Disclaimer: I don't own the G.I. Joe series but I do own this story. I thought I could do something original on this one. I'm making the Baroness the good guy but she'll keep the bad girl attitude as she gets close with Duke since I'm pairing Scarlett with Snake Eyes for all you hardcore Scarlett/Snake Eyes fans around the world. This story takes place after G.I. Joe the movie. Enjoy.

The story started with Duke rehabbing in the hospital during his one year depression after G.I. Joe defeated Cobra and Cobra La last year. After being stabbed in the chest and pierced through his heart by Serpentor, he was never the same again.

He has never felt miserable in his life.

Scarlett broke up with him and reformed her relationship with Snake Eyes whom she knew for a long time, the Joe leaders' meeting was a wreck when Beachhead questioned Duke's integrity, duty, leadership and commitment during G.I. Joe's effort against Cobra which led to a fallout between the two, his younger half brother Lt. Falcon's discharge from G.I. Joe which caused him to snap, lose his mind and landed him to a mental hospital when he disobeyed Hawk's order of not coming after Serpentor and civilian life outside of G.I. Joe on his rocky road to recovery. At the time, Duke has no one to blame but himself.

The same goes for the Baroness.

Ever since G.I. Joe defeated Cobra and brought Serpentor to justice and the transformed Cobra Commander (now a humanoid Snake) disappeared after coming in contact with the Supernatural chemicals in Dr. Mindbender's lab, which led to him changing him into a muscle bound, man sized Cobra, Scrap-Iron, Storm Shadow, Firefly, Zartan and the Dreadknoks disappeared without a trace, Destro, Major Bludd, Dr. Mindbender, Tomax & Xamot are indicted for their crimes against humanity and the relationship between Destro and the Baroness became permanently strained when they fell out and officially broke up and M.A.R.S. Industries was shut down by the Government due to it's affiliation with the Cobra Organization.

Destro and the Baroness had a string of fights and arguments ever since Destro broke out of prison without her help. She tried dating other criminals. The ones who made big money for her to snatch. But Destro would have none of that and struck her with fury like never before.

For the first time in years, the Baroness started to cry with tears flowing down from her beautiful eyes.

She is heartbroken by a man whom she once loved. She hasn't felt this way since her brother was gunned down when she was a teenager. Destro tried to apologize but she doesn't want to forgive him this time.

Duke and the Baroness have one thing in common: they are both living in hell.

Until one day, all of that will change when Cobra reunite to help Serpentor escape from prison to get his revenge on the Joes who defeated him.

It all started with the forces of Cobra breaking into prison, attacked the prison guards and scared the visitors as they charged right into the prison yard starting a riot between the prisoners and the prison guards.

As Destro, Zartan, the Dreadnoks, Storm Shadow, Firefly, Copperhead, Scrap-Iron and the remaining Cobra Vipers attack the prison guards in an attempt free Serpentor and the others, the Baroness (who refused to watch Destro's back) led the troops to Serpentor and freed him until she heard the familiar battle cry.

"YO JOE!" cried G.I. Joe.

"G.I. Joe! Don't you damn stand here you fools! ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK! COBRA!" the Baroness cried in fury.

General Hawk led Flint, Lady Jaye, Gung-Ho, Roadblock, Shipwreck & Polly, Stalker, Beachhead, Scarlett, Snake Eyes & Timber, Breaker, Cover Girl, Mutt & Junkyard, Spirit & Freedom, Bazooka, Quick Kick, Alpine, Ace, Ripcord and Wild Bill into battle.

Lady Jaye kicked Tomax in the balls causing him and Xamot to moan in pain.

"Careful where you're aiming at my dear." Zomat & Tomax said.

"OK numbnuts!" Lady Jaye replied punching Xamot in the face causing the tooth to fly.

Snake Eyes fighting his arch enemy Storm Shadow in a martial arts brawl.

"Eat shit and die you snake faced scurvy land lovers!" Shipwreck cried as he fired the missile from the giant tank.

After defeating the Crimson Twins, Lady Jaye and Destro are fighting and talking to each other at the same time.

"Hey, Destro, so much for a family reunion, huh?" Lady Jaye asked mocking Destro.

"Bah! Preposterous! I do not have time for this foolishness Lady Jaye! We maybe distant cousins of the McCullen Family but we will always be enemies. Remember that! Cousin Joe!" Destro sneered as he continued to fight her.

"Fair enough, cuz." Lady Jaye replied.

"Tell that to the Baroness, Cousin!" Destro sneered as he and Lady Jaye continued to fight.

"SILENCE DESTRO! Do not insult me anymore!" the Baroness cried as she fought Scarlett with the tears in her eyes.

"Wow, you and Destro have relationship problems. Do ya Baroness?" Scarlett asked as she kicked her in the gut.

"Of course I do Scarlett! What does have to do with you, huh?" the Baroness yelled at her.

"Well, I broke up with Duke last year. We didn't fight. We just gone our separate ways since we defeated you guys and Golobulus last year." Scarlett said.

"Well, since then Destro and I broke up, we were fighting non-stop until he struck me and as a result of this!" the Baroness said as she takes her glasses off and showed Scarlett her black eye.

"Oh, my god." Scarlett looked in horror.

"Yes. That's what happened when you hurt the one you loved most." The Baroness said with sadness on her face.

