"When baby here?" Little Evan asked his mother.

"Pretty soon sweetheart," Lily knelt down in front of her one and a half year old; Harry was due any day now.


Harry James Potter was born three days later on October 18th, in the house at Godrics Hollow. Sirius Black and Remus Lupin were named as godparents.

Twelve days later on October 31st, Tom Riddle, aka Lord Voldemort, stormed their home, their secret given up by Peter Pettigrew. James told his wife to get the kids and get out; Lily had enough time to grab a sleeping Evan waking him up and run for Harry's room. Voldemort had already knocked James out and was heading for the nursery. Lily put Evan down in the crib next to Harry and turned to face the evil sadistic wizard.

"Get out of the way you silly girl," Voldemort snarled, "I don't want to kill you, just little Evan Potter."

Lily raised her wand, "No."

Voldemort sneered and before Lily had the time to react he had blasted her into the wall away from the crib. Voldemort ambled over to the crib and looked at the two children within. "Well, well…" The Dark Lord raised his wand and took aim at Evan, he uttered the killing curse and a bright green light left his wand, when the spell was about to hit Evan, little Harry's magic swelled up and around him funneling into Evan. The extra magic, the boost given to him by his brother combined with his own magic swirled up around Evan Potter and rebounded the curse directly at the evil wizard. Lord Voldemort give one unearthly scream before his soul was ripped from his body.

Lily woke up in time to see the curse rebound from Evan and hit the tall wizard, she saw his soul leave his body and flee into the night and his body disintegrate.

"Oh Merlin," she whispered before passing out.

Five years later…

"Mum," seven year old Evan whined to his mother, "When are we leaving for Uncle Siri's and Remy's place?"

Lily frowned, "What dear? It's not Sunday."

Evan rolled his eyes, "Duh Mum, Uncle Siri invited us all over at one o'clock, you and Dad said yes!"

"Your father is at work sweetie."

Evan rolled his eyes, "But its October 18th."

"I know that honey; well… let's go I guess."

Lily gathered Evan's hand into her own still thinking hard about what was supposedly happening today that was so important that Sirius and Remus wanted them to come over.

"Mum," Evan yelled, "what about Harry?"

"Oh Merlin," Lily blushed ashamed. Harry was always so quiet that she sometimes forgot he was even around. She wandered upstairs still holding Evan's hand and found her youngest silently playing blocks with the house elf. "Harry," the red haired woman called, "Come on sweetheart, we're going to Uncle Siri's and Remy's."

Harry looked up from his blocks and smiled sweetly. He was a small boy, smaller than Evan had been at five. He took after Lily like that, she had been small most of her life too. "Ok Mummy," Harry stood and thanked the elf for playing with him and grabbed his mothers other hand.

Lily flooed with her two children held close and swept out into the dark parlor of Grimmauld Place. "Hello," she called.

Before they could go searching for the houses inhabitants, the lights blazed on and several children and adults sprang up, "Happy Birthday Harry!"

Lily's eyes widened dramatically, she had forgotten Harry's birthday.

Harry grinned widely and clapped happily. "Thank you," he yelled out. The little raven haired boy ran forward into his godfather's arms and kissed them both soundly before he ran around hugging everyone else. Grandpa Albus and Grandma Poppy got kisses as well as hugs. Even the stoic potions master got a big wet kiss.

"So…" Sirius yelled jumping up and down like it was his birthday instead of Harry's, "When can we open presents?"

Remus smacked him in the back of the head, "After games and cake you silly animagus." This caused the room's occupants to all laugh, especially when Sirius began to pout.

Harry saw his godfather stick his lower lip and pout, so he ran over and into the man's arms. "Don't worry Uncle Siri; you can help me open presents after we eat Mrs. Weasley's cake."

Sirius grinned down at the little boy and kissed him soundly, "Let's say we play a game then?" When Harry eagerly nodded and the wizard called the children, which included all of the Weasley's, Draco Malfoy, Susan Bones, Hannah Abbott, Neville Longbottom, and Blaise Zabini, over and into the back yard.

The other adults all gathered by the refreshment table and started small conversations with each other, "Where is Potter Sr." Severus drawled.

Lily's jaw tightened minutely, "He was unfortunately unable to get the day off," she replied stiffly.

Alastor Moody who was standing behind her speaking with Albus and Minerva overheard this and raised an eyebrow, he was after all James' boss.

"Really," Lucius Malfoy drawled, "that's too bad."

Lily nodded and turned to speak with Alice and Frank Longbottom.

Severus and Lucius looked at each other and Lucius nodded over to Alastor, Severus quirked an eyebrow in understanding.

The party continued on, no one making a scene or inquiring about the whereabouts of James again, and after a cake made by Molly Weasley that everyone praised the woman for, Harry and Sirius tore into his presents. Harry pretended not to notice that he didn't get anything from his mum and dad, and kept a great big smile on his face the rest of the evening.

"Well sweet boy," Remus knelt down in front of the now five year old, "Did you like your birthday party?"

Harry hugged his godfather tightly, "Thank you Uncle Remy," and the round of hugs went on again ending with Harry's best friend five year old Draco. "Thank you all, I had a great time."

