E/O Challenge: Weird (100 words exactly)

For Venessa Sgroi's Birthday – some hurt/sick Dean and awesome, caring Sammy for ya as requested, hope you like it!


What Should Never Be

And lo the Archangel did leave his vessel.

And the vessel was spent.


Sam gently raised his brother's head, holding the cup of cool water to his trembling lips.

"Easy ... easy," he soothed as Dean struggled to swallow the much needed liquid.

"How is he?" Castiel asked.

"He's burning up," Sam replied, placing a freshly dampened cloth on his brother's sweat drenched brow. Dean, shivering in his fevered sleep, cried out; the weird, guttural sound a reflection of the pain he'd endured.

"Michael was hard on his body," the angel murmured sadly. "It is a miracle he still lives."