Zarana gets annoyed by Polly while Junkyard and Timber chasing Buzzer, Ripper, Monkeywrench, Zandar and Torch around until the dozen of Raddler Squads put a stop to this. The Baroness and Scarlett continued fighting each other until Serpentor threw Scarlett off the ceiling only to be saved by Snake Eyes.


"COBRA!" All Cobra obliged as they retreated to the Cobra Mother ship and flew back to the Terrordome on Cobra Island."

Where the hell they went off to?" asked Lady Jaye.

"Retreated back to what's left of Cobra Island I guess." Flint answered.

5 minutes later, ambulances are everywhere, taking injured people to the hospital. General Hawk was finished talking to the Warden, then he turned to Flint.

"Flint report." said General Hawk.

"We got 23 causalities. 5 injured prison guards, 3 prison guards that got killed, 15 prisoners that escaped got caught the remaining prison guards got injured or killed but the civilians are safe." Flint reported.

"That's good. At least they're out of harm's way." General Hawk announced.

"General Hawk. This is Breaker. We got bad news. Cobra Commander has escaped." Breaker announced via communicator. The Joes are shocked.

"Yeah and we might have another Cobra power struggle on our hands y'all. All the Mutants created by Cobra-La have resurfaced to our land stalking in shadows." Clutch added.

"If what they said is true, we need to take it up a notch. Return to Joe base. I'm calling Sgt. Slaughter to whip us into shape right now. Now let's move!" General Hawk ordered. "YO JOE!"

Inside the Cobra mother Ship, a furious Destro lost his composure and got in the Baroness' face as she wiped away her tears.

"Baroness, where were you when I needed you the most my dear?" Destro furiously demanded answers from his estranged ex-girlfriend.

"Freeing our beloved leader from prison! What else?" the Baroness yelled back.

"Brilliant deduction, Baroness! You are even more annoying than Cobra Commander ever was!"

Destro and the Baroness continued to bicker until Serpentor shouted "SILENCE! We do not have time for your petty argument are going to give the world an ultimatum that they cannot refuse. Dr. Mindbender how's the last experiment doing?" Serpentor asked.

"The last experiment was a failure when we turn our Cobra troops into real live cobra humanoids after G.I. Joe defeated us last year." Dr. Mindbender answered.

"At least we can still find what's left of my weapons in a hidden stash in Las Vegas. That'll really intimidate the Joes and the entire world! Ha Ha Ha Ha!" Destro said.

"Impossible, Destro, you tin grinned fool! It'll take more than that idea to destroy the bloody Joes!" Zartan objected.

"Perhaps we'll need to make Cobra a stronger force than ever to defeat the bloody Joes!" Major Bludd suggested.

"Maybe Dr. Mindbender can combine his experiments..." Tomax suggested. "with Destro's weapons..." Xamot added. "to destroy G.I. Joe and rule the world. Brilliant!" Tomax & Zamot said excited.

"You what...I think it's a bloody well good idea! Dammit why did I think of that?" Torch asked.

"Because you're a dingo minded fool." Zartan answered, getting in his face.

"Well you don't have to be bloody sarcastic Zartan!' Torch shot back. "Yeah, you abandoned us when we needed you the most mate!" Ripper added.

"SILENCE YOU FOOLS! We don't have time for this petty bickering. We must concentrate on ruling the world. If they do not give in to my demands, destroy them all! This I command!" Serpentor declared and then they all laugh while the Baroness stopped laughing only to feel so sad.

Meanwhile back in St. Louis, MO, Duke is recovered from his injuries after 1 year out of action and resided to his apartment where his stood in front of the mirror, shirtless with the scar on his chest where Serpentor's snake staff stabbed and pierced him in his heart and sporting a huge beard Rock N Roll has.

"Damn. It's been a year since I came home and the rent has been due. Even the money I made in the Military's not gonna cover it. Sigh. Look at me now. Look at my life right now. Some hero I turned out to be. I served my country, did my part, made sacrifices and look what happened to me, Falcon's gone nuts, Scarlett dumped me, lost the trust of some of the Joes and I still haven't been promoted to an officer rank. I thought I live up to my expectations, my potential, I even thought that I was gonna be somebody... but I was wrong. My life is now in shambles. Like my father before me, I'm a screw up. I should've stay dead instead of being here. I'm useless. Maybe I oughta kill myself and get it over with. Everybody's right about me. I'm nothing, absolutely nothing." Duke sounded so discouraged after recalling some hardships that he's been through last year.

He turned on the TV to watch the news and Hector Ramirez reported that Serpentor escaped from prison and Cobra has risen again.

"What? Cobra's back? Oh, great. Just when I thought Cobra was history, they keep coming back for more." Duke was not happy about what Cobra's return.

You know what? I think it's time for me to stop feeling sorry for myself and do something what should've been done last year. So as of right now, I'm goin' back to G.I. Joe, get back into the good graces of the entire team, stop Cobra and settle the score once and for all! Watch out, Cobra because I'm comin' back! YO JOE!" Duke shouted out.

He realized that he's not done yet, decided to return to the Joe and resume the war with Cobra while redeeming himself for the Joes.

Warning: If somebody gives me another bad review about the story I worked hard to make, I'll really get pissed off and kill any douche bag who disrespected my work. I apologized to those who were intimatated by my warning.