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Another Day in Quicksand

Naruto could here the loud thump of double-base drumbeat mixed with the fainter discord screaming of guitars coming from the other side of the thick cast iron doors. He could hardly hear the bouncer, a brawny old man with far too much facial hair and a couple too many tattoos, explaining to him exactly why - even though his fake ID looked perfectly legit - he could not get into Nightshade, an elite, by-invitation-only metal-club he'd been hearing about a lot lately. People were looking.

He was beginning to lose hope of getting into the exclusive hangout and, having turned to walk away, caught sight of an incredibly long black limousine pulling to a stop by the entrance. A young, skinny but extremely hardcore-looking redhead stepped gracefully out of the limo's single back door and came into the antechamber, where Naruto stood awestruck. The redhead, assuming that Naruto was in the queue, folded his arms and looked impatiently from Naruto to the bouncer and back. Naruto was chilled by the cool gaze now fixed upon him; deep pools of green peering from between perfectly applied, expertly smudged eyeliner.

Naruto, still dumbstruck, didn't move for a moment, which added to the impatient redhead's annoyance. The redhead pulled a face which Naruto assumed to be a sneer and a cocked eyebrow, only he didn't have any visible trace of eyebrows. Eventually, the boy rolled his eyes and, apparently taking pity on Naruto, said, "He's with me" and led him roughly inside by the elbow. The bouncer didn't even ask for the redhead's name or ID, appearing to recognise him by sight.

Once inside, Naruto's ears were assaulted by a medley of aggressive, energetic sounds. He could feel the bass reverberating within his very bones. He plastered a huge grin on his face, amazed at his good fortune… Turning to the boy in order to thank him as well as introduce himself, he noticed that the boy was already walking away. Naruto called "Hey!" after him, but his voice was drowned out by the screaming of the currently-performing band's vocalist.

Shrugging it off, the young blonde strutted off down the passage, meaning to find the bar. After a lot of pushing and shoving to get to the front of the queue, once he'd found said bar, he ordered himself a double vodka, lime and lemonade.

Nightshade was a relatively small octagon shaped hall, tiled floor to ceiling with black marble and slate. In the very centre of the high ceiling, an unlit chandelier hung, surrounded by chains and cages dangling at random intervals. A large stage in the middle of the floor hosted a band, and was surrounded by a cluster of people moshing and other clumps head banging in between. There were staircases leading up to balconies on either end of the hall, where tables had been placed so that people could take a chill-break.

Sipping his drink, Naruto scanned the crowd for anyone he knew, or anyone of any kind of interest. In the dim, smoky haze, it was difficult to make out individuals. Turning to walk towards the closer of the staircases, he walked headlong into the redheaded teen who'd procured his access, spilling vodka, lime and lemonade down his front.


"Watch where you're going" the redhead said, looking at his black long-sleeved shirt which was now almost completely soaked. Looking up and noticing Naruto, he added, "You again…"

It was a statement, but Naruto took it as an invitation to introduce himself. "Hey, I'm Naruto. Oh, and thanks for getting me in just now. That was cool of you"

"Yeah, I don't really care who you are, now could you get out of my way? I'm trying to get a drink here"

Taken aback by the boy's abruptness, Naruto didn't really know how to respond. He was still feeling guilty about drenching the redhead in alcohol, so he opted for his usual niceness, and offered to acquire said drink for him.

"I can buy my own drink. Now, move!" the skinny teenager demanded.

"No, really, allow me" Naruto insisted with a smile. "What'll you have?"

The redhead sighed and replied, "Fine. Massandra Sherry"

Naruto made his way back through the crowd to the bar, the other teen trailing behind him. "A glass of Massandra Sherry please" he ordered, "and another one of these" he held his now empty glass up.

The barman poured the drinks and placed them on the bar. "That'll be $6 for the vodka, and $1700 for the sherry" the barman informed them.

Naruto almost soiled his pants upon hearing the price. "What? Seriously?!" He didn't even have that much money to his name, let alone on his person.

The redhead shoved Naruto out of the way, waving his card at the barman. "Told you I could buy my own drink" he muttered. He paid for the beverages, having proven his point. He knocked back the sherry in one gulp and placed the empty copita back on the bar top.