The Potter's flooed home and Lily sent the boys upstairs to play while she fire called James. James came home an hour later with several birthday gifts, and the family spent some time together.

Four years later…

Lily, James, and Harry where on Platform 9 and ¾ saying goodbye to Evan; he was starting his first year at Hogwarts and Harry was devastated that his older brother would be leaving him. Evan was the only one that played with him besides the house elves. His mummy and daddy were so busy because of the evil wizard and forgot about him sometimes. Harry understood, Evan was very important, he had defeated the evil man once, but the evil man could come back at anytime, so daddy and mummy spent a lot of time talking with their eldest about that. Despite everything, Harry knew his mummy and daddy loved him, but he was going to be so lonely without his brother.

"No crying," Evan wiped the tears from his little brothers face, "Mum and Dad got me an owl, so I will owl you every day, ok?"

Harry nodded.

"Fred and George had a great idea, how about I send you a Hogwarts toilet seat?"

Harry finally laughed and hugged his brother tightly. "Make sure it's a clean one!"

Evan squeezed Harry and leapt onto the train before it could take off without him, he stuck his head out of a window along with his two best friends Fred and George and waved until Harry couldn't see them anymore.

Lily held out her hand for Harry's and squeezed it gently. "He'll be home for Christmas sweetie, and you can write to him every day, ok?"

Harry nodded tearing up again. James picked him up like he was still a toddler, "Let's go home and write your big brother a letter."

Harry hung on to his dad and the three Potter's left for home.


This year was one of the better ones for Harry despite his brother being gone. His mum and dad spent a lot of time with him, and Evan kept his promise to write every day. Christmas was a fun family affair, his Uncle Remy and Siri coming over for the holiday like usual. But then towards the end of the school year, something bad happened at the school. One of Evan's teachers attacked him and tried to force him to get the Philosopher's Stone for him; they found out that the evil wizard had been possessing him. Evan was fortunately able to keep the man from getting the stone that would have allowed Voldemort to come back, but he had gotten hurt in the process, along with his best friends the Weasley twins. It was after that, that Harry's dad and mum insisted that Evan needed to begin learning as much as possible. Needless to say, things went back to usual, Harry in the back ground, almost as if he didn't exist.

In Evan's second year, things got even worse, something called the 'Chamber of Secret's' had been opened, and somehow students were being petrified. Lily and James decided that they needed to be at the school with Evan, and unfortunately Sirius and Remus went with them, Harry was placed with his mum's sister. Aunt Petunia wasn't all that bad, she tended to ignore him, but his cousin Dudley was mean. Harry was a lot smaller than him, again his mum's delicate bone structure, Dudley called him a sissy, a girl, and many other derogatory terms that Harry didn't understand. His cousin and his cousin's friends spent most of their time 'Harry Hunting', and unfortunately neither his aunt of uncle stopped them. His Uncle Vernon was almost as bad as Dudley. The man made Harry cook and clean, and only allowed him to sleep in the cupboard under the stairs; he also wasn't averse to hitting Harry if he didn't do something to Vernon's liking.

Harry soon became a battered ten year old boy, and to top it off, nobody wrote to him, nobody checked on him. Christmas came and went and Harry spent the day locked in the cupboard, alone and heartbroken. The summer came and still no one showed up to get him. Harry wondered if he had been well and truly forgotten. It was towards the end of July when his Grandpa Albus finally showed up.

"Grandpa," Harry shouted and took off running leaping into the man's arms.

"I'm so sorry Harry, I thought that you were with the Malfoy's, or I would have come for you sooner."


"Your brother is ok. We figured out what was happening just in time." Albus closed his eyes and hugged the boy tightly, but let go quickly when Harry grunted in pain. "What's wrong?"

Harry hung his head and tried not to meet the old wizards eyes, "I, I just got into a fight with Dudley, that's all."

"I see," Albus said. He could see the bruises up and down Harry's arms, and finger prints around his neck. "Well, let's get your things," he gestured for Harry to lead the way.

Harry walked into the small house and to the cupboard under the stairs, Albus tried to hold back his gasp of dismay when he saw the small cot with no blanket or pillow in the tiny room. Harry grabbed his little bag and closed the door.

"I'm ready," he said brightly.

Albus smiled at the resilient boy and holding him tightly apparated directly to Grimmauld Place.

"Harry," Evan yelled running to his little brother and scooping the much smaller boy into his arms and twirling him around. "Gosh I missed you little brother."

Harry cried and hung on tightly. "Missed you too."

"Harry," Albus called, "Grandma Poppy is here and would like to see you too," he met the boys gaze significantly. Harry nodded and walked over to the woman and followed her out of the room.

Lily and James had barely acknowledged the return of their youngest; they were busy going over training plans for Evan.

About twenty minutes later, Poppy and Harry wandered back into the room; Harry was walking much more comfortably, and met Remus and Sirius in the kitchen.

"Uncle Remy, Uncle Siri," Harry ran over and leapt into the animagus' arms and wrapped his legs around his godfathers waist.

Sirius hugged the small boy tightly, as Remus hugged him from behind, we missed you cub."

"Missed you guys too," Harry smiled.

