So I've been out of the game for a couple of weeks cus I've been so very busy. I hope I'm not too rusty.

Happy birthday Vanessa! I hope this is enough hurt!Dean caring!Sam for ya :)

A/n: No spoilers. Can probably be set anywhere during the series. Just Sam realizing that being the older brother would be a very heavy load. Especially if Sam Winchester is your younger brother.


"Bobby, you should hear him."

"He'll be fine. The spell will only last another couple hours. You'll have to wait it out."

Sam hung up and went back into the room where Dean was on the floor trying not to upset the boils that covered his torso, face twisted in pain.

"SAMMY!" Dean cried as one popped. Sam's stomach clenched at hearing the weird sound.

He put a towel to Dean's forehead, thanking God he was not the big brother.

"How does Dean 'wait out' everything that happens to me?

Sam made a mental note to stay out of trouble.


Because we all know that it's entirely possible for a Winchester to stay out of trouble for more than 6 seconds ;)

Agh let me know if you love or hate it! And if I missed your birthday I am terribly and more than willing to make it up to you if you would like :)