Naruto was about to take a sip of his own drink - meaning to drink away the weirdness of the evening - when the other boy grabbed his glass out of his hands and poured it down the front of Naruto's shirt. "Now we're even" he said with a smirk. He then walked away.

Naruto was pissed off, but he couldn't help but feel intrigued by the boy. He was rude, rich, and clearly lacking in social skills, but still Naruto felt compelled to follow him. He followed all the way to the floor below, where the redhead disappeared into the VIP lounge, another area Naruto did not have access to. Thinking quickly, he pointed at the redheaded teenager and echoed his previous reasoning, "I'm with him!"

The bouncer, an intimidating African guy, gave him a look that clearly said, "Beat it, Small-fry".

"Honest! Ask him yourself" Naruto knew he was pushing his luck, but tried anyway.

The bouncer opened the door signalled the redhead over, and asked him if Naruto was, in fact, with him.

The boy sized him up, swirling his drink around (a brandy and coke this time), and replied, "Never seen him in my life". He smiled falsely at the other teen before turning on his heel and walking away with his feminine swagger.

Naruto pulled his wet, orange shirt away from his chest, which it was sticking to, and sighed. "Eeuw" he mumbled.

Naruto left the entrance to the VIP area and went back upstairs to the dance floor. The band that was playing was considerably heavier than what he usually listened to, but they were quite cool regardless. The crowd seemed to love them. The banner hanging above the stage announced them to be 'Red Helen'.

After a couple of songs, the last of which had an awesome circus-ey feel to it, he escaped to the bathroom. After relieving himself at one of the urinals, Naruto took of his hot, wet shirt and left it on the counter, splashing water on his flushed face. He opened his eyes, fully intending to leave the empty bathroom, and caught the fright of his short life when he noticed the reflection of the redhead from earlier standing right behind him in the mirror… Naruto let out a high-pitched yelp.

"I'd like to use that basin" the redhead stated, tapping his foot impatiently.

"There are two other basins" Naruto said reproachfully, becoming quite exasperated with the boy's smug attitude.

"They don't work"

"And how do you know that? You didn't try them" Naruto pointed out, giving the teenager opposite him a quizzical look.

"I own the place, I think I know what works and what doesn't. The repair people will be here to fix them on Tuesday. Not that that has anything to do with you"

"Um, yeah. I'm totally going to believe some fifteen-ish year old owns an exclusive, underground nightclub"

"I'm seventeen"


"Can I use the basin now?"

"No, you can't"

"But it's my basin!"

"Nani!? How is it your basin? You don't honestly own the place" Naruto argued. "Do you?"

"Oh for fuck's sake" the redhead shoved Naruto out of the way and washed his hands at the basin.

"Why are you so stuck up, man? God" Naruto wondered aloud.

"Because I'm Sabaku no Gaara" the redhead replied, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, and as if it were some unquestionable explanation for his attitude. Gaara dried his hands on one of the cotton towels and dropped it in the laundry basket-thing under the counter. Turning to look at Naruto one more time, he stated, "I'm leaving"

"Okay! Where're we going?" Naruto asked, perking up.

Gaara rolled his eyes again and walked out. Naruto found himself following the redhead for the third time that night.

The pair reached the main entrance and exited the club. Gaara's black limo was waiting for him in the same place it'd dropped him off. He was about to get in when Naruto piped up, "Can I get a lift home?" he smiled hopefully. "Please?" he added.

"How the fuck were you planning on getting home?" Gaara asked, irritated.

Naruto smiled again sheepishly. "Truth be told, I wasn't planning on getting inside in the first place"

"Why did you even come here?"

"Fate must have brought me here" he joked. "Regardless of how I came to be here, I need to get home…"

"Whatever" Gaara said, repeating Naruto's earlier response.

Taking that as permission to get inside the limo, Naruto did just that. It was then that he realized that his orange shirt was sitting on the counter in the bathroom. "Shit! I forgot my shirt" he stated. The limo had already pulled off, so he doubted that there was any chance of retrieving the shirt.

"You look better without it" said Gaara. Naruto had an expression that was something between shyness and confusion. Gaara's pale cheeks suddenly coloured. "I meant that the shirt's ugly" he defended quickly.

"I'm flattered" Naruto teased, laughing.

"Orange, for God's sake" the redhead mumbled. He then looked away, out of the tinted window.

