I wrote this because there aren't many stories pairing Iceman and Slider without Maverick between them.

Disclaimer: Top Gun and characters aren't mine.


Iceman was his, since first time his eyes land upon Tom Kazansky, back in flight school, and he felt he would quit being pilot to be his RIO. He was tall, blonde, hazel eyes, sharp features, perfect lips, sexy shape. His call sign has no connection with his body heat. He wasn't cold, actually, he was really warm. Slider was possessive, Iceman was his territory and he would bite anyone who dares to cross the line and step in his property.

That's when they were sent to Top Gun, the best of the best. He could feel all the eyes upon his pilot, every RIO wanting to be with him, every pilot wanting to be him, but he was the only one who had him, in every way one could imagine.

Slider knew iceman's body, heart, feelings, soul. Every thought that could make his 'ice' turn into boiling water, scare him, bother him, make him smile or laugh and as far as Slider knew, he was the only one who could make Iceman laugh, meaning it and putting his heart on doing so.

Iceman was his, and every other RIO or pilot could see it: slider always sat by iceman's side, putting an arm around the other man's shoulder sometimes even daring to touch Tom's neck or hair in front of the others. Iceman had never complained about it. They have won Top Gun trophy, they were the best of the best. They were sent overseas and into difficult missions and accomplished every single one with perfection. That was Ice was all about: perfection.

It was raining outside and Ron was lost in his own world. Suddenly he came back to reality when he heard Tom's moan on bed. They had been on a nasty accident that morning and Kazansky was still unconscious, the only proofs of life coming from the 'beep' machines were doing around the still form. Just as fast Ron was at Tom's side stroking his hair, waiting for him to wake up, remembering moments they spent together.

Two nights ago they were having a nasty fight over Slider's possessive behavior. He knew that Tom had a free spirit, that he wasn't meant to belong to only one, that he liked to keep distance and sometimes Ron didn't gave him the space he needed.

Hearing the 'beep' sound slow down made Ron feel better, and watching Tom sleep peacefully made him remember some nights he had spent awake, only to watch his friend sleep: the way he used to curl his body, how he buried his face into the pillow, his chest while he was breathing deeply, the way his hair was disheveled in the morning and he was the only one allowed to see his 'not so glamorous' moments.

All of a sudden a sad memory came to his mind, the vision of Tom laid down in his arms, with blood covering his face after a emergency landing in the middle of nowhere, that put him in this hospital bed. God knows what went wrong, but fact is wasn't for Tom's ability they would be dead by now.

Many friends had come to visit: Hollywood, Wolfman, Sundown, Merlin… even Cougar has called. Everyone worried about Iceman's condition. Slider felt he was crying, hot tears streaming down his face at the memory.

"Please, come back to me…" – He whispered.

Hours later Tom started showing signs of consciousness, briefly awakening and falling back to sleep again, but this time doctor's said he was going to be fine. Slider never felt so relieved in his entire life, especially because his life was laying on that bed, recovering.