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It was over. Life as he knew it had come to an end. All that mattered to him, the source of his happiness, has been torn from his life. For the third time during his eleven year existence His Father has been taken from him. Unlike the prior two occasions there were no magic orange balls able to bring him back to this dimension, no miracle escape act to survive an explosion on a dying planet, and no reunion between the hero and his friends and family. It was all his fault. The man that gave him life, the man that gave hope to him and the whole world, sacrificed himself for his son's mistake. Sadness, regret, and anger tore holes through his heart as he replayed the day's events in his mind.

"I could have killed him sooner. I SHOULD HAVE KILLED HIM SOONER!!!!" The young man yelled at himself. Cell, the monster who he is referring to, gave him the catalyst for newfound strength. Cell crushed Android 16's head with the pressure of his foot causing the boy to snap, causing the boy to unleash the depths of power hidden away deep within his subconscious. This Power would result in the defeat of the tyrant, but not before it would lead to the boy's utter despair. As his power shone visibly around him so did his Saiyan pride. He toyed with Cell as the monster did with so many of his victims. First he snatched the senzu beans from the clutches of Cell without the creature's notice. He then destroyed Cell's Spawn in an instant, disinigrating each with one hit. He then finally turned his attention to the latest evil that had been tormenting the world.

He heard his Father's cries to end it but he was too drunk on his bloodlust to acknowledge them. He let it all out. All his fury and emotion he kept locked away all his life flowed out of him like a tidal wave as he landed punch after kick after punch at the object of all his hate. But he was still holding back. Why? He wanted to savor the moment. He struck Cell in the stomach so hard that the monster wretched and regurgitated Android 18 from the source of his stolen powers. The boy smirked at the pitiful pest as it cried in agony and transformed back into its inferior form. However, everything changed in an instant.

In an act of desperation Cell began to bloat up gathering all his energy to erase the world in its entire existence. The next events and emotions of the young boy came and went in a flash. Fear. The boy looked upon the growing form of Cell in impending doom, so startled that he reverted back to Super Saiyan 1. Pain. He watched as his heroic father sacrificed himself for his failure as the tyrant and hero were transported from the world. Hollow. He felt empty. He wanted nothing more than to turn back the hands of time and correct his mistakes. Anguish. He watched as Mirai Trunks' lifeless body fall to the ground with a gaping hole through his heart. Shock. He couldn't believe it; Perfect Cell was standing right in front of his eyes without a scratch on him. Despair. With a broken arm and drained of his energy the boy struggled to match Cell's ki blast. He felt himself slipping under Cell's tremendous output of power. He thought of just letting go and reunite with his father in the otherworld. Hope. He heard his voice. He felt the touch of his hand on his shoulder. He felt his strength come back through his father's encouraging words, and he felt the Monster being destroyed cell by cell until there was no trace left of its existence. After it was all said and done he only felt one emotion. Regret.

He ran, well technically flew, as far as his battered body would take him. He didn't bother to try and heal after the epic battle for the heart ache of losing his father dulled any physical pain. He had no specific destination; he just wanted to get away from it all. He recalled the happenings on the lookout as he zoomed aimlessly through the clouds and sky. They gathered up the Dragon Balls in attempt to revive their fallen hero. However, with the aid of King Kai his father declined the offer saying 'more bad guys will come for me' or some other nonsense. After the wishes were made his friends tried to shake him from his depressed stupor telling him 'It wasn't your fault' and 'your dad is proud of you'. But he knew the truth. He was no fool. He had all the power in the world to end Cell's life in a heartbeat but his arrogance, pride, and Saiyan nature told him to do otherwise. So he just took off too fast for the calls of his name to reach his ears.

Flying for hours with his energy already drained he began to steadily drop from the sky coming closer and closer to the surface of the earth. Too lost in his reverie, he didn't take notice to his body colliding with the hard pavement beneath him. After a few moments he came to his senses and struggled onto his feet scanning the area around him. He took notice of the slightly urban area and the eerily empty streets which were void of pedestrians and traffic probably because most people were glued in front of a television impatiently waiting for the results of the Cell Games and the fate of their lives.