Harry clambered out of his godfathers arms and walked over to the table where his parents sat, "Mum, Dad," he said timidly.

Lily looked up, "Oh hi Harry dear, how are you," the woman made no move to get up and even hug him.

Harry frowned and turned to his father, "Dad?"

"Harry, good to see you," the man said distractedly.

Harry stood there for a few minutes awkwardly not knowing what to do, Sirius came to the rescue and tugged the small ten year old away and into the parlor, "Grandpa Albus has some good news for you cub, want to hear it?"

Harry nodded and followed the two men, when he got to the parlor it was to find Albus and Poppy playing chess while Evan watched. "Did you see mum and dad?"

Harry nodded silently quickly looking away so as not to meet his brothers eyes. "Grandpa, Uncle Siri says you have some good news for me?"

Albus smiled blue eyes twinkling, "Well yes Harry I do. You know that unless you have turned eleven by September 1st you can't go to Hogwarts until the following year?"

When Harry nodded gloomily, Albus smiled even wider, "Well… I have spoken with young Draco's father, and he went to the governors, and…" the old wizard said drawing it out, "you are going to be admitted this year!"

"What?" Harry screeched. "I get to go this year? I can be with Draco, Blaise, and Neville?"

Sirius, Remus, Albus, Poppy, and Evan all beamed happily at the excited ten year old.

"Yay," Harry yelled jumping up and down excitedly.

"Tomorrow kiddo, we are going to Diagon Alley to get yours and Evans stuff for the new school term, and if I'm not mistaken there will be certain blond best friend there as well," Remus put in.

Harry jumped up and down and ran around hugging everyone for a good twenty minutes before he finally settled down.

Albus was happy to see that whatever had happened while he had been left at the Dursley's seemed to not be affecting him, well not right now at least.


Harry's first year at Hogwarts started out well enough, he was sorted into Slytherin with his best friend Draco, the hat had said something about fitting in well, masks or some such talk. Ron Weasley was somewhat of a prat, but Harry was used to that. Ron worshipped Harry's older brother and never had much time for Harry even if they were close to the same age. Draco, Harry, and the rest of their friends had met a few new people on the Hogwarts Express, a couple of muggleborns named Hermione Granger, and Dean Thomas. Draco was fascinated with all the non-magical things that they talked about, and Dean's obsession with a muggle sport called foot ball. It didn't sound as fun as quidditch, but still sounded interesting.

The sorting had gone well and when Harry's name had been called, his brother had stood up and shouted and cheered for him. When he was sorted into Slytherin Evan had given him a huge grin and a thumbs up. Draco and Harry while at school were inseparable. The two soon began to rival the Weasley twins on pranks, and a prank war broke out. Albus just smiled indulgently, he had a super soft spot for Harry. The soon to be eleven year old was a lot smaller than all his year mates, just like his mother had been, and had a pair of mischievous sparkling green eyes. Harry always had a smile for everyone, and had this habit of hugging those people he loved. He even hugged Severus Snape, almost ruining the man's reputation, but just like everyone else, Harry had Severus wrapped around his tiny finger.

Draco spent a lot of time trying to get Harry to talk about the time spent with the muggles, but soon learned not to bring them up. Harry shut down completely and wouldn't talk for hours, so Draco just let it go. The problems started around midyear, just before the Christmas holidays. Peter Pettigrew, the man who had sold out the Potter's to Lord Voldemort, and a few other known Death Eaters, escaped from prison. It seems that Peter had been heard raving about Evan Potter, so the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, in a misguided attempt to protect the boy-who-lived sent dementor's to Hogwarts. Evan reacted rather badly to them, so Albus spent a lot of time teaching the thirteen year old the Patronus charm to ward them off.

The worst had happened at the end of the year when Evan and Harry who had been taking a walk by the lake, where cornered by Pettigrew and forced by wand point into the shrieking shack. Evan had remained brave and defended his little brother. Pettigrew spent a lot of time raving and taunting the boys. Enough time that both boys had been missed. The twins dug out Evan's map of Hogwarts, the original marauders map, and located them being walked to whomping willow. They alerted the headmaster, who fire called James, Sirius, and Moody.

Evan was trying to keep the lunatic talking. He knew the twins would miss him soon and check the map. Hopefully they would go right to Grandpa Albus. "How about I stay with you, and you let Harry go?"

Pettigrew laughed shrilly, "Not that crazy itty Potter," the mad man cackled.

Harry stood silently trying not to draw attention to himself, he inched over closer to his brother, keeping his movements slow and minute. He eventually made it close enough to grab Evan's hand. Harry gathered his core and funneled it into his brother, "Now Evan," he whispered.

Evan looked down at his brother surprised, but gathered the magic, much more than he was used to, adrenaline maybe, just like Grandpa Albus had taught him, and pointing one hand at Pettigrew yelled, "Stupefy!"

The man flew against the wall unconscious, and Evan had just enough time to catch Harry before he hit the ground. Evan picked up his little brother and started down the passage way, he wasn't sure what had happened, but he knew that Harry had done something.

James, and Sirius came barreling down the passage meeting up with Evan. Sirius carefully took his youngest godson and hugged the unconscious boy tightly. James was down hugging Evan tightly as well.

