Title: Forever with You

Figured it was high time for a sequel. For everyone that requested, through review, IM, and e-mail, I hope you enjoy this as much as you did Snow and Cigarettes.

It's a short snippet kind of sequel. So after this I might do like two more if this one is received well. This is completed though, so don't think it's gonna be like a 'to be continued…' deal. It'll just be different times in their lives, though this one is directly after Snow and Cigarettes (aka no time gap).

Summary: Sequel to Snow and Cigarettes. PWP.

"You want to taste my blood?" Julian asked skeptically, his electric blue eyes examining her face.

Jenny shrugged the sheet covering her naked body rippling and sliding down from her movement as she leaned closer, watching him hold the glass close to his lips as he spoke to her. "Sure. I've tasted my own, so I have an idea of what it tastes like."

Really she didn't want to taste it. She just thought it would be romantic to drink out of the same glass. Thinking that thought made her feel absolutely ridiculous and childish, but she it came to her she knew she had to do it, and it's not like he was drinking champagne or even water anyhow.

She watched as he placed the glass down on the black nightstand next the new mirage he'd created of red and black cotton sheets. At one point they'd been silk, but Jenny commented, after a rather vigorous session, that she kept slipping and her calves were burning. So he changed it.

Jenny shivered as she remembered what happened. It had been the third time that night they'd had sex and only the second time he'd decided he wanted a different style of room claiming he wanted to see red sheets against her milky skin. And while the first two rounds were gentle and perfect the third was wild, or rather he was wild. He'd flipped her over on to her stomach, pushed her fully against the cool slick sheets, with an arm wrapped tightly around her midriff, encompassing her arm, keeping them at her side, and entered her from behind. It had been uncomfortable at first and she'd gasped from the pain though it had probably just been soreness from before. So when he didn't notice her muffled noise, he'd been so attentive to her up until that point, that she knew something with this sheet on her skin had made him lose control.

He'd pushed her hair away from the nape of her neck and bit down as he continued to thrust, his animalistic noises were like punches in her gut, and the pain that had bloomed in the beginning was nonexistent within a minute. While trying to respond, to push back against him, she kept on slipping. Honestly if she'd been able to think it would have been humiliating at the time, but all that had mattered in the moment was him doing what he needed behind her to get them both to the explosive orgasm it would be. She'd almost died when he pulled out of her, leaving her wanting, leaving her in a moment of half euphoria that threatened to be painful if not fulfilled.

"Julian, please," she whispered, wiggling her ass in the air like a cat in heat.

It was then she realized the friction caused by her wiggling hips against those sheets. So with a chopping gasp, she wantonly grinded her hips down repeatedly, fucking the sheets.

"Fuck," Julian growled.

She remembered feeling his hand slid down the curve of her ass, the way he paused and squeezed, before leaning down to gently nibble. He followed her thrusting moves, massaging her buttocks at the same time, encouraging her movements to go faster before he slipped a hand between the sheets to stop her.

"No, no," she'd pleaded with him.

She'd been about to go crazy. It was like she was in a desert and her one source of water was being denied. At this point Julian's crazed sexual frenzy had seemed to calm a little. Enough for him to flip her over to her back, command her to keep her legs straight, tightly together as he climbed on top. When he pushed into her it was even tighter than list time, but she had so much lubrication from before he went in as smooth as butter.

His eyes closed as he eased fully into her, his face etched with pleasure as he gritted his teeth. He leaned down and bit her cheek, not hard enough to pierce skin, but enough to leave marks. Then he licked over the reddened area, nuzzled the side of her face, pushed her hair away from her ear and breathed.

"I'm never letting you leave."

She heard the desperation that she was a necessity to him, like she was his air and she didn't care because she would leave him. Only she did care and if she'd had the oxygen to tell him she would have reassured him that this time she had no desire to leave.

When she came it lasted what seemed like twenty minutes, a continuous spasm of pleasure that rippled up and down, shook her to the core, and destroyed her. She finished, limp as a noodle, but still gasping from the massive exercise her heart had just gone through. She watched him, still thrusting swiftly into her now pliant body. His arms reached up, his elbows meeting her shoulders, and his hands connecting above her held, holding her in place so that he could watch her. He pushed, paused, then pulsed his hips, and came with a surprised groan that sounded so human and real Jenny had to shake her head slightly.

He was so beautiful. And he's mine now, she thought to herself.