He turned around and observed a sign that read 'Hikawa Shrine'. He glanced to the right of it and saw a long flight of stairs to a hilltop where the shrine was presumably located. "Must be Dende's way of telling me to do some soul searching" he said to himself as he slowly staggered up the steep steps of the shrine. With his senses finally kicking in so did the pain in his broken arm and the soreness of his battered and bruised body. Upon reaching the summit of the hill he limped his way towards a small shrine he assumed were for personal prayers.

"What am I supposed to say? I've been friends with God since Namek!" he said frustrated as he stared blankly at the structure in front of him. With his mind racing for where to begin he was unaware of a young raven haired girl approaching him from behind.

"Can I help you" the young girl asked. Startled from his trance he shot around immediately assuming a fighting position. He saw a girl his age with raven black hair flowing down to her mid-back. She wore a traditional white and red shrine maiden robe that hung loosely around her body. His eyes trailed upwards meeting hers. Onyx depths met Violet pools. His cold stare melted as he saw the worried look in her eyes. He broke their gaze and quickly glanced down at himself finally noticing his offensive stance.

"Sorry" he coughed out almost inaudibly as he relaxed into a normal posture. He shifted himself leaving his back to her giving the young shrine maiden the opportunity to observe the strange boy more in depth. He was a few inches taller than her, his black gravity defying hair giving him some additional height. He wore a purple fighting gi that was torn in several places. Red stains, she could only assume were his blood or another's, scattered themselves amongst his attire. She blushed as she studied the contours of his physique, but paled as she examined several deep wounds that disfigured his otherwise perfect body. Surveying his posture she noticed his left arm hang dead off his shoulder, his right hand clutching it as if it were to fall off if he were to let go. Walking to his side she got a better view of his face. He wore an unfaltering look that shown he has seen too many battles and hardships at such a young age. He seemed deep in concentration and she was determined to find out why.

"What happened to you?!" she asked him as she examined his many injuries again. A few moments passed without him giving her a response. She was about to repeat her question before he finally replied.

"Nothing…" she furrowed her brows prepared to slap him in the face for that bullshit answer. She cooled her temper and decided to try another approach.

"We need to get you some help, you've been seriously injured!" she exclaimed hoping to knock some sense into him. However, he stood his ground, his eyes never leaving the shrine in front of him.

"I'm Fine" she was about to lose it. She was trying to be nice and helpful but this idiot was getting on her last nerves.

"LOOK HERE YOU MORON IF YOU DON'T GET TO A HOSPITAL SOON YOU MIGHT DIE!!!! NOT FROM YOUR WOUNDS BUT FROM ME RIPPING OFF YOUR RETARDED HEAD!!!!!" he didn't even flinch. The ballistic young lady was about to make true to her words until he acknowledged her. Ignoring her outburst he instead asked her a peculiar question.

"If I pray… will it come true?" he shifted his eyes to hers, his solemn stare immediately washing out the fire in her eyes. She pondered on his question before she gave her reply.

"Prayer isn't like making a wish, you cannot pray and all your problems will immediately go away and what you hope for will come true. It is about having faith that God will help guide you in your journey. That he will walk beside you in your times of hardship." She finished giving the boy a small smile. She noticed small drops of moisture build up from his eyes and figured what she had said upset him.

"So no matter how hard I pray my dad won't come back to life?" she was shocked at the absurdness of the question. While thinking of a reply she gasped as the boy dropped on his knees supporting himself with his one good arm. He let out an ear-piercing scream from his physical and mental pain as he bawled out his eyes in his self-loathing. She ran to his side encircling her arms around him for support.

"It'll be okay, let it all out" she whispered into his ears and he complied. She held him while he cried out his misery and frustration into her shoulder as he clutched at the fabric of her robe. Soon his sobs subsided; dehydrated and depleted of energy he lost unconsciousness in the young girl's arms.

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