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Chapter Five

A Two Way Street

It was a random Wednesday when Scorpius realized things were just perfect. His Head Boy duties weren't taking as much of a toll as he thought they would. Cleo and Gerard stopped fighting and school work was… well still school work. However, there was Lily. He wondered if what he felt was normal for his age but he knew, even without even vocalizing his thoughts to anyone that it wasn't. But Sweet Merlin, she drove him crazy.

Yes, finally Scorpius realized what it means to be a randy teenage wizard. His father told him: "the day would come and some girl will turn the world as you know upside down till you won't remember how it used to be."

His father failed to predict this girl would be one Lily Potter.


Scorpius was doodling absentmindedly on his parchment, swirls and zigzags inking across what should have been his Defense against the Dark Arts essay due on Monday. He glanced up, looking for any sign of red hair coming from the entrance to the library but as it was five minutes ago, no sign such as the above.

He huffed silently, took off his reading glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose. At the table beside his, two Ravenclaw sixth year girls were whispering and one dared to point at him.

The brunette girl, the one closest to him, flicked her hair and blinked coyly at Scorpius. Not knowing what to do, Scorpius smiled slightly at her before putting his glasses back and returned to his unfinished "essay" and books.

A few moments later he heard the movement of chairs along with the tapping of heels as the girls left.

Sighing again, Scorpius leaned his head against the table. Godric knows he could use the rest. His thoughts drifted back to their meeting last night when he and Lily snuck into the Astronomy Tower, finally managing to meet after more than a week of being separated. He fixed heaps of pillows and blankets and soon Lily was on top of him, half naked, kissing him feverishly… She fisted her hands in his hair and little moans came from her as his hand traveled down her bare back to her backside and up her skirt. Soft, smooth and warm, that's how Lily feels like every time Scorpius touches her. She broke away from his lips, looking flushed, her brown eyes misty and cloudy with want and she breathed heavily.

"Scorpius," Lily moaned, "Scorpius..."

"Scorpius?" Scorpius jolted from his reverie and realized that someone's been saying his name for some time now. He looked up and met the same brown eyes he just thought of. She rolled her eyes as to say finally and set down across from him.

At first, she did nothing besides grabbing one of Scorpius' text books and flipping through it. Shrugging Scorpius returned to his essay and then Lily started humming a muggle song but stopped once Scorpius is looking up at her. She smiled and he gave her a scolding look before going back to his homework.

She resumed humming and this time also tapping her feet with the rhythm. He wanted to make her stop but the corners of his mouth twitched upwards when she started singing softly.

"Please, please me... Like I please you…" she chanted and read the textbook as if nothing was going on.

"Are you trying to convey a message?"

Lily looked bemused. "A message?" she repeated his words. "No, I don't think so." She returned to the textbook.

A few minutes later something brushed up Scorpius' leg. Lily was moving her right foot up against his left one. Slowly, she moved her foot up his leg until…

"Oi!" Scorpius twitched and jumped in his chair.

"Was that your leg?"

"Uh, yes."

"My mistake." She gave him an innocent smile (He knew that smile all too well now) and hummed the familiar tune while going back to her book. "I think I miss you." She says in a flash of words.

"What that's supposed to mean?"

"Funny enough," Lily closed the book with a loud thump and leaned forward. "I think it means I sometimes find myself thinking about you and sort of…wishing you were there with me…I think…you know?"

Slowly and even without thinking about it, Scorpius reached out his hand across the table and closed it on Lily's. "I know." Was all he said and he squeezed her hand. "I know."

Quickly Scorpius finished his essay, knowing Cleo will revise it later that night anyway, and he and Lily run off to the Room of Requirement. As soon as the door appeared Lily shoved him inside and they fell into that now well-known exploring routine.

He ran his fingers in her long red hair while Lily kissed his neck with small butterfly kisses. She nipped softly the skin and moved to his earlobe and nibbled there. He felt Goosebumps all over his body as Lily moved towards his mouth where he couldn't take it anymore and kissed her hungrily. Lily gave a soft moan and Scorpius tugged at her blouse (now that both robes discarded on the floor) and moved his hand beneath it to stroke her back. He groaned and Lily stifled a giggled against his lips.

"Really now?" he asked.

"It tickles," she smiled at him. "I'm very ticklish."

In a very swift move, Scorpius had Lily on her back squirming beneath him as he tickled her. She shrieked and laughed and pleaded him to stop, but the feeling of her skin was too addictive – he just couldn't stop touching her. As soon as he realized this, his tickles turned into light caressing. Her blouse was gone and in a fast move Scorpius disregarded his own to match in appearance. He was about to kiss her once more when he stopped and gazed at Lily's body.

Her eyes met his. "Seeing something that you like?"

"I think you're wonderful." Scorpius blurts out without thinking.

"I can't deny something that is true." She grins but there's a faint blush in her cheeks.

"I want to meet you during Christmas holiday."

Her cheeks turn redder and she sits up. "I don't know," she begins looking for her clothes. "Have you seen my jumper?"

"Lily," Scorpius, now also sitting up, turn her to face him. "I'm serious."

"Oh?" she buttoned up her blouse.

"Well, think about it." He put his shirt back on. "We won't see each other for some time."

"You can please yourself on your own, you know."

Scorpius gaped at her. "Is that what you think of me?"

"You're a block, Scorpius," Lily rolled her eyes. "What else is there?" she pulled her hair to a loose ponytail.

"Nothing I guess." He yanked the door open and stormed out of the room, not before slamming the door as loud as he could.

Seconds later, he heard the fast clattering of Lily's heels. "Stop!" she called and ran towards him. Scorpius only quickened his pace.

"This isn't fair." She called and at that, Scorpius finally did come to a halt, Lily caught up with him.


She bit her lower lip. "Fine," She gave him a shy smile. "We'll meet on Christmas."

"You think that does it for me?" Scorpius snorted. "A small fine won't shut me up, Lily."

"Then what will?" she mumbled tartly.

That really ticked Scorpius off. "Not everything has to go by your planning or whenever you feel like. I also happen to have feelings and you saying one thing and then a moment later the complete opposite doesn't help." He began to walk away.

"What feelings?" Lily asked.

Scorpius turned around and marched back to her, still looking very cross. "I love you, Lily." He said in a low voice. "But that doesn't give you the right to play me, you don't do that to the person you're with." He paused and ran a hand in his hair. "I think I made myself clear about what I want. When you decide to grow up and make up your mind, let me know." And with that, Scorpius left Lily standing in the middle of the corridor, watching him as he goes.

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