"What happened? Are you ok? Did he do something to Harry?" James demanded all in one breath.

"Pettigrew cornered us by the lake and took our wands, I wandlessly stupefied him. I'm ok, but I don't know what's wrong with Harry, Pettigrew didn't do anything to him that I saw, he just collapsed after."

Sirius was already running back to the school Harry in his arms, while James led his other son. When Sirius reached the hospital wing, he fire called Albus and sent the two older men to the shack were a stupefied Pettigrew still was and then anxiously called Remus and Lily to come to the school.

Sirius was still waiting when Remus showed up. "What happened?"

"Evan's not sure, he didn't see that rat hit our cub with anything, he said that Harry just collapsed."

Poppy had been running a wand over Harry for the last fifteen minutes before finally stopping.

"Well," Remus demanded, "what is it?"

"He's magically drained. His core is completely empty."

Sirius' eyes widened, "Is he, is he a squib now?"

Poppy laughed, "No of course not. He's just has to wait for his core to fill again. It will take a couple of weeks to fill completely, and for the next couple of days he won't be able to do anything."

"How could this happen?" Remus wondered aloud.

"Many things could trigger this, though I know he has better control. Don't worry," Poppy told her two former students patting them on the back, "he'll be good as new soon. Now, where are James and Lily?"

Sirius and Remus looked around just now noticing that the elder Potter's were nowhere in sight, Sirius frowned. "I guess, I guess they're up in Albus' office, with Evan?"

Remus frowned as well. He had always been more vocal about James and Lily focusing on Evan so much. "They should be down here."

Poppy smiled gently at the two concerned godfathers, "He's asleep; why don't you go join the congregation in Albus' office."

Sirius and Remus each kissed Harry's forehead and left the hospital wing for the headmaster's office.

James and Moody where having an intense conversation while Evan sat anxiously on the couch with Albus and his mother.

Evan jumped up as soon as Sirius and Remus walked in the room, "Where's Harry, is he ok?"

Sirius hugged the young teen, "Poppy said he's fine. Magically exhausted."

Albus blinked deep in thought. That would explain something that Evan had said.

"Poppy said his core was drained?"



"What," Evan demanded, "what does that mean?"

"He's fine," Remus soothed Evan, "he'll just be muggle like for a few weeks. Good as new well before the next school term."

Lily and James were still conversing with Moody when Lily overheard the last part. "Who is going to be muggle like?"

Evan turned to his mother, "Were you not listening when I told you Uncle Siri took Harry to the hospital wing?"

James said he was fine sweetie, just unconscious."

Evan grit his teeth and stormed out of the office and went to the hospital wing to sit with his brother. On his way there he found Draco who was looking for his best friend. "He's in the hospital wing; we had a run in with Pettigrew."

Draco followed along to see how Harry was doing for himself. The two spent the night in beds around Harry, wanting to be there when he woke up."


"Your youngest child is unconscious in the hospital wing," Remus yelled at James and Lily, "you had no idea what was wrong. You should have been down there with him, not up here strategizing."

"Now Remus," James tried to placate the irate werewolf, "We knew Poppy would call us if something was seriously wrong."

"That's not the point James," Sirius bit out.

"I don't understand why you two are getting all worked up," Lily finally stepped in. "Harry is fine. We need to be worrying about the other escapee's from Azkaban. Evan is going to be needing training again this summer."

"And Harry?"

"Will go to Petunia's like last year. I'm sure they won't mind having Harry back."

"Lily," Albus jumped in, "I really don't think that's a good idea. I told you-"

Lily waved her hands, "I talked to Petunia; the boys just fought like all kids do. She said the cupboard was just a storage area, that bed is just stored there and taken out when Dudley has friends over for the night."

Albus shook his head. Unfortunately if Lily was insistent, there was nothing he could do; Lily was the boy's mother after all.

The end of term feast was not as exciting as Harry thought it would be. For one he was exhausted, and secondly, he had found out that he would be returning to Privet Drive. His parents hadn't come to visit him at all while he had been in the hospital wing, and Grandpa Albus had told him that they refused to listen when he tried to explain about Harry funneling his power to his brother. Harry had just shrugged at that, he didn't think that they would actually listen to something like that. After all, Evan was the boy who lived, and Harry was nobody.


The first few weeks at Privet Drive were not too bad; Grandpa Albus had had a lengthy conversation with the Dursley's regarding their treatment of Harry. For the first time since he had come to Privet Drive, Harry had a bedroom. But alas, the good times were not to last. Seems Uncle Vernon didn't like owls, and when Harry kept getting letters from Evan, Draco, Grandpa Albus, and his godfathers, Vernon went off the deep end. One Saturday after Harry had returned from the market with the shopping it was to find bars over his bedroom window, bars with nice three foot pikes so an owl couldn't even get close enough for Harry to slip an arm through to get a letter. Uncle Vernon had also put multiple locks and chains on the bedroom door and cut a cat flap into the bottom.

