Hey sorry I have not posted lately things have been hectic, and I've just been looking at all the reviews thank you so much just bare in mind people like you are the reason I love to write. You're the inspiration in the pen or pencil that I draft with, I'm sure to say this on behalf of all the writers out there a big thank you. I'm happy enough to say to all of you readers out there all my stories will be forever devoted to you. So I'm going to give you a quick review of what I've been up to the past few months you have not heard from me....

Basically soon I will need to hog the computer or my parents laptop (of which I am doing now seen as I can't get onto the computer as it's so late!!) to write up a massive story which has taken up two normal sized notebooks! So hopefully it will be great for you to read and review also my aim is to get you gripped to your seat and have you want more and more. So fingers crossed will work!

I decided in this I will leave a little teaser out of the text for you to read and just review what you think.


It was dark and the wind was abnormally cool, the rocks were stained red with gore it made everything seem and feel wrong, nothing or nobody could make me rest here it isn't safe. Darkness engulfed me the further I went into the cave I started to shake it was not because of the temperature it was my mentality telling me something there, it was also telling me to run for my life but yet I still stayed there waiting to see what would come running out to kill me. Whether it may be a friend or family or a complete stranger I still knew deep down inside me that it defiantly wasn't a human. And I knew straight away two things about 'it', number one it wasn't a vegetarian and number two… It was hungry. "

Anyway review and let me know what you think, and thanks for everything.