There was an awkward silence. Naruto could feel the alcohol from the night flowing in his bloodstream; all the shooters he'd had while on the dance floor, trying to make up for his lost vodka, lime and lemonades. With that thought in mind, he spotted a bottle of pink champagne in the holder, just out of reach on Gaara's other side.

"Ooooh, champagne! Awesome!" Naruto exclaimed, leaning over to reach for the bottle. As it so happened, the champagne was further out of his reach than he'd previously imagined. And so, in his attempt to procure the bottle of alcohol, Naruto met resistance, in the form of a very surprised Gaara.

"Aaaah! What the fuck?!" Gaara yelled. Naruto, shirtless, was sprawled across his lap.


"Get off me!"


Gaara pushed the blonde teenager off him and on to the long, couch-like seat that ran the length of the limo. "Can you pass the champagne?" Naruto asked.

"Who said you could drink my champagne? We're not even celebrating anything"

"I doubt you really mind. You're just making the process as hard as you are" Naruto said, sticking his tongue out at the wide-eyed boy.


"I only meant that you're a difficult person" Naruto mocked.

Another awkward silence.

"So where are we dropping you off?" Gaara asked, eager to be out of the company of this fool. And what was worse was that said fool was clearly in a state of inebriation. And so was he. And bad things tended to happen under such circumstances.

"On 9th Avenue. But I think I'll stay at your place… I don't have keys" Naruto said with a smile.

"Why are you smiling at me? This is tragic. You're NOT staying at my place!" Gaara was livid. This night was turning out to be extremely aggravating.

"Aw, but I can't get into my house…" Naruto whined.

"Why is this MY problem?"

"Can you pass the champagne?"

"Oh my God" Gaara practically threw the bottle at Naruto. He crossed his arms and huffed sulkily.

Naruto tried - unsuccessfully - to use his teeth to open the bottle of champagne.

"Are you retarded?" Gaara snatched the bottle back from Naruto. He pressed the switch that opened the sunroof. He unsealed the bottle and popped the cork, sending it flying through the hatch.

"SWEET!!" Naruto grabbed the bottle back once again, poured some messily into a champagne flute, and handed the glass to Gaara. He took a long, deep sip straight out of the bottle before standing up with a foot on each of the seats and sticking the top half of his body out through the hatch. "Get outta my way, I'ma motorist!" he yelled in a high pitched voice.

Gaara was astounded by the blonde's idiocy. With a yell of, "People know this limo, what the fuck are you doing?!" he grabbed the boy and pulled him back into the limo. The area he happened to grab was Naruto's ass.

"Why are you touching my ass?" Naruto asked through laughter. He'd downed half the bottle by now. He flopped back down on the couch, lying on his back, handing the bottle to Gaara. Gaara refilled his flute and drank another glass.

"Down it!" Naruto suggested excitedly.

"Um, no" Gaara replied.

"Come on, right outta the bottle! Do it!"

"That's so uncouth!"

"Wuss…" Naruto mumbled with an evil grin.

"I'm not a wuss!" It seemed that Naruto had struck a chord, as Gaara proceeded to down the rest of the bottle of champagne. Naruto giggled in triumph.

"I bet you're too much of a wuss to stick your head out of the hatch like I did" Naruto said deviously.

"I am NOT a wuss. I just choose not to make a - hic - spectacle of myself" Gaara argued. He had hiccoughs.

"Yeah, whatever. Coward. You're no fun at all"

Gaara narrowed his eyes at the more heavily built teenager, taking the bait. "Fine" he said darkly. He got up, peeked his head through the hatch (feeling sufficiently like a moron) and got back inside, where he stood looking victoriously at Naruto for a moment, when the driver pulled to a sudden halt. The vehicle lurched and Gaara lost his footing, falling ungracefully right on top of Naruto.

The two lay in their horizontal position for a moment, both too drunk to move. They didn't notice that the driver had opened the communication panel separating him from the main interior of the limo. Upon seeing his employer's position, the driver closed the panel again and began driving once more. Even though he had already arrived at Gaara's estate, he chose to keep driving around the neighbourhood rather than interrupt what seemed to be an intimate 'conversation', for lack of a better term.