After Harry fixed dinner that night, Uncle Vernon grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, dragged him upstairs and threw him into the small bedroom. Harry lay there stunned listening to the locks tumble close and the chains rattle as Vernon drew them across the door. Harry spent the next six weeks only leaving his prison when it was time to cook, and for a midday bathroom break. Harry was small before, but by the end of the summer his was severely underweight and malnourished. The day before his Uncle Sirius was to come and get him, Vernon unlocked Harry's door and stepped into the room.

"Now you listen up freak and you listen well. You will not tell any of those other freaks about this summer or you will regret it." Vernon punched Harry in the stomach for emphasis and watched dispassionately as the small boy hit the floor and lay still. "Understand freak?"

Harry couldn't breathe; the air had left his lungs with the latest blow, so he nodded.

Vernon smirked and kicked Harry in the back for good measure before leaving the small room and relocking all the locks. He would let Harry out a few hours before his filthy freaky godfather showed up to get the boy.


Harry had been silent since Sirius had picked him up. Not even Draco or Evan had been able to get the small boy to say a word. He had hugged and kissed everybody as was his habit, though he had avoided his parents, not that they had really noticed. James and Lily were getting even worse. They were so worried about Evan and the prophecy that it excluded pretty much all else from their notice.

Poppy had come when Albus called her to Grimmauld. Harry still hadn't spoken and it had been a week. When asked, her favorite 'grandson' had followed her into a bedroom so she could exam him. She wasn't happy about what she found. Her Harry had a few cracked ribs and a bruised kidney, and to top it off he was close to ten kg underweight, and malnourished. Poppy gave Harry a long hug which he readily accepted burrowing into her arms for a few minutes before smiling sweetly and returning to the library where his best friend and brother were.

"Well," Albus asked.

"Two cracked ribs, a bruised kidney, malnourished, and almost ten kg un derweight."

Remus growled low in his throat and Sirius had to put an arm around his mate to restrain him from going after the muggles.

"I'll have to contact Severus for a few nutrient potions and ask him to make some more skelegrow," the woman continued after smiling sadly at the werewolf. "What are we going to do? Why won't James and Lily listen?"

Albus shook his head sadly. "I don't know," the usual twinkle was missing from his eyes. "James refused to listen when I tried to explain what I'm pretty sure happened in the shack that day. They are so focused on Evan and Tom; they refuse to see anything else. Even before this abuse from the Dursley's Harry was pushed to the side." Albus sighed and stroked his long white beard. "Our Harry never once complained, not about missed birthdays, or lack of presents like any other child would. He would forgive and forget."

Poppy had tears in her eyes, "Can we go to the ministry Albus? Try to get custody?"

"Paddy and I would love to take him," Remus spoke up. "Evan and Harry are like our sons, and Harry needs us."

Albus nodded thoughtfully. "Let's try talking to James and Lily once more. If they still refuse to listen, we will go to the ministry."

That evening after the Evan and Harry went to sleep, and Draco had returned home, Albus, Poppy, Sirius, and Remus all sat down with the elder Potter's. The talk didn't go well. James was yelling about knowing his sons, and Harry was just feeling a little neglected, and apparently his way of getting attention was to fake being hurt. Lily just stood there with tears in her eyes; she couldn't understand why they all thought she was being a bad mother.

"We are protecting them the best way we can. Evan needs to train and we cannot look after Harry while we are doing that. He's safest at my sisters," Lily cried. "I can't stay here and listen to this."

Lily bolted from the room and upstairs to her boys, she shook them awake and ordered the two sleepy boys to follow her. She meet James in the parlor and they flooed back to Godrics Hollow. None of them heard from the Potter's again until September 1st when the boys showed up on the platform.


Harry's second year and Evans fourth started out sane enough. Harry still didn't talk much, but at least he was speaking some, and he paled whenever a large person loomed over him; other than that he seemed to be fine. Again Draco couldn't get him to talk about his muggle relatives, so he just silently supported his best friend.

The boys and girls of Hogwarts were all very excited to hear that for the first time in many years the Tri-Wizard Tournament was going to be held, and that the host school would be Hogwarts. A week before Halloween, after James and Lily had forgotten Harry's birthday again, the other two participating schools were welcomed to Hogwarts. The girls and boys of Beauxbatons from France were all very attractive, and apparently some of them were veela, if Ron Weasley's drooling was anything to go by. The men of Durmstrang were just that, men. No 'little' boys here, and much to everyone's shock one of the students was none other than Viktor Krum, international quidditch star.

The school champions were announced on Halloween: Cedric Diggory for Hogwarts, Viktor Krum for Durmstrang, and Fleur Delacour for Beauxbatons. Then much to everyone's amazement a fourth name shot from the cup.

"Evan Potter," Headmaster Dumbledore read aloud. "Evan, Evan will you please come up here?"

Evan slowly stood an approached the man and followed his nod into the antechamber. He saw his little brother watching him worriedly and tried to smile for him.

"Well," Harry pounced on his brother an hour later after waiting in the great hall.

"I have to compete, they told me to just do the best I can. Diggory is being really understanding; and Grandpa thinks this may some plot of some kind."

Harry paled and hugged his brother tightly. "We'll train you and everything will turn out just fine."

"From your mouth to Merlin's ears," Evan whispered back hugging his little brother.


