James straightened up from Harry's bed, stepping forward to great the doctor, "James Potter," he shook the cold hand briefly. "This is my older son Evan," he gestured to Evan who had taken his father's seat on Harry's bed.

Evan waved from the bed, leaning into his younger brother. "So my brother tells me you are all vegetarians?"

Carlisle laughed lightly. "Yes my family and I, we do not feed from humans."

Evan blinked, tilting his head to the side in thought. "Hum. Whoda thunk?"

Harry rolled his eyes at his brother, and shifted enough to free an arm and swat him.

"Hey," Evan looked down at Harry. "I was expressing an interest in your new friends. Isn't that what protective older brothers are supposed to do?"

James chuckled at his sons before turning his attention back to the room full of vampires. "What do you feed on if not humans?"

"I'm rather partial to mountain lion," Rosalie said nonchalantly from her seat by the door. "My husband prefers bear."

Evan gapped at the beautiful woman. It was certainly hard to imagine the delicate beauty besting a mountain lion.

"I see," James said thoughtfully, interrupting Evan's thoughts. He seemed to make up his mind about the vampires because his next question was about his youngest. "Is my son going to be ok?"

"He has a mild concussion, and a few stitches in the back of his head. I've already suggested to his uncles a blood replenisher once they get him home tomorrow."

"Why can't he come home tonight?"

"I would feel better keeping an eye on him tonight simply because he did take quite a substantial blow to the head."

James nodded in acquiescence. "You're ok with staying overnight Prongslet?"

Harry nodded, reaching over and patting his father on the arm and smiling slightly.

Silence filled the room awkwardly before Dr. Cullen politely excused himself, quietly pulling his children out of the room with him.

James slumped onto the end of the bed and gazed at his son, eyes blank. Harry could see a shiny film build up in his father's eyes, and frowned in worry.

"Oh Merlin," James broke down. "I am so sorry Harry, so sorry. I-I don't, I had… I don't know." The man blubbered, tears streaming down his face, fingers combing restlessly through his hair. "We just, I got so focused, and its not even an excuse! I'm a horrible father Harry, my baby boy," he gasped for breath, now rocking back and forth, arms wrapped around himself.

Startled by his fathers outburst, Harry painfully sat up, shifting his legs off the side the bed so that he could slide down to the end of the bed where his father sat. Reaching out to the distressed man, Harry wrapped his arms around his father, cuddling the sobbing man into his chest.

James went with little resistance, leaning into his child. He didn't deserve his son's comfort, but Merlin if he was strong enough to turn away from it.

Evan watched his family fall apart, and come together. Maybe Harry was forgiving to fast, but Harry would never be the type of person to hold someone's honest remorse against them. He didn't believe for one moment that Harry would be ready to move in with his father, but tentatively reform their long lost relationship, sure.

When James tears had slowed, Harry slowly sat back into his pillows. Studying his dad closely, he tilted his head to the side, deep in thought.

"Are you ok Prongslet?" James asked.

Harry nodded, before turning to gesture at Evan.

"Yes he did little brother. He apologized to me, and Grandpa Albus and Grandma Poppy."

"And I owe you two an apology as well," James turned to look at his two oldest friends, "as well as my thanks, for taking care of my little boy when I didn't." He took a deep breath before continuing, "I'm not dumb enough to believe that Harry is ready to move right back in with me, but I would like your permission to come over in the evenings and get to know my son again."

Remus shifted his gaze to Harry who nodded slightly. "We agree, as long as you agree to follow Siri's and my rules."

James nodded his head, turning slightly to smile at his sons.

"There will be absolutely no pushing Harry to move in with you. You will wait for him to bring up the topic. There will also be no pushing him to talk. Harry will speak to us if and when he is ready."

"And," Sirius held up a finger, "Edward is a very nice young man, who absolutely adores Harry. He's already spoken to us about his intentions, and we've agreed to let him formally court Harry. There will be no trying to scare him off Prongs."

"Yes Padfoot," James demurred. "But could I… what exactly are his intentions?"

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