Never Gonna Be Alone


J.C. Leonard

Set in accordance with actual events that transpired in the season two finale: Yes, Adrian is pregnant, and she and Ben attempt to keep it a secret for as long as possible. But before long, as usual, the word gets out. Confused, angry, and shocked, Ricky and Amy confront Ben and Adrian about the rumors circulating around, which only erupts into more chaos when the whispers are confirmed fact.

However, as it so happens, Ricky had recently received a brochure in the mail advertising a vacation resort in southern California. Still reeling from the pregnancy announcement, he asks Amy if she would like to take a break and maybe clear her head, leaving John in the protective care of his father. Not wanting to travel alone, Amy insists that Ricky come with her and bring John as well. After a long discussion, George and Anne hesitantly agree to let their daughter venture off with Ricky.

Over the course of their vacation, Amy and Ricky find their relationship is changing in the presence of their son. However, a mysterious figure lurks in the darkness, stalking them throughout their journey.