Kurt leaned on his locker, clutching his designer bag, staring at Finn who was down the hall.

Finn however was staring at his pregnant girlfriend Quinn Fabray, he had his hand on her waist and was whispering in her ear, she was giggling.

Kurt longed to be in Quinn's place.

Quinn stopped giggling and pushed Finn away and they began having an argument. Finn deserved better, one day Quinn would push Finn to far and Kurt would welcome him with open arms.

Kurt smiled at the thought of being in Finn's arms … To be held …


"You squeezed my butt Finn!" Quinn said pushing Finn away.

"But you told me to ?!" Finn answered back.

"Are you trying to hurt me?" she paused and put her hand on her stomach "and the baby?"

"NO!" Finn said loudly disgusted that Quinn would even say he was trying to harm his own baby! The contense of the corridor looked at Finn because of his loud No!

The bell rung which signalled Glee Club, Finn walked past Quinn.

He tried not to cry, Quinn was always accusing him of trying to hurt her, but now she went to far! He would never hurt his baby girl.

It wasn't just school, that Quinn was doing this it was at home as well.

"Here you go" Finn said handing Quinn the mouth wash she asked for.

"Finn! Are you trying to harm our baby? Do you want her to look like a freak?!" Quinn shouted.

"What?" Finn was confused at Quinn's out burst.

"This is alcohol based!" She shouted "do you know this could harm her? ?!" Then Quinn began to cry, and ran upstairs.

"Hey guys" Mr Shue said clapping his hands together. "Now I know you are gonna think this is childish but we are gonna do scales!"

The class chorused a down-hearted "yay"

"Sir, I think this is a very good time for me to show the class my in-take on some of our favourite 'My fair lady' classics" Rachael said without a breath. Kurt raised an eyebrow and rolled his eyes.

Why did Rachael always think she was so brilliant?

I mean it was clearly obvious, that Kurt was much better. He smirked and crossed his legs.

Kurt was sitting behind Finn, he looked at his brown hair. He wanted to lean forward and kiss Finn's neck. But that would only be weird.

He loved Finn … He was after all 'his knight in shinning armour' Kurt hoped, no longed that Finn would feel the same.

"No thank you Rachael…Maybe another time" He smiled, as Rachael crossed her arms. "Kurt"

Wow Finn had good skin considering he was a jock and probably-

"Kurt?!" Mr Schue said, Kurt's head snapped up from Finn, Mercedes was the only one who noticed the redness on his pale cheeks.

"Yes?" He asked.

"Will you, go first?" Mr Shue asked, kindly.

"First" Kurt asked, he hadn't been paying attention. He'd been to busy admiring Finn.

"Yes, your scale?" That was it and Rachael stood up walking out of the class closing the door with a slam. Mercedes muttered

"And ya'll think I'm the diva?"

Kurt smirked at Mercedes then nodded at Mr Shue, and stood up he fixed his tight jeans and walked down the steps to the piano.

"In your own time" Mr Shue said

I looked at the strawberry blond headed piano man (no one knew his name quite get) I nodded my head. He played a C






Then it moved onto the high notes. This is where all the normal male's voices would have broke with puberty. But not Kurt, he had an angel's voice as he thought to himself with a grin on his face.

High C


High D


The class looked at him in amazement.

High E


High F


When he sung Defying Gravity he had blew the F but now he showed the class that he could hit it!

Kurt walked to his seat feeling very pleased with himself.

They all clapped music to Kurt's ears, Finn turned around.

"Wow, Kurt that was really good" Kurt smiled wide eyedly into Finn's chocolate brown eyes.

"Thanks" Kurt said. He crossed his legs.


Glee club had just finished and everyone was pouring out of the class room.

Just as Finn reached the door, Mr Shue said

"Finn? Kurt? Can I talk to you both" Oh shot. Finn thought. Had Mr Shue caught him looking down Quinn's top?

But then why would Kurt be here, maybe he was looking at Mr Schue's coc-

"I was wondering if you could tutor Finn in Spanish Kurt" Finn looked at Kurt, who looked quickly away from Finn.

"Yes,, I will. Only if Finn wants." Kurt shyly looked at Finn.

"Um, yeah I'm cool with that" Finn said, smiling a lopsided smile that sent Kurt's heart racing.

"Thanks, Kurt" Mr Shue smiled, nodded at Finn and walked out of the class room.

Kurt began walking out of the class room, Finn followed Kurt, as the cleaner stumbled into clean the class.

"So when should you tutor me?" Finn asked Kurt. They had now stopped in the hall. "Like should you come to my house or me to yours?"

"Well, I think maybe we could take turns" Even the mere thought of Finn being in his house made Kurt nearly squeal.

"Yeah sounds cool. So tomorrow after football?" Finn buried his hands In his back pockets.

"Yes, wait I quit" Kurt sighed.

"Well, why don't you wait for me. I mean you don't have to?" Kurt already knew that he would wait for him.

"I will"

"Cool thanks Kurt" Finn put his hand on Kurt's shoulder and gave a reassuring grip. Kurt shivered at the feeling of Finn's warm hand on his shoulder.

"You cold?" Kurt blushed and shook his head.

"Okay" And Kurt watched Finn walk down the corridor.

Kurt smiled as he watched Finn.

OH MY FINN HUDSON!! Kurt thought Me! Kurt Hummel! Is going to be tutoring Finn!! He'll be in my house sitting on my couch!

Kurt had to stop or he'd hyperventilated.

He knew it was stupid…but that was the way that Finn made him feel.


Kurt decided to stop by his dad at the garage, on the way he picked up his dads favourite buns.

He walked into the garage with a spring in his step.

"Hi dad" He said in a light giddy voice.

Kurt's dad looked up at him then looked at the box in his arms.

"Ok, either your in a good mood, or there is a boy involved" Burt Hummel said putting his wrench down "Would I be a coward to say I am scared to ask?"

Kurt smirked. He handed his dad the buns, and sat down on the spinny chair behind his father's desk.

Burt Hummel sat in the hard chair in front of Kurt. And began to eat the buns, he offered his son one.

"No they are fattening" His father muttered, god save us and bless us.

"Dad, do you mind if I tutor?" Kurt looked at his dad.

"Yes" Burt looked back at his son "Who?"

Kurt didn't know If he should say Finn, because maybe his dad wouldn't want him to. But if he didn't how could he sneak a 6ft bulky jock into his room without his dad noticing?

"Finn Hudson…He's the quarterback on our-"

"I know who he is Kurt, the guy with the pregnant girlfriend?" Kurt swallowed, and nodded.

"Oh, Kurt…don't I mean…you aren't…"

"It's just tutoring dad…" God Kurt hoped not

"Alright then, you better get home then. Greg and Jessica are coming over for dinner."

"And let me guess, am I cooking?" Kurt raised his left eyebrow.

"Well you are better than me" Burt smiled and placed the box down on the desk as Kurt stood.

"Alright dad"

"Thanks Kurt" His dad went to pat him on the shoulder, with his oily hand.

"Dad!" Kurt shouted, and backed away "This is Alexander McQueen!"

"Oh um…I forgot…sorry" His dad stood awkwardly, he never did understand his dad when it came to clothes.

"It's ok"


Kurt slept that night happily thinking of what tomorrow would hold…

He also had a dream that his Gucci shoes where trying to eat his Marc Jacobs jacket? But that's not the point…