Courtney lived a normal life. She went to school, did homework, hung out with friends. Nothing out of the ordinary.

But her dreams, her dreams were anything but ordinary. Now, on the outside, the girl didn't look like much of a dreamer. Though on the inside, there was a vast amount of colorful imagination, that even she didn't fully comprehend.

However, when the sky darkened and turned to night, she would almost always looked forward to falling asleep. Climbing under her cool sheets, she shut her eyes, waiting to transport herself into another world.

Courtney opened her eyes, and found herself on a grassy hill that over looked a boundless amount of flowers below. When she sat up, she saw him standing beside her, head tilted up to the endless star-spotted sky.

"Would you like to come along?" The boy softly asked, before turning his head to stare at her. His face twisted into a gentle smile. He would always seem so happy to see her, like she was just what he was looking for. And every time they encountered one another, he asked the same question. And without missing a beat, each time, she would be filled with a wonderful harmony of whimsical feelings. It was rather thrilling, since she never knew where he would take her, but she always felt safe and secure.

He stretched his hand out to her. "Take my hand." The boy said, eyes aglow with the calm serenity he always manged to keep.

Courtney took his hand without hesitation, and he hoisted her gently upright, then gestured to the flowers with his left hand. "Live while you can."

A smile spread across her face, as she had gotten used to his cryptic words. And before she could blink once more, they were suddenly standing in the middle of the wild flowers, that seemed to hold every color of the rainbow.

The mocha haired girl spun around in the flowers, giggling girlishly, and staring up at the shooting stars that streaked across the sky every few moments.

The boy watched her with a comfortable smile, teal eyes shining with adoration.

"You're very lucky, you know?" Courtney stopped spinning and stared at the sixteen year old boy, surprised at the ordinariness of his words.

"How am I lucky?" She murmured, kneeling down to pluck a few flowers from the ground.

"You have someone who loves you."

As she stood back up and looked up into his shimmering eyes, she knew. He was suddenly there in front of her, and she let him wrap his arms tightly around her. She should of known it was him. He was no stranger to her.

She rolled over in her bed, trying to get used to the bright light that was seeping into her bedroom. She felt a small bit of anguish, as she did every time her boy was gone. But as she looked to the open bedroom door, and saw him leaning up against it with a grin plastered to his face, the anguish was gone. The same sparkling eyes, that lit up upon noticing her awakened state.

"Dreaming about me, again, Princess?"

Just a day, just an ordinary day
Just trying to get by.
Just a boy,
Just an ordinary boy.
But he was looking to the sky...

AN: A very random little one-shot I made about the song "Ordinary Day" by Vanessa Carlton. I just loved the song, and it inspired me to write. So basically, Courtney would dream of Duncan every night, but not of her Duncan. Of a sort of... tranquil, perfect, version of him. :P It's hard to explain the vision I had in my head writing this. Anyway, hope you liked it, and I hope you review~