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The weeks passed in a comfortable pace. Soon Charles was offering Remy his place among them as a member of the clan. Logan didn't hide his proud grin as the boy stood before the clan and took his vow of loyalty and service. He knew the clever Gypsy was still keeping one eye on the door. Logan couldn't blame him. He'd managed to wheedle some of the boy's past out of him. After the things that had been done to him, the Feral would have a hard time trusting people too. He hoped he had given Remy a reason to stay. Gods knew he was hooked. Made him wonder at how fast the youth had slipped under his armor and into his heart.

That night in their chambers, Logan asked the boy if he had worked his Gypsy Magic on him. Remy laughed, a real and full throated laugh. Logan chuckled and pulled the slim body to him. Remy wrapped his arms around his lover's neck and looked at him with real affection.

"Din't have to uze magic on you." he whispered and his exotic eye narrowed. "You bespelled me firzt." he added and then leaned in for a deep kiss. Logan growled into his boy's mouth and gripped his fingers in the long copper silk.

Taking the lad to the bed he laid him out and had a good long look. Remy was a real beauty, his cheekbone looking like they had been carved from marble. Full sensual mouth that more and more often would spread into a wide smile when Logan came into sight. Wiry and lithe muscled limbs that felt so good wrapped around the feral's body. He drew his fingers down the delicate looking collar bones and pulled at the lacing of Remy's tunic.

"I think we may have bewitched each'or." Logan said at last. "I know yer still lookin' for a way out." He shook his head and pressed a finger to the pink lips when Remy tried to protest. "Shhh, I don't blame ya, Luv. You been t'rough too much to let oth'rs in. I understand that more than ya know." He pulled the boy up and removed the tunic.

"But I want ya to know, that it would be more than a wee pain to me if ya were to scamper off inna night." He wrapped his hand around the back of Remy's neck and pulled them to rest foreheads together. "What Imma tryin' to say is...I love ya, Remy. Ya got me and I'm smitten." he whispered the words against the Gypsy's lips. Remy gasped and his eyes grew wide. Feeling with his gift he could sense Logan's emotions were true.

Blinking at the feral Remy was at a loss for what to say. No one had ever confessed to love the Gypsy. Oh there was the love of his adopted family but he had lost that. No lover, hell Remy didn't really have lovers, he had owners. Logan was the first who broke that mold and showed him it could be good and something he wanted. And now Logan loved him. It was humbling to the young man.

"Ya donna have ta say it back, lad. I know it donna come easy. Just know, ya got a place by my side, no matter what." he said softly and then put his energy to taking his lover to a place of pure pleasure.


The thunder was rolling across the moors. Making an ominous feeling run up Jean's spine. Something was on the horizon, she could feel it. Something bad. Rolling over she snuggled closer to Scott, hoping the contact would ease her disquiet.

It didn't.

Just as the storm was cresting over the stronghold there was a great clanging at the door to the feasting hall. Jean sat straight up and let out a shrill shout. The house was roused and footsteps could be heard scattering. Logan leapt from the bed and looked around. He found Remy crouched in the corner eyes wide and terrified.

"He found me." Remy said before his eyes rolled back and he slumped into Logan's arms. Scott did his best to comfort his wife who was sobbing inconsolably in his arms. Charles called his manservant to him and made ready to see who disturbed his house in the middle of the night.

It was Robert who made it to the door first. With men at arms by his side he ordered the door opened. As the bolt was pulled back an impossible gust of wind blew the massive door open. In the shadowy light cast by the flickering torches Robert could make out the shape of a tall cloaked man. His hands were gloved and reached out to greet the young lord.

"My name is Lord Essex. I am looking for my property. Her grace, Lady Darkholm, said your clan might be able to help me with that." The man's sibilant voice made the hair on Robert's neck stand on end. He didn't like this man. The gloved hand threw the hood back and the man stepped into the light. Robert and the other men gasped in unison. Lord Essex' skin was a reflective silver color, He smiled and his eyes flashed ruby.

"I'm looking for a Gypsy boy with remarkable skills." his voice rasped and Robert's stomach dropped. "I've been told he was here." Robert finally found his voice and greeted the man with what respect he could muster.

"I am sorry that my Lord isn't here to answer your questions, your lordship. But he is abed, for it's very late." His blue eyes glinted icily at the stranger.

"Tis all right, Robert." Charles voice called through the hall. "I'm awake now." The man came into view and his eyes assessed the stranger. Essex smiled grew sharp and he gave Charles a small bow.

"My apologies, My Lord. But I have been searching long for this lad. He is rather a bit of an escape artist." Charles did not trust this man one bit.

"I'm familiar with the man you speak of. But I am sorry ta tell you that he moved on a mont' ago." Charles lied smoothly. "Wasn't interested in stickin' round." Essex face was still as he listened. Charles again offered his apologies that the Gypsy was no longer there. He offered Essex a bed for the night. Silently he spoke to Logan and told him to keep Remy int heir chambers until they sorted this Essex out. Logan had no reply other than "Not a problem"

"Please, my lord. Let us get you a warm bed an' fire for the remainder of the night. In the mornin' I will ask my men if any of them know where the boy was headed." Essex accepted the lodging with grace but his cheek ticked in irritation. They were lying to him. He would deal with them in the morning. He would not leave here without his slave. He'd kill them all if he had to.

Remy was his.