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Second Best Kiss

*Annabeth POV*

I heard a knock on my cabins door.

"Annabeth?" His voice made my heart skip a beat. I opened the door.

"Yeah, Seaweed Brain?" I said.

"I need to ask you something, about--" His voice cut off, like he didn't know what to say. Or he was embarrassed to say it, infront of the whole cabin. There where a few whispers and chuckles from the cabin. "Um...do you want to take a walk?" What could he possibly want? I wondered.

"Okay." I followed him to the ocean, once he got there he leaned on the wall and just stared, stared into the ocean. Like it was calling him to come and enjoy the water. He did this a lot, and I had learned to just wait until he was done.

"It's beautiful tonight." He smiled. I knew he meant the sea. I looked at the sea; it was beautiful.

"Percy?" He turned his head towards me, but kept his eyes on the sea for a few more seconds, then turned to look at me.

"Huh?" he said. The sea drew his gaze, yet again.

"What did you want to ask me?" I said, staring into his deep sea green eyes.

His smile melted off his face, "Do you think Kronos is still out there?" He asked. He called me out of my cabin...for this? I thought.

"Well, techinically...he'll never be gone," I could tell that was not all he wanted to ask me. "There's something else, isn't there? Percy?"

"Um...well I was just wondering if--" His voice trailed of again. He put a smile back on, but I could tell it was fake. "I'll tell you tomorrow." He called me outside to tell me that he had something to tell me but--wait for it--I had to wait until tomorrow to find out what it was. He pulled his gaze away from the see to look at his hands.

"Um...okay." Why would he call me to tell me that? I started to walk towards my cabin.

"Annabeth?" I was glad he stopped me, but his voice sounded troubled.

"Yeah?" I turned around to face him, he walked closer to me. And I noticed he was a few inches taller than me, and I know he noticed this, too. He grinned. "You just wanted me to stop to see that you where taller than me, didn't you?"

"No! Well, yes. But thats not the only reason, I stopped you becuase I wanted to say--" He leaned his head towards mine. We both hesitated for a minute, but then our lips touched. My eyes opened wide with suprise, then closed, wishing I could stay in that spot forever.

"Hey, Percy! I--" Grover stopped talking, and just stared at us, mouth open wide. Percy and me stopped kissing, it was like we could read each others thoughts. We ran over to the water, jumped in, and had the second best underwater kiss. Ever. Now this, I could be pulled out of my cabin for, I thought.

*Percy POV*

I think that was the second best moment of my life. After it was over, Annabeth stared into my sea-green eyes and I stared into her stormy-gray eyes, and after that I think I passed out. Which was not a good thing for Annabeth, because the air bubble that I made, well, kinda...popped. But thankfully everybody was alright--well, if you don't count almost getting skewered by sharp coral alright--and everything was back to normal, or as normal as Camp Half-Blood gets. And that night when I fell asleep, I knew there would be good things in my future...

**The End**

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