lupin. Gasping. She pulled the blanket across her body to cover her semi nakedness.

"Professor, what are you doing here? Ginny asked holding the blanket tightly to her body.

" Gin, sweetly your mum is sick, she's at St. Mungos right now. The twins are there with her right now, but she wants all her children that can come" another voice said. One that Ginny knew from anywhere. It was Remus Lupin's new wife Tonks.

Ginny started to cry, Draco pulled her close to him to let her weep.

" Not again, Please not again." She mumbled sobbing. Confused Draco gently pulled her away so he could see her face.

"Gin, love, what do you mean not again?" Draco asked calmly and curiously.

" Well most of you know about that mum has cancer" Ginny looked at Remus Tonks , Mad-Eye, Draco , Professor McGonagall and the others. Remus nodded, Tonks smiled sadly, Professor McGonagall, Mad-Eye. The others were in shock even Draco.

" A few years ago, about 6 I want to say right as Ron started to school, mum felt sick , she went to the Hospital and had test done. They told her she had cancer." Ginny said taking a breath "She did what they told her to do. They said it went away, but it d.d.'t" Ginny started to cry again. Draco held her lovingly. Mad-Eye was aggravated 'Why were they continuing to allow this madness?' he thought.

Finally not able to take anymore of the madness. Mad-Eye broke.

" Ginny, why is he holding you? Let alone here? And what the bloody buggering her are you doing snogging a death eater??!!" Moody yelled at her

"Yeah Gin, what's going on here?" Tonks asked already seeing the answer in her eyes.

" Well Draco is my………………" Ginny said quietly twisting her fingers nervously.

" Your what Ginny?" Remus asked confused.

Tonks smiled, she knew it.

" How long ?" she asked

" A few months" Draco said

" But Gin it's forbidden" Tonks said sadly

" I know, but we cant help it, it feels right." Ginny said

" I know, trust me." Tonks said looking at Remus

"What's going on here?" Remus and Moody echoed confused.

" I'll explain everything later" Tonks said

" Fine" They both said but not happy about it at all.

"Now go get some cloths on so that we can leave" Tonks said.

Ginny walked into her room, shut the door and was dressing. When there was a nock at her door.

"Come in" she said setting her cloths out for her to wear. Professor McGonagall please come in and have a seat" she said .

She watched quietly as the Professor sat in the chair next to the bed. She pinned her with a glance.

" Ginny dear, How serious are you and Mr. Malfoy? She asked

Ginny was taken back for a moment.

" That's the most serious we have been." " I'm waiting for the right one to give my soul to, just like mum and da" Ginny said.

" Very well, Just be careful, my dear, and your secret is safe with me" she said.

After hugging her favorite teacher. She finished dressing in her comfortable muggle jeans ,wife beater and trainers. Descending the stairs , she met Draco for a gentle hug and kiss farewell.

"I'll be here when you get back" Draco said.

"I'll send an owl if I stay" Ginny said.

" Okay Lve " he said back and kissed her again.

Taking a deep breathe,

" Ok I'm ready when you are." she said

" Now" Lupin said " We need to leave"

They disappeared out of the commons room and reappeared at the Hospital.