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Author's Note: A little idea I got while watching Comedy Central. I've been playing Final Fantasy all day so it's pretty much taking over my brain. Haha. Well, enjoy!

Warning: Yuri, femslash, shoujo-ai, whatever you'd like to call it.



Wind Alias


Vanille sighed as she sat down on the mossy boulder. They'd been walking for hours and Lightning showed no inclination of letting them stop for the night. She was no weakling like Hope, but damn it, she was tired. Her legs ached relentlessly even as she struggled to stretch them out. The others continued to move on despite her obvious weakened state.

One, however, stayed behind.

"Vanille?" Fang said softly, dropping to one knee beside the blushing rose. Vanille turned her face away, feeling her face heat up. Fang was leaning so close to her, and Vanille could just catch the faintest whiffs of the earthy smell of Fang's skin, the smell of rain and thyme washing over her senses. So close, in fact, that it seemed that at any moment Fang might lean in and press her lips to- no, she admonished herself. Don't think that.

"It's nothing!" she managed to chirp. She stood unsteadily on jelly legs, feeling like they might buckle beneath her at any moment. "Let's catch up to the others."

"Sit." Fang ordered. One heavy hand forced Vanille back to her seat. She pouted, but Fang ignored her, instead reaching into the folds of her clothing. She fished around, finally pulling out a small glass jar. She popped off the top and Vanille was struck immediately with a strong, medicinal scent.

"Can you stretch out your leg?" Fang questioned. Vanille nodded weakly, bowing her head to hide the rosy blush that threatened to consume her features.

Carefully grasping her ankle, Fang assisted in straightening out her leg, lifting it until Vanille's leg was being held by Fang's shoulder.

"Hold still." She commanded. Dipping her finger into the strong smelling medicine, she began to rub it into Vanille's pale flesh. Vanille bit her lip, stifling a soft moan. Fang's fingers were firm and the undeniable feeling of arousal began to creep from her chest to between her legs.

"Why did you stop, anyways?" Fang continued, oblivious to the heat beginning to creep between the rose's legs.

"I was tired," Vanille managed to say without stammering.

"You big softie." Fang chuckled. Her fingers pulsed against Vanille, creeping upwards.

The pink haired girl fought another moan and gave a fake laugh.

"Haha, yeah…" she said quietly.

"Spread 'em." Fang said suddenly, and Vanille was sure her entire face was redder than a tomato.

But she complied.

Fang continued applying the medicine, at one point crouching between her legs.

"Uh-uhm, Fang?" Vanille whined, uncomfortable with Fang's close proximity. The older woman looked up, and they found themselves less than a kiss apart.

Vanille acted without thinking.

Darting in, the young woman pressed her lips against Fang's. Moving with the moment, she flicked her tongue against those delicious lips. Realizing her folly, Vanille pulled away in horror.

Fang gazed at her, surprise melting into amusement.

"Well, well. I wondered when you'd finally take a risk." Fang chuckled, eyes glittering at Vanille. "Now that you've gone for it, let me ask; what did you think?"

Vanille glanced at her hesitantly. "I guess I'd have to say…" she paused, and a small smile crept along her features. "Soft."


"Soft." Vanille said happily.

"Well, I'm glad." Fang purred. She leaned over Vanille. "Now it's my turn."

Vanille happily obliged.