First things first. This is a Squinoa fic and I do not own FF8 world, characters and ideas. I have changed the story slightly . no, I have changed the whole FF8 story A LOT and I hope you will forgive me for turning such a wonderful game into such an . odd and confusing epic.

Characters . slightly modified:

Rinoa Heartilly:
Commander of Galbadia garden, has one younger sibling (Hikari Caraway), her mother did NOT die in a car crash. She is a very good leader but never uses her power to punish a particularly annoying student. She is 17 . until we move later on into the story!

Squall Leonheart: Orphan, or at least, he doesn't know who his parents in, he has a very cloudy past. He is the annoying student. Truth be told he has some sort of crush on Rinoa, though he would never admit to that. BOTH his parents are alive SOMEWHERE. Though he made it through the SeeD exam, he's lucky Rinoa doesn't use her personal power to solve personal problems. 19 years old.

Sefeir Almasy: Commander Centra garden (Explained further down). Has been seeking Rinoa's hand in marriage to inherit the wonderful land of Balamb (Explained further down). He pretty much explains himself throughout the story, and he still has this "arrogance" to him but not overdoing, like in the game. 18 years old.

Hikari: Rinoa's younger sister. She's always fighting with her but loves her anyhow. 7 years old.

Alex Desmond: A 'mysterious' fellow.  Not much is revealed about him and he only appears physically towards the 15th chapter.  Seems to have a mysterious connection with Suogi and the Caraway household.


The world is separated between 3 countries. Galbadia, Esthar and Centra. FH is divided between the three and is, often times, the meeting place for these 3 countries. The council, 5 representatives from each country, hold meetings and decide on what's best for the world. The council is known to the population as Tripower.

The forces united of all the councils is incredible. Galbadians have the best magical spells and excel in all types of magic. Estharians are expert in energy. They morph their energy into attacks, powerful in attack, their powers are limited. Centarians expertise in martial arts and weapons, relying only on their physical strength.

Thus the land of Balamb was discovered, it was perfectly formed and capable of holding a small town and another Garden, the problem was, who would inherit this land? So the Tripower came to an understanding that did not suit the Estharians at all. Caraway, the president of Galbadia, had a daughter, Rinoa Heartilly. She was to marry Sefeir Almasy, son of the President of Centra. Their heir would claim the land of Balamb. That wasn't fair to the Estharians so they put the situation of Balamb on hold, as some rebellious groups began to form a bit everywhere in the land.

We find out much later on about a 'hidden' storyline.  So don't base the judgment of the plot line on this 'clarification outline'.

The two different social classes are the nobles and the ordinaries. Wealth is judge accordingly . duh.

Secrets will reveal themselves and goals will be changed.

So this story begins.

I really hope you understand because I worked hard on this. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me at

Thank you and enjoy!