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Tears filled Val's defiant eyes. She had never cried over a boy. She had never cried over two boys. She never thought she's be that weak, to need a boy to rescue her.

She never thought it'd be this hard.

The lines between Caelan and Fletcher blurred, their touch, their faces. And when she knew Fletcher wanted her, was that any different to what Caelan wanted? She had led Caelan on. She had seen the look in his eyes.

Fletcher's voice came quietly. He was still outside. He hadn't teleported in, not yet, and Valkyrie scrambled to cover her tears, her weakness. He didn't deserve this. He had finally let down his barriers and let her step in, and this would be a slap in the face. And suddenly he was there.
"Val? What's wrong?
He stepped over all the crap on the floor and bent down beside her. She turned her face away
"Nothing" Val lied, unconvincingly. The tears were still streaking down her face.
"Val, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have let him touch you. I shouldn't have touched you" She saw the look on his face, guilt, concern.
"I'm such a bitch" she whispered, and pulled herself up, moving past him back into the bedroom where she could hide her face in the soft light.
"No! It's not your fault" Fletcher's voice, unaccustomed to comforting crying girls, was strained. She could feel his anger. He sat beside her on the feather bed.
She shook her head.
"It is my fault. I started this" She couldn't even look at him. He slid his hand under hers, lying palm upwards on her thigh. This simple gesture was enough to start her off again. Why did he have to be so damn understanding? Valkyrie wanted him to be the sullen Fletcher again, the mistrustful Fletcher. She wanted him not to care.
"Am I using you?" she whispered.
"For what?"
"To block out the rest of my life? To make myself feel good?"
"That's what a relationship is" Fletcher murmured.
She shook her head.
"You're supposed to make the other person feel good."
His thumb brushed over her hand.
"You do make me feel good."
"Wanted, then"
"I want you Val. All on my own. You're not Caelan's. You never were."
These words were enough to make her look up at him. His right hand came to brush the tears on her face away.
"You barely know me."
"I know enough"
Gently, he brought his face to hers, and kissed her slowly, caressing her carefully. But careful wasn't what she wanted just then. Val wanted Fletcher, his touch, his smell, his taste. She wanted his body to drive out every memory of Caelan. She wanted him to linger on her like a second skin.
Valkyrie kissed him fiercely back, as though her lips were smouldering. Her hands went to his shirt, and undid the top two buttons before he realised what she was doing.
"Is this what you want?" he asked.
She nodded, and bit her lip.
"If it's what you want" was her answer.
Val heard a murmured "Oh fuck", and his lips were on hers, his hands running over her body as though her skin were on fire. He pushed the straps of her top down over her shoulders and moved his lips to her arms, devouring her in his kiss. She undid the rest of his buttons and pushed the cloth over his arms. He shrugged it to the floor.

Val tilted her head forward and fumbled for his trouser zipper, but he twisted out if the way, and pushed her to her feet. His hands on her waist spun her to face away from him, and he pulled down the zip on the back of her top. Valkyrie turned to face him, and let the top fall to the floor. She reached around and unclasped her bra, wordlessly dropping it.
Fletcher breathed slowly.
"God Valkyrie, you are so beautiful. So goddamned beautiful."
He stood up, and put his hands on her hips. As he kissed her, she unzipped his trousers, and they slid to the ground. Sitting on the bed in just his boxers, he pulled her on top of him and kissed her harder. He lay back and pulled her with him. She could feel him, hard against her naked stomach. Fletcher's left hand went to her right breast, rubbing it gently.
"Tell me if you want to stop" he cautioned.
She straightened her arms to look him in the eyes.
"Don't. Don't stop"

The choice was made. This was what she wanted.

He grinned and she smiled, relaxing her arms so that she lay on top of him, leaving no space between them. Groaning, Fletcher rolled around so that she was pinned beneath him. His hand slipped across the fabric of her jeans, reaching the button, undoing it slowly. His eyes met hers and he channeled as much warmth as he could into his gaze. He wanted her, but not if she didn't want him. He wouldn't force her. She deserved so much more than that.

As a response, she lifted her hips so that he could slide her jeans and underwear off completely, and she lay naked beneath him. He marveled at her warmth, the angles and softness of her body.

His lips found her breast and kissed it gently, and she moaned softly. Encouraged, he took the nipple in his mouth, and sucked it. She slipped her hand down between them and despite her nerves, she found him, as hard as she was sure he could be. Pushing his boxers out of the way, she grasped him. He groaned against her left breast, and trailed kisses to her right. Thumbing the tip of him, she could feel a slick wetness leaking out.

Fletcher felt his way down between them, and gently nudged his cock to rest at her entrance. She was already wet, and he slid easily into position. He bent to kiss her again, and as his tongue entered her mouth he thrusted slowly forward, sliding into Val as slowly as he could, trying not to hurt her. She bit down on his lip as he stopped and pulled out just as slowly.
"Fuck" Fletcher said again.

His hands were gripping her waist both sides, her fingers twined into his soft hair. He pushed forward into her again, breathing slowly, until his cock was buried completely in her, and he closed his eyes and buried his face in the pillow beside her, groaning low in his throat. Val understood. There were no words to describe what this was doing to them.

He stirred as he pulled out of her again, pausing just before he slipped completely out, and ground forward into her again.
Valkyrie brought her hands up to wrap her fingers around his shoulders, naked and defined. He was strong, she knew his strength well, but he was gentle, loving even. He was still making low sounds in his throat, but he moved his eyes to hers again, warmth in them that Valkyrie had only glimpsed before.
"Come with me" he whispered.
Slowly, they moved together on the crisp sheets, filling her completely each time, stretching her completely. She felt a rush of feeling envelop her lower body, sheathing him as he moved faster and deeper, climaxing in a surge, him between her legs, in her, part of her.
The last of sounds escaped Fletcher. He rolled over and breathed loudly, and she curled herself against him, moulding herself in the places his hands would not let go of, filling the spaces made by his body. Long after they had finished they lay side by side, before drifting into a calm rest, an easy sleep.


Val woke sprawled over Fletcher's body. He grunted as she shifted to look down at him, calm in sleep, his slanted cheekbones catching the light spilling in through a slit in the curtains.
Without opening his eyes, Fletcher grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back down beside him on the narrow bed.
"Stay" he murmured sleepily.
"I'm not going anywhere" Val whispered.

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