This story takes place 3 years after Breaking Dawn – Renesmee is growing at normal rate, she's 2,5 years old but she is smarter than a normal toddler.

Sorry for the mistakes, I'm not a native speaker and it has been a while since I've written in English.

I do not own everything you'll recognize as Stephenie Meyers, she owns everything … but Edward owns me …

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Part 4


It took me a while to write my e-mail, but I was satisfied with the result. I was still lying, but I had to lie to protect my mother from the Volturi. I quickly send it to Renee, before I changed my mind. Almost immediately I saw I had a new message. First I started panicking because she wants to visit us this weekend, that's like in 2 days! I started hyperventilating (if that's something a vampire can do), luckily Edward comforted me and I relaxed a little. The comforting soon turned into into a make – out session and before I knew it we were laying in our bed and had mind-blowing sex (I love that part of being a vampire).

After the sex we cuddled and started kissing again. We abruptly stopped kissing when we heard the door open and we heard a little voice "mommy, daddy! Are you sweeping?" she really was confused. I smiled and answered, "no sweetie, we're just resting". Me and Edward were laughing when it dawned on me "sweetie, who let you out of your crib?" I asked. "I let me out" she answered, and then put her hand on my cheek to show me ...


I started stressing when I saw in Nessie's mind how she had climbed out of the bed. That crib is so high! What if she had fallen?

Bella sensed something was bothering me and took my hand. "do you know what this means daddy?" she asked me, "this means our little Renesmee is ready for her own big girl bed!" she smiled at me and I felt the stress going away. Nessie's thoughts were going haywire and the only thing I saw was lots en lots of pink bedding, on her face was a big smile and she started showing Bella the pink bedding.

We all got dressed and went to a furniture shop in Seattle. There we bought the coolest princess bed ever (link on profile). When we decided to buy it we immediately got a call from Alice that she already had ordered a matching desk and closet. Guess she was glad to see we do have some taste.

Nessie was very happy with her new bed and started playing in it as soon as we got home (it took me 10 minutes to build it in vampire speed). After dinner we tucked her in and went downstairs to watch a movie ...


I had mixed feelings about Renesmee and her new bed. I was proud of my baby growing up, but I was also afraid she was growing up too fast while we're stuck in our 17 and 19 year old state. I fear for the day she can't call us her parents in public anymore, and I really don't want to think about the day when she'll be physically older. We've been searching other half – vampires like our daughter, but that search has been without result. It really scares me that I don't know what Renesmee will grow into.

I lifted my shield so that Edward could read my thoughts and he told me he had the same worries. He assured me that Carlisle was still doing his research and that we will have answers to our questions one day. We cuddled in the sofa and started watching a movie.

After an hour we still heard talking upstairs and Edward went to check on Renesmee. She told him she wanted her crib back. Edward reassured her and stayed with her until she slept. (see link on profile) I was absolutely adored with the way he handled it, he really is a great father.

When Renesmee was fast asleep, we went to our bedroom where we made love until morning ...