It was then she mumbled about the sheets being slippery. He was still rotating his hips, pushing into her with tight circles, the gentle smack of skin resonating. He'd managed a raspy chuckle, still clearly out of breath, but changed them, keeping the color.



"We were talking about you drinking my blood and then you just mentally went somewhere else."

She blushed. "Right, um-so can I?"

He regarded her for a minute, his eyes moving back and forth as he searched her face. She had him, he was definitely going to let her taste it. The last thing she expected him to do was slit his wrist.

"Julian! What are you doing?"

He raised a black eyebrow, his smooth peach colored lips quirking into a smirk. "You wanted to taste my blood."

"Not your blood, the blood in your cup!"

"It'll taste just like your blood since you're human, but my blood happens to be special to humans. Drink it Jenny."

The command made her move forward slightly on instinct, but she stopped herself. She wasn't the girl she used to be where she did everything Tom wanted her to do. The game had changed her, made her skeptical, stronger, and it also made her understand Julian's deceptiveness. Even know, when she wouldn't have denied him anything, she felt some mysterious air about this offer of his blood.

She needed to tell him, her thoughts when they'd had sex that she wasn't going to leave him. "Julian this isn't like Persephone and Hades is it? Your blood is the pomegranate seed? "

His eyes told her nothing as he licked his bottom lip and shrugged nonchalantly. A delightful shot of lust swept through her at the way his naked chest rippled with the movement and she couldn't resist leaning forward to place an open mouth kiss next to his nipple. His hand reached up, gripping her hair and she could tell he couldn't decide whether to hold her there or force her mouth to his bleeding wrist.

She pulled away slightly and looked up at him, giving him a small gentle smile. "Julian. I don't plan on leaving you. If you want me to stay, I'll stay. You don't have use tricks anymore. I am completely willing."

Jenny shivered as the cool expression on his face changed, darkened. She watched as he clenched he teeth and his eyes closed partially.


"Well, until I die of old age," Jenny agreed.

His eyes opened, more electrifying and brighter than ever. "No. If you drink my blood I can make you stay young and live forever."

Jenny snorted, rolling her pine green eyes. "What are you a vampire?"

"Similar, just more 'magic' tricks you could say," he replied as his hand caressed her face. "I want you forever Jenny Thornton and if I have to make you drink it, I will."

Jenny pulled away. "That's what I'm saying you stupid shadow man. I've made my choice, you don't have to make me do anything," she growled slightly angry.

She grabbed his wrist, brought it to her mouth, and though she didn't have to she bit down causing more blood to ooze from the wound. She was angry that he felt he needed to force her to do anything, but she loved him and wouldn't argue the matter, this stupid, slightly scary, cyberpunk with white hair, and lightening colored eyes, not to mention a body to die for. This man who drank blood and had to eat humans for nourishment, the shadow man who'd forced her into a game of cat and mouse, who died for her, but then came back on a wish she'd made so he could be with her. She loved him and she knew he only did it this way because he was scared. He didn't want to lose her. She understood that.

He's going to be a very demanding boyfriend, Jenny thought. She'll have to tell him how much she loves him everyday. How could someone so deadly sexy need so much reassurance?

She gave the cut a gentle lick, then pulled away, feeling some left over blood gathering in the creases of her lips and dribbling down the side of her mouth. She glanced back up at him. "Julian, I love you," she spoke softly, whispering those words to him for the first time.

Jenny watched him as he registered what she'd just said. He took a deep shuddering breath, shock evident on his face. Julian moved so fast she barely had time to register as he pulled her into his lap and dropped his forehead to hers.

"I've waited so long to hear you say that," he whispered against her lips. She could hear the quavering in his voice, almost as if he was about to cry.

Jenny grinned happily and then gave him a quick, hard kiss. "I'm sorry it took you dying for me to realize it." Thank God for that star!

"Baby I'd go to hell and back a million times for you."

Jenny paused, quirking an eyebrow.

Was he serious?

He had said it so seriously.

Thinking he needed a little more good fun in his life an idea popped into her head. She leaned backwards, like she was starting a back bend, and just as expected he instantly went to hold her, to make sure she wouldn't hurt herself. She reached for the pillow and then came up swinging.

"I can't believe you said that," she squealed happily, escaping to the other end of the bed to get away from his soon to be retaliation, all the while soaking up the stunned expression on his face. "What a dork."

He gave her a predatory look as he crawled to her the second pillow in hand.

The end!

Tell me what you think! Hopefully I was able to keep them in character. Please point out mistakes as I did not read over this-did what I usually do, write and post.