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Author's Note: Written quick, so there may be some mistakes. This is an Alice Cen. fanfiction, which means it's centered around Alice. I felt like writing something where she didn't get what she wanted. So, here it is. Tell me what you think. Your thoughts are important to me.

Also: It's pretty short and drabblish.



Through the Looking Glass

Wind Alias


She wasn't the girl she once was. Not even by half.

As she looks at herself, she realizes how much she's aged. The years have not been kind to her. Long gone are the days of peach colored skin and apple colored cheeks. Gone are the long, luxurious hair and the curious cherubic features. Her youth has evaporated like a puddle in the desert, and left in its stead is a broken, weathered old woman.

And as she continues to stare into the mirror, she begins to cry. Over time, tears of anger replace tears of pity. Oh, why hadn't she listened to the Hatter? Why had she been so persistent and insistent to stay in the world of the norm? A world where her beauty would inevitably fade. A world where she'd been left alone, abandoned in death by those she loved and abandoned in life by the family that renounces her.

There's nothing left of her now; Alice is long gone. She is simply a husk, the rotten apple with no real sustenance, the tainted fruit that is left at the bottom of the barrel.

She presses her hands against the chilled pane. Somewhere within her burns the flame of hope, the hot feeling that, maybe, she can go back. That she could go to the one place she may have truly belonged, that she can become whole, complete, in.

But the glass does not give, she is not returned to her former glory. For that place is a place where only children may roam, where only the imagination is law and one's restraint is thine own mind.

A place not made for broken old women.

Her tears are dry now, because she is resigned to her fate. She is Alice No Longer, the mere skeleton of a young essence.

Her hands slide reluctantly away from the shimmering glass.

She's never going home.