The driver also decided that he'd put some music on in the back, so he put in one of Gaara's favourite CDs - In Flames - and turned the volume up.

Gaara, who was pretty wasted by now, exclaimed "I love this band!" and shifted so that Naruto's necklace was no longer digging into his chin. He moved his body upwards, resting his chin on Naruto's shoulder.

"I'm not in this to be a slave" Naruto sang with the song that was playing. His raspy voice along with his warm breath in Gaara's ear sent shivers down the redhead's spine. He was getting really hot, even though his cold, wet, black shirt was still sticking to his skin slightly.

"And then I close my eyes" Naruto continued in a softer voice, breathing heavily under Gaara's weight. He may have been skinny but he was heavier than he looked; Naruto guessed it was lean muscle.

Gaara grinned despite himself. He was quite comfortable, lying on this stranger's warm, bare chest. The skin was soft, smooth and tanned, stretched over hard muscles that contracted ever so slightly with each of Naruto's breaths.

Gaara's head was spinning. He was totally drunk and completely aware of it. But he didn't really care at that exact moment.

Naruto was feeling sexy. He placed his arm around the boy on top of him, putting his hand on his lower back, discovering that Gaara felt sexy too; thin and toned. Naruto inhaled deeply, catching the pleasant scent of cherries and smoke. He didn't normally like smoke or the smell thereof, but it seemed rich and smooth now. He inhaled again, discovering that the fragrance was coming from Gaara's thick, messy red hair.

"Mmmmmh" Naruto moaned into Gaara's ear. The blonde gently nipped the redhead's earlobe, discovering something he'd vaguely noticed earlier that evening: Gaara had several ear piercings and all of them were spiked.

Gaara made no move to object, so Naruto moved his mouth from Gaara's ear to his neck, taking a bit of the soft, pale skin between his teeth and tugging on it gently, placing his lips around the spot. He began sucking the area. Gaara's skin tasted of vanilla, and slightly salty.

Gaara, who had been relatively unresponsive until this point, went into a kind of short spasm and moaned softly. Naruto, having discovered Gaara's weakness, bit slightly harder, producing similar effects.

The redhead was enjoying himself, despite the nag in the back of his mind that was saying, "What are you doing?!" and "That's gonna leave a mark…"

Forgetting that they were on a limo seat, Naruto tried to switch their positions so that he would be on top. He succeeded, but the pair were now on the floor of the limo, squished between the seat and the bar-thing. Gaara had hit his head upon landing, but Naruto paid no mind to this fact as he renewed his attack on the pale teen's already-bruising neck.

When his neck was adequately abused, the blonde pulled the collar of Gaara's shirt down and started on his collarbone. After a few more marks, he tried to go lower, but the shirt wouldn't go further. Gaara, realizing this, started to unbutton the shirt. Naruto, impatient, took over and pulled the shirt open, pulling some buttons off in the process. He didn't care; Gaara could afford a new shirt, and now his pale, smooth torso was exposed and begging to be ravaged.

Naruto took one of Gaara's small, pink, pierced nipples into his mouth and began playing with it, making Gaara squirm beneath him. These ministrations seemed to awaken Gaara's dominant, aggressive side, so he placed his hands on Naruto's chest, waiting for the blonde to remove his teeth from the nipple ring before pushing Naruto off of him.

Naruto, now with his back against the closed panel, gasped as Gaara lunged for him, biting Naruto's neck with the enthusiasm of a lion sinking its teeth into its prey. Gaara snaked his arms around Naruto, digging his sharp nails into the tanned back, starting from the shoulder blades and dragging them down to the lumbar, leaving angry red trails in their wake. Naruto arched his back, bringing the two boys' bodies right up against each other.

Naruto opened his eyes, which had closed at some point. He saw a lithe, feline creature of the highest level of decadence; an exotic beast of the most luxurious beauty. Naruto crashed his lips against the soft, juicy lips of the boy opposite him, and began moving them in a rhythm, yearning to taste the deliciousness that was Gaara.

Gaara parted his lips, allowing the other boy's tongue to slide into his mouth. His mouth was warm, moist, sweet and smoky. It tasted of several rich liquors and cigarettes.

The boys' tongues engaged in a battle for dominance as their hands explored each others' bodies. Gaara bit down softly on Naruto's bottom lip and pulled on it.