The elder Potter's showed up to help their eldest train for the tournament. The only time Harry got to see his three family members were during meal times, the rest of the time they were holed up in the room of requirement when the boys weren't in classes.

The first task went well; Evan was the second fastest in getting the golden egg but tied for first place in points because of deductions on the other Champions score.

The second task started out well, Evan had the clue from the golden egg figured out. Harry actually participated in this task. He had been summoned to his Grandpa Albus' office and asked if he would be willing to be the thing that had been 'stolen'. Harry readily agreed and was put under a stasis. He didn't recall anything after that until his head broke the surface after Evan retrieved him from the bottom of the lake.

The boys were both sitting in Poppy's medical tent being examined when their parents came rushing in. Evan was immediately enveloped in great big hugs and told how proud they were of him. Their parents spent ten minutes cooing over Evan, and didn't notice when Harry slipped from the tent tears streaming down his face. Poppy watched him go sadly, tears gathering in her own eyes.

James and Lily hadn't noticed their youngest was no longer with them. When Evan asked Poppy, she just pointed to the open tent flap that Harry had walked through.

That was a major turning point for Harry. Up until then he could have understood everything else. Evan was the boy who lived and his parents were just trying to do everything they could to make sure he had a fighting chance when and if Voldemort ever came back. But today, today they had both been the bottom of that lake. Today his parents hadn't hugged him, hadn't even checked to see if he was still breathing. Today his parents had immediately grabbed Evan, had hugged Evan… had loved Evan. Today Harry Potter stopped talking.

Harry wandered listlessly through the halls, he attended classes and meals, had tea with his Grandpa Albus, played chess with Draco and spent time with his brother. He never once went near his parents or spoke a word. It had been two months since that day at the lake and the third task was tomorrow.


"He's back," Evan was rocking and crying holding onto a dead Cedric Diggory. "Voldemort, he's back."


Harry went back to Privet Drive that summer. He hadn't seen his parents since the third task. He found out at the end of the summer when Grandpa Albus came for him, that his Uncle Sirius and Remus had left for America. With Voldemort back, some archaic laws were being re enacted, one of them being the tagging of werewolves. The ministry wrongfully named them dark creatures, and had then informed the public that all werewolves needed to come forward for processing aka, imprisonment. Sirius had transferred all their money to an American Gringotts and the two had left the country. Albus handed Harry a note from them explaining. Harry had silently cried, still not making a sound. It was even worse when Harry found out his best friend was gone as well. Draco had been sent away for his protection. Lucius Malfoy was spy for the Order of the Phoenix who Albus had immediately pulled back together at the end of the tournament. He and his wife decided that they didn't want Draco anywhere near England until the Dark Lord had been banished for good, so Harry was alone.

He moved through his third year silent, ghost like. Not even Dolores Umbridge, the ministry appointed DADA teacher who called his brother a liar, could make him react. At the end of the year, Harry was once again sent back to Privet Drive despite heavy protest from Albus and Poppy. But this summer, this summer was the worst one of Harry's life, his Uncle hit an all time low. Apparently Vernon liked his boys young and nubile and screaming, and Harry fit the bill.

Harry was still short for an almost fourteen year old, only just reaching five feet. He had long raven black hair that reached to his mid back, and large luminous emerald green eyes. Harry had beautifully shaped black arching eyebrows and high cheek bones and a pert little nose. He was a truly beautiful boy, and unfortunately for him, Vernon thought so as well. His uncle never fully penetrated him, but the abuse was bad enough even without that. It was still rape.

When Albus came for him at the end of the summer he went directly to Hogwarts, but this year he wouldn't allow Poppy anywhere near him. Albus and Poppy were both exceptionally worried and sent word to Sirius and Remus. They couldn't do anything, but they needed to know anyway.

Harry's fourth year and Evan's sixth passed with little excitement. Voldemort was mostly silent. He spent the time gathering and re-gathering his followers. Harry went back to Privet Drive, the abuse continued, and Harry continued to not speak. It had been two years now since he had uttered a single word to anybody, even his brother. James and Lily never noticed a thing, even when it was pointed out James would sweep it away as one of Harry's attempts for attention. The boy's fifth and seventh year went by much as the year before except Evan graduated this year. Harry was very proud of his brother, he hugged and kissed him and gave him a necklace that matched one he had gotten for himself with Grandpa Albus' help. Harry handed the information sheet that went with the necklace, and Evan quickly read it.

"So we can port key to each other," Evan asked. At Harry's nod he hugged his little brother tightly. When this is all over little brother, you and I are going to find Uncle Siri and Uncle Remy and we will be a family. James and Lily don't deserve you, and where you are little brother, is where I want to be."

Harry cried and hugged his brother tighter until James dragged him away. James and Lily didn't even wave goodbye to Harry before they left the grounds. The summer past much the same as always.

