Title: That's Just How It's Got To Be
Chapter: One – Someone Messed with God's Light Switch
Author: pathsforme
Beta: immortal_jedi
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, Adventure, Drama, Gen, and a dash of HET.
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural, Kripke does. The Consort Series concept belongs to shadowglove77. Only thing that I own is Morgan.
Summary: Can the future be changed? Is everything set in stone or does free will trump all?
Warnings: AU, pre-series Stanford timeline, heavy OFCs and OMCs.

At some point in the night Morgan had covered her head and would have stayed asleep for as long as possible until she heard the sound of an alarm going off and blaring 'Carry On My Wayward Son'. Immediately she sat up, she didn't even own an alarm, she was good at sleeping very little unless she purged off the Demon Blood. The room was not her bedroom, nothing was familiar about the dorm room. It was a simple one person dorm room, simple and Spartan in amount of personal items.

It was then that the previous night came to her. She was sent back or forward, crap, she was confused. She was in a reality that wasn't her own, without her Dad, without Castiel, her personal Guardian Angel slash big brother. .

Morgan crawled out of bed and went towards the desk wearing only a shirt and underwear. A part of her was uncertain on why she was wearing something different than she had woken up in. She took notice of a few pieces of paper laid out. The first letter was an acceptance letter. She stared at the header, STANFORD. "Holy crap," She exclaimed. She read through the letter and wondered how much was the angel's doing.

"He can't be doing this on his own," Morgan said to herself. She placed down the first letter on the text books and picked up the second letter.

Dear Morgan,

I am sure you've just woken up. You did like to ask what Stanford was like, well here's your chance to know what it's like. I've told Jimmy and Castiel what's going on. Don't worry, you will hear from them again. You have my word. Just try and give a normal life a chance, you have time before my Dad goes missing and I go with Dean to deal with the White Lady.

You will find your schedule among these papers. Don't worry and good luck.



Morgan groaned, Sam was sure being cryptic. 'Does he honestly think I want a normal life?' Morgan thought shaking her head. Though the thought was enticing, like the preverbal fruit of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. College had always seemed like an impossibility, the Hunter lifestyle was everything to her. Morgan rubbed her neck and noticed something right off the bat, her hair! Like a bat out of hell she quickly looked for a mirror and ran in the direction of the spotted bathroom and immediately saw herself.

The woman looking in the mirror noticed immediately her hair was shorter, just right at shoulder length and a bit shaggy. "Sam what the Hell?" Morgan voiced her displeasure at her reflection. She didn't understand it, not any of it. What was the point of shortening her hair, changing her night clothes? It made no sense. It was a few minutes before she returned to the desk that held her future and put the letter she had been holding and looked at the next paper.


I know since your encounter with Meg, it has been difficult on you. Do not worry about the coming future, things will make sense. There may be a few things I will be allowed to impart on you. The first is, your appearance. While you maybe still Morgan Faith, you are now living another Morgan Faith's life. From what my brother has imparted upon me, I will impart upon you. The Morgan you are now living as has hunted since her grandparents took her in after her mother was killed by her father for making the other Morgan ingest demon blood. Her grandparents passed on six months ago, and she was teetering on the edge of trying to find a demon to strike a deal with, all that she was is gone. My brother allowed her soul to join her grandparents and you to take her place where Sam thought you might be happiest.

It seems that my brother and Sam have been conspiring to provide you with a life where my father needs you most. It seems this is part of his plan and that I cannot be a part of your life. Sam has assured us we will see you again, given his word as a Winchester. So we will see you again.


It was information overload. Morgan re-read the letter from Castiel. Leave it to the angel of Thursday to be as blunt as humanly possible. Well, actually he was angel, so maybe it was different, but what he had said. There had been a Morgan here too but her story. 'Her entire world was stolen,' She thought to herself. 'And I what… Pick up the pieces? It's not possession… I'm sorta the same person. It's nice to know that in one reality, hunting is in my blood.' She thought and looked over the last bit. 'Okay so which brother is helping Samuel? Castiel has a lot of brothers and most of them are douches.' She thought idly. 'Or so Dean Winchester claimed in the books.'

