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Author's Note: This might be a little confusing, but, hey. I tried. Anyways, this is SnowxSerah, SnowxLightning. It's sort of drabble-ish. Anyways, enjoy, and read and review! I love hearing from you guys!

Also: Implications of sex, slightly insane!Snow.



Wind Alias


She wasn't Serah.

He knew this. How could they be the same? How could she be Serah when he'd seen her turn to crystal in front of his very eyes? The resemblance between the two stopped at the hair. Serah's eyes had been loving, warm, compassionate, even to her final moments. But her eyes were cold, sharp. The eyes of a killer. The eyes of a monster.

No. She couldn't be Serah.


But sometimes….sometimes he forgets. Forgets that they're not the same. Sometimes, when it's quiet save for the sound of their conjoined breathing, he's not sure anymore. And when it's the dead of night and they've ceased to be two separate entities but one sprawling helix of heat, well, it makes things a little more confusing for him.

Because he's lost now. Because he can't tell which is which anymore.

She wasn't Serah.

She couldn't be Serah.

But when the light of early morning floods in, and it envelops her, casting that familiar warm glow over her skin, illuminating her hair to a vibrant neon pink, highlighting the sensual 'o' of her soft lips, he thinks that maybe, just maybe, she might be her. She might be Serah.

He wasn't sure anymore, but Snow was willing to find out.