Evan trained exceptionally hard that summer; he knew that he needed to end things as soon as possible. Harry needed him. At the end of the summer, Evan went himself to find Harry, but what he found was even more horrible than Voldemort ever could have been. Evan had apparated directly into his Aunt and Uncle's house. He heard screaming from somewhere above his head and took off up the stairs, what he found he will never be able to forget. His little fifteen year old brother was chained face down on a bed and their 'Uncle' was rutting above him like the disgusting pig he resembled. Harry was bleeding badly and screaming, the only sound that Evan had heard come out of his brothers mouth in three and a half years.

Evan blasted the fat man off his brother and disintegrated the chains holding him. When Evan reached out to gather his brother into his arms, the distressed teen screamed and thrashed. Evan was forced to stupefy him so he wouldn't hurt himself. He apparated directly to Hogsmeade and took off running for Hogwarts. When he finally made it to the hospital wing he shouted for Grandma Poppy who came in at a dead run.

Poppy paled but became an instant professional. "He was raped." It wasn't a question.

"How long has this been going on?" Evan bit out.

"When Albus picked him up last summer and the summer before, Harry wouldn't let me examine him, but I hadn't imagined this."

Evan closed his eyes. He walked over to the floo and called Albus down to the hospital wing. When Albus reached them, he had Severus in tow, and the potions master helped Poppy to stabilize Harry.

"We went to the ministry before your fourth year," Albus said softly. "They wouldn't do anything unless Harry would say something, but he refused to talk about it. We should have tried harder…"

Poppy and Severus had finished up. "There's scarring, I would say that full penetration probably didn't happen until last summer, but stuff was happening before that."

Evan took a deep breath. "I will kill Voldemort before this year is over, then I will take Harry and we are leaving England. James and Lily are no longer our parents, not that they have been Harry's for a long time."

Albus nodded in understanding. "Severus, I need you and Lucius to meet Evan and I in my office as soon as possible. We are going to make plans; Evan is ready.

Evan spent all of his time at Hogwarts with his brother training. Harry slowly got back on his feet and was well enough for school by the time September 1st rolled around. James and Lily spent most of their time on battle plans, they had no idea about Harry, or about Evan's plans for after the finally battle. Evan had tried exactly once to tell his parents about the rape and other abuse, but the two remained adamant that is was a ruse. Even after Evan told them how he saw the fat muggle raping his little brother, the two were oblivious.

"You can't afford distractions," James told his son. "As soon as this war is over, we will be a family. Harry will be fine, he is a strong boy, and he would have told us if something was wrong."

"Did you even notice that he stopped talking in his second year after the second task? You two pulled me out of the lake remember? Harry was there too, he was my 'lost' object. You ignored him; you treated me as if I was a single child. Harry stopped talking that day and you two never noticed." Evan was furious.

"Stop being melodramatic," Lily commanded. "Harry is fine; he is an almost sixteen year old boy who thinks he needs attention."

Evan narrowed his eyes and walked out of his parents chambers. He had a little brother who needed him.

Evan spent the next three and a half months training. Harry would watch and practice funneling his power to Evan, but they found out he needed to be touching him for it to work. In the middle of December just after the kids had all left for the holidays, the final battle was fought.

It was Christmas day, and the Order of the Phoenix was ready and waiting, they had set a trap and fully expected Voldemort to take the bait. Sure enough at eleven am, the wards around Hogwarts came down and Death Eaters poured onto the grounds, Voldemort behind them. The Order engaged the Death Eaters. The Death Eaters may have known dark magic, but the Order was well trained. Soon enough, most of Voldemort's followers lay incapacitated, and Evan strode forward.

"We Duel Potter," Voldemort spat out.

Evan nodded and fingered his pendant sending a signal to his brother, he and Harry had a plan. They knew that the power the Dark Lord knew not was Harry's power. No one would have ever guessed that Harry Potter was a channel, they were rare; and Albus had never shared the information after they had found out, not even with the rest of the Order.

Harry came running through the grounds, Evan had refused to let him fight in the initial battle; the last duel was going to be dangerous enough as it was. Harry pushed through the crowd ignoring the shouts for him to stop; he didn't stop his forward progress until someone grabbed his elbow roughly.

"What are you doing," James Potter yelled at his son. "You can't be out here; this is no time for more of your attention games."

Harry pulled his arm away and ran to his brother, they stood side by side.

"No," Lily screamed.

Voldemort laughed, "You think your pathetic excuse for a sibling is going to save you?"

Evan smiled a little sardonically, "No, I think that my brother is going to help me beat you."

The boys could hear their parents shouting from the sidelines, "Harry you imbecile, get out of there," James Potter was yelling at the top of his lungs.

Evan gripped Harry's hand, "Are you ready little brother?" He saw Harry nod out of the corner of his eye. Evan faced Voldemort, his body partially in front of Harry's; he bowed never taking his eyes of the evil wizard and raised his wand.

Curses began flying, things were happening so fast no one could keep track, they heard Voldemort shriek in pain and send a barrage of dark curses at the Potter boys. The brothers twisted and ducked elegantly never losing contact with each other. Evan saw the exact moment that Voldemort was ready to loose the killing curse, the onlookers heard Evan yell, "Now Harry."

Harry in that instant closed his eyes and pumped all of his magic into Evan who yelled "Expelliarmus." The two curses met in the air and connected. Harry continued to pump his magic into his brother until finally the red of Evans curse beat back the green of Voldemort's Aveda until both curses rent the Dark Lords wand and poured into the snake like body turning the once man into stone, than shattering him.