Naruto made a deep, guttural noise. Gaara pulled away from their lip-lock and swept his eyes down the tanned teen's torso. He moved downwards and bit Naruto's stomach. He moved further downwards, where this time it was he who met resistance - in the form of Naruto's jeans. Looking up at the blonde, the redhead undid the top button and pulled down the zip. To Gaara's relief, the underwear peeking from the fly was white… He'd almost feared it too would be orange. The blonde's head was leaning against the panel and his eyes were closed, his mouth slightly agape. He was breathing rather heavily.

With a feral grin, Gaara grabbed the sides of the jeans and yanked them - along with the underwear - down to Naruto's knees. After a second's contemplation, he pulled them further down, first to the ankles and then off completely, pulling his shoes and socks off in the process.

Naruto's erection was standing up hard and tall… at the stage that a cold shower would not get rid of. He was now wearing a necklace, and nothing else.

Gaara took the tip into his mouth, wrapping his lips around it and placing his slender hand around the base of the shaft. He swept his tongue up and down the slit a few times, earning twitches and gasps from Naruto, whose fingers had found their way to Gaara's mop of messy hair.

Gaara licked his lips hungrily, lubricating them, before taking as much of Naruto's length into his mouth as he could fit without choking. He began bobbing his head up and down, slowly at first, and then increasing the pace. Gaara's nose kept on touching the nest of golden curls. He moved one of his hands to cup Naruto's ass cheek, which he squeezed lustfully, and the other hand to massage his warm, twin orbs.

Naruto involuntarily bucked his hips forward, almost choking Gaara, who recovered quickly and placed one of his hands - the one that was fondling Naruto's ass - against his abdomen to restrain him.

The blonde had a sheen of perspiration over his body, despite the chilly wind coming in from the sunroof. He was struggling not to just grab Gaara's face and fuck it senseless.

Gaara relaxed his throat muscles, preparing to deep-throat. He began breathing through his nose. Deciding he was ready, he enveloped the entirety of Naruto's length. The head of Naruto's manhood hit the back of Gaara's throat a few times, and after a few hard thrusts, he reached his climax. "Aaaaahhhhh!!" Naruto called out, followed by a groan of "Gaara!"

Gaara pulled away from Naruto, swallowing as much as he could, wiping his lips on his sleeve. Naruto was spent and satisfied, but he was not a selfish person; as far as he was concerned, it took two to tango, and he could see through Gaara's tight leather pants that he was still very much needing to tango.

Gaara, who had moved up onto the seat, was looking down at Naruto with greed still captured in his deep, lust-filled green eyes.

Naruto, seizing his chance, moved forward and positioned himself in front of the obviously aroused redhead. In a movement which was far too swift to be considered natural, he had Gaara's pants open, revealing a pair of tight black jocks. These he pulled down just enough that Gaara's thick, throbbing shaft was free from its confines at last.

This, Naruto took in his hand and began to stroke painfully slowly, producing a long, low moan from the lean teenager. After a couple of drawn out moments, he encased the warm, violent bulge in his mouth. Each thrust produced more moans from Gaara, who was lying back against the seat, eyes closed, hands grasping the metal bar that ran the length of the ceiling. Each moan was louder, higher and less coherent than the one before until Naruto feared the driver might hear them, even over the blaring music.

In the back of his mind, Naruto thought that he'd never have imagined giving a millionaire club-owner - or anyone for that matter - head to the sound of 'The Chosen Pessimist'.

After a few feverish moments, with an arching of his back, and with a mighty growl to match anything he'd heard that night (or ever), Gaara came hard against the back of Naruto's throat. The blonde continued to suck as he rode out his orgasm.

Naruto, expended, located his various items of clothing - obviously with the exception of his shirt - and re-clothed himself. During this time, Gaara, who had returned his family jewels to their designated storage area, had fallen asleep (or finally passed out) on the seat.

The blonde, on the verge of passing out himself, knocked on the communication panel and informed the driver that they were ready to go home now… After a moment of contemplation, he gave the driver his own address on 9th Avenue and asked to be taken to his own house.

Before disembarking, however, he wrote his cell-number on a serviette which he'd found in the bar-thing (with an eyeliner pencil he'd found in Gaara's satchel) and left this in Gaara's half-open hand.

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