Blood+: Bloodline


The sun sets slowly. Variations of red, orange, yellow, and pink paint the sky. Each displays their own story, dancing and painting it in the sky. Each story vastly different; and yet they all come together to create one story.

Whether it be over the long and seemly endless run of time or the stability that one has to last through time, both coincide.

Eternally beautiful and pure. That which can bring happiness can be corrupted. Innocence is just that: innocence. A seemingly powerful and yet weak aspect. Innocence can be distorted by the darkness in others; tainting the innocence into something beyond recognition.

That which has been soiled can arise once more through the ashes of forgiveness. Nothing can take away the beauty of such a masterpiece. Even if she is surrounded by a river of blood, she is forever innocent and beautiful.

Such is the nature of the true Queen. One who is beautiful and pure, but can also be corrupted and tainted. Her power unimaginable to all who are in her presence.

Only once she is tainted can the Queen truly be powerful. Only once she is soiled can the Queen truly be beautiful. Only once she is corrupted can the Queen truly be alive.

She must choose the path of blood. The path of the Queen.