Harry let go of Evan's arm and staggered away exhausted and dizzy, he could hear Albus and Evan calling his name, but before he could lift even just his hand to acknowledge them, he passed out.

"Harry," Evan screamed. But before he could run to his fallen brother his parents had swept him into their arms.

"Oh Evan," Lily wept, "We were so afraid. We're very proud of you."

"Good job son," James said hugging Evan tightly.

"Let go of me," Evan said coldly breaking from their arms. "Harry needs me."

"What was he doing out here?" James snarled turning to his small collapsed child. "He could have been hurt, he could have distracted you, Merlin, Harry could have gotten you killed!" The man was shouting and waving his arms around like a lunatic now. "His incessant need for attention could have caused you to lose!"

"No, Harry saved my life. He's a channel. Harry gave me all his magic; if he hadn't we wouldn't have won." Evan told the people who had conceived him.

"What are you talking about?" James demanded, forgetting for a moment that they were all standing on a bloody battlefield.

"Harry saved us all." Evan stated before he scooped his brother up and started back to the castle.

"That's ridiculous," James snapped once the family was safely tucked away in the hospital wing alone. "Your brother has been an attention seeking brat since he started Hogwarts. I don't know where your mother and I went wrong," the man shook his head sadly. "I cannot abide by his atrocious behavior any longer."

"What do you mean by that," Evan asked almost eagerly, this could work out in his favor after all.

"We need to be able to focus on you," Lily said calmly. "You just defeated a Dark Lord, there are going to be interviews and functions. You're a leader Evan, and you need to appear as one."

"What does that have to do with my little brother," Evan was stroking the silky raven hair from the unconscious boy's forehead.

"Your mother and I discussed this at the beginning of the school term, and we have already made the arrangements. As soon as he is up and about, we are sending him to Sirius and Remus."

Evan snorted; this couldn't have worked out better if he had actually planned talking his parents into it instead of running like they had originally planned. He turned away from his parents. "Leave us alone."

James and Lily frowned; they couldn't understand why Evan was so upset. Everything they had done had been for their son's, both of them, their own good. They had sent Harry to Petunia's so they could focus on Evan's training, they had spent so much time planning things so that their boys could have a future. It wasn't their fault that Harry didn't see it that way. They had done what was best, right?

When the door to the hospital wing closed behind his parents Evan smiled. Poppy and Albus exited Poppy's office also smiling. Soon Harry would be with a family that would care for him. Evan gently held his brothers hand before turning to his 'grandparents', "I can't go with him right away."

"He knows, and he understands," Albus whispered.

"You will be with him soon enough," Poppy agreed. "I imagine that you would like out of the spotlight that James and Lily are intending for you to occupy."

Evan nodded. Soon Harry would be in Forks, Washington with their godparents, and as soon as possible Evan would be joining them."


Draco sat a table by himself at lunch just as he had for the past three years he had attended Forks High School. He had never thought that a Malfoy would ever attend any such muggle institution, but he found despite some of the more annoying muggles, he kind of liked it. His parents had sent him to live with his cousin Sirius Black in America when the Dark Lord had made his return at the end of his second year at Hogwarts. They hadn't wanted their little boy anywhere near the megalomaniac. His parents made sure to visit as often as they could and bring updates about his best friend.

Draco had been heartbroken to learn that Harry still had not spoken a word. He missed his best friend very much, even if he had remained silent. Draco looked around and glared at the group of girls that were giggling at him. It never seemed to stop. He was an enigma, just like the Cullen brood.

Draco had never spoken to the Cullen's, he nodded at them when they passed each other in the hallways, and they politely nodded back. Occasionally they could be seen smirking at each other when the student body became obsessed with either of them. Draco Malfoy and the Cullen's were somewhat of a mystery to the high school crowd. They had moved to Forks around the same time, and began high school the same year. What attracted attention was that they didn't associate with the rest of the students, or each other. The Cullen's stuck together, and Draco stayed by himself. They participated in class as little as possible, never attended dances or other social functions, and tried to interact with the other students as little as absolutely possible.

Today, Draco was sitting eating his usual lunch of turkey and sprout sandwich and can of coke, when his cell phone sounded shrilly from his pocket. Draco frowned, Sirius and Remus never called unless it was an emergency. Draco pulled out his phone, "What's wrong?" Draco asked immediately. He listened then attracted the whole room's attention with a shouted," WHAT?" Draco leapt to his feet, grabbed his bag and ran from the room leaving a stunned student body behind.


The Cullen's were sitting, pretending to eat their lunches when Malfoy's phone went off. Edward wasn't paying any attention until he heard clipped British tones asking what was wrong.

It's Harry, Draco. Evan found out that bastard muggle uncle has been raping him." Sirius Black was shouting furiously. "And that's not all…"

Edward frowned and looked over to Alice who shook her head, he had tuned out the rest of the cell phone conversation, but then abruptly turned back towards the Malfoy boy when they heard a shouted 'WHAT?'.

The Cullen's watched as the platinum blond teen ran from the room.

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