This story takes place 3 years after Breaking Dawn – Renesmee is growing at normal rate, she 2,5 years old but she is smarter than a normal toddler.

Sorry for the mistakes, I'm not a native speaker and it has been a while since I've written in English.

I do not own everything you'll recognize as Stephenie Meyers, she owns everything … but Edward owns me …

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Part 1


I woke up with the sunshine peeking through the curtains and I smiled, another bright Jacksonville day. I jumped out of bed and smiled again, I love the sun so much! After I took a shower I checked my mail when I saw Bella had send me something. I sighed when I read her mail, I really missed her ...

hi Mom!

We're all doing well over here. Sorry we didn't visit you, we're just so busy all the time ... what can I say, married life is the best!

I'm glad to hear Phil's baseball career is going so well, please congratulate him for me.

It's still raining most of the time over here, but Edward and I are planning to visit Isle Esme again soon.

I'll write you again soon,


Bella X

"that's it!" I exclaimed after reading the mail, "why is she always avoiding my questions? Why is she always so vague?" I really hate that I hear so little from her. I decided to call her on her cell phone, but when I called her number I only got an out of service message. I got really frustrated then, did she change her number? Why didn't she tell me? The thought of my own daughter forgetting me saddened me deeply.

I went to the kitchen and made myself breakfast. I was eating when it dawned on me, I could call the Cullen house! I dialled their number and waited ... after a few rings the phone was picked up and I heard a little girls voice: "hewwo wenesmee Cuwwen, who am I speaking pweese?" I smiled, Bella had lots of difficulties pronouncing l and r (I didn't know Carlisle and Esme had a little girl of their own now, I saddened at that thought, another thing Bella 'forgot to mention'). "hello sweetie" I said, "is your mommy home? I want to ask her something". I heard the girl yelling "mommy, a nice wady is on the pwone!". Then I heard another voice: "Bella Cullen speaking", I gasped: "Bella?"