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Valkyrie Cain was in the middle of climbing into bed when Fletcher stumbled into her room, appearing out of thin air.
It had been a long day, and after finding numerous cuts and bruises that she hadn't had that morning, she decided to ditch any evening plans, and climb under her duvet, and hope to God that the world didn't implode in the meantime.
Well. So much for wishing.
Not that Fletcher teleporting into her immediate vicinity was a rarity, or even something she disliked, there was a fine line between tolerance and acceptance. And having a boy - and older, good-looking, smart, attractive boy - appear in her bedroom when she was half-naked and in desperate need of sleep was something she really wasn't up to dealing with.
"Fletcher go away" she murmured from underneath the blankets.
"Cheers for the welcome" he croaked, and it was the voice that made her pull herself out from underneath the duvet.

In the half-light, at the foot of the bed, was a badly-shaken Fletcher Renn, scratches evident on his face and neck, shirt ripped, and an eye steadily blackening.

"Holy shit" she said, pushing the blankets back and scrambling to her feet.

"What the hell happened to you?"

A series of catastrophes cluttered her mind - Cleavers, zombies, Infected.....

"Just some old acquaintances" he winced as he sat down on the edge of her mattress.

She narrowed her eyes.

"What did you do to them?"

Fletcher managed an indignant smirk.

"Why do you always assume the worst?"

"Easy- I know you"

Valkyrie cupped his jaw and tilted his bad eye towards the light, and tutted when he winced again.

"Why do you do this to yourself?" she sighed. Fletcher rolled his eyes.

"I'm a sadist. Deal with it"

He brought his fingers to the tender skin around his eye.
"And could you get me some ice?"
His injuries looked quite painful, and Valkyrie had enough experiance with black eyes to know it was probably cruel not to help him.
"Here" she said, and tossed him a glass jar, filled with what looked like grey paste.
"It's Kenspeckle's" she offered, as he stared at it apprehensively.
He probably decided it was safe enough, and dipping two fingers in, he smeared it over his eye, where the skin was turning an interesting shade of purple.
"Here, you're making a hash of it" Val pulled the jar out of his hands as he sighed at the immediate relief it gave him.
Slowly she dipped her fingers in and smoothed the paste over the scratches, cuts, and bruises that were cropped on his neck and jaw. Fletcher groaned in relief.
"Shush" she murmured.
"If my parents find you we're dead"
He looked up lazily.
"Correction. You're dead. I'm out of here"
"Well we can't all run from our problems"
"Those of us who do, are damn good at it"
She hit him playfully on the shoulder, before remembering that he really wasn't in the best state
"Sorry" she said, without much sincerity.
"Seriously what did you do? Who are these people?"
He rolled his eyes.
"Can't you just .... leave it? It's not important"
"I beg to differ"
He sighed.
"Look Fletcher Renn, you teleport into my room at all-hours, with cuts and bruises, and black-eyes, and God only knows what else, you come here expecting me to take care of you, and you refuse to say a goddamned word about how it happened? This isn't on"
He pushed himself off the bed, standing beside her, but towering above her.
"No..... I come here because I enjoy your company"
Sighing again, he stepped closer.
"Look Val, I can count the amount of people I trust on one hand" but she was already turning away, a little pissed off.
"So go enjoy the company of one of the other fingers - Skullduggery, Tanith, -"
And suddenly, his hand was wrapped around her wrist, reining her back in.
"Ah - but I can't kiss Skulduggery Pleasant"
And then he kissed her, full on the mouth. Val's body froze, but then she melted and kissed him back, fiercely. Her hand grasped the front of his shirt, pulling him closer, and his hands went to her waist, anchoring her there. His tongue brushed against her lips, and she pushed her own forward to meet his, twisting. Val's hand brushed up into Fletcher's hair, lips meeting and parting until she broke away.
"Maybe this isn't the best time"
"Screw that" he murmured and pulled her back against him. He slipped his tongue between her lips, jarring her slightly, palms pinning her to him, in that place, at that moment, and any thoughts of preservation that were swimming around in her head were lost in the haze of the smouldering kisses they were sharing. Her hands crept up to hold Fletcher's shoulders, pushing them a little closer together, and he responded enthusiastically, wrapping her closer. She bit down slightly on his lower lip, and shivered when he groaned. She smiled against his kiss.
His lips moved down across her jaw to her neck and along the little strip that joined her neck to her shoulder. Val could feel his teeth grazing her skin lightly, before he took a breath and sucked on the skin, turning her legs to jelly, but his hand was there, on the small of her back, keeping her upright.
"That's going to leave a mark" she whispered, not sure why she was whispering.
Fletcher laughed
"That's the point"
And then, in the most infuriating move he had made that night, as Valkyrie went to kiss him again, with a grin, he disappeared.

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