Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: Yeah yeah, I don't own them, but they own a little part of me

Word Count: 100 (feel free to count)

Set: Somewhere in Season 2

Thanks to my lovely Betas: BarbaraGER and Katydid43

She watched silently, as Agent de Young chewed a cherry muffin, his green eyes nearly closed with delight.

Agent Panozzo offered her an apologetic smile. "Did you notice anything strange before your neighbor... uh... deceased?" he asked.

"Like, you know, odd visitors, suspicious noises, missing pets?" de Young added with a broad grin, something red caught in his teeth.

He hunted down another muffin.

Leaning toward Panozzo she whispered, "Don't you think your partner is a bit weird?"

"You have no idea, ma'am," he huffed.

She couldn't stifle a chuckle. God, she would have so much fun with these boys!