Though she was thankful for Castiel, he had told her what she needed to know in a sea of confusion. She sighed knowing she was still processing everything right now. It was really making her head hurt. Morgan sighed as she put the letter with Sam's and the Stanford acceptance which still bowled her over. Morgan rubbed her forehead as she saw her schedule, it was all pretty standard freshman classes.

Rhetoric and Composition I 8:00 – 9:15am MW

College Algebra 10:00-11:15 MW

Biology I 10:00-11:15 TR

Biology Lab I 1:00-2:00 R

Intro to Computer Information Technology Internet

It was a typical freshman schedule, well she would think. The truth of it was, she didn't know what was typical for college students. She had never known what to do in this situation. She put to the side and saw one last letter and instantly recognized the penmanship. "Dad," She muttered out loud. Morgan was almost afraid to read what her father had to say. While Cas had told her the bits about her situation and that Sam was teamed up with an angel and that it seemed she was brought here to prove that free will trumps destiny and fate. That was the big thing, wasn't it?

'Great just great, I'm a chess piece.' Morgan thought to herself as she picked up the letter.


I won't say this has been easy for either one of us. Neither Castiel or I wanted to put this on your shoulders. We knew though, that after Michael brought you to us, that there was something God had planned for you, but preventing everything we went through was not something I imagined was your fate.

I want to be there with you but just because I am not, know that I am proud of you. How many parents can boast about a daughter like you? You're smart, you know how to take care yourself, and if you choose to stay at Stanford, I will be proud of you in everything you choose to do.

With Love,


Morgan wasn't sure how long she sat there going over the letters, trying to wrap her mind about this whole thing. She had known the letters weren't long but what the letters had said had more and more impact than the next one. A part of her wanted to crawl back into bed, but that wasn't her style. Both Castiel and her father had instilled a face it head on approach in her.

Morgan pulled the drawer out of her dresser and placed all the papers into it and shut it. "I don't know if I can do this," she admitted to no one in particular and rested her face in hands. None of it was simple. Not a single piece of it. Sam had told her that she had to stop Lilith's rising but to give a normal life a chance. The man was confusing the hell out of her and the fact he was teamed up with angel, one of Castiel's brothers didn't make a lick of sense.

Morgan looked at the clock on the desk, it was 6:02 a.m. and her first class was eight a.m. She had two hours, and she figured she might as well attempt to do what she was brought here for. She had no idea where to start at. Her goal was to keep Lilith in Hell. Morgan approached the closet and opened it up and turned on the light. What she found looked like her actual clothes, complete with AC/DC, Metallica, and Led Zepplin shirts that looked like something Castiel would have given her.

Morgan dragged out a plain green t-shirt, jeans, running shoes, and socks. It was then she spotted a backpack, it was empty except for a piece of paper at the bottom with the words, 2777 Cardigan Rd. Morgan wasn't sure what it meant but she would keep the address in mind for a later time.


Morgan had managed a shower along with figuring out some sort of system to get to class quickly. It was why she was now here at her Composition and Rhetoric class with five minutes until class started. The room was almost packed. She didn't waste any time though in sitting down in one of the last few seats.

Morgan sat next to a pretty blond student who seemed locked in a conversation with another student. She sighed as she turned the slight table onto her lap that was attached to the arm rest. Morgan unzipped her bag as she heard a familiar voice to the right of her ask a question.

"Mind if I sit here?"

Morgan looked up and found herself staring into a familiar face but not, at the same time. Sam Winchester, age nineteen years old. He looked so… Young. It was a little offsetting and it was only a moment before the butterflies in the stomach hit her. "Um, yeah, sure," she told him as the younger Winchester sat down.

It was surreal, sitting in the past, next to Sam who hadn't even met her yet, never drank demon blood before. He wasn't the man she had met yet and couldn't help the feeling of being watched and when she turned towards Sam, she saw him turn away. 'Wonderful,' she thought to herself. 'Just what I need.'

"I'm Morgan Faith," she said offering her hand in friendship at least.

Sam took it and said, "Sam Winchester."