That morning the Higurashi family was in a rush. Kagome had just gotten back from Feudal Japan, Sota had a huge test today and he didn't want to be late, mom had to hurry to the grocery store, and grandpa had to finish his special bonding enchantments to put on the shrine. Everyone was scrambling around trying to get their things together. Everything was so confusing that Kagome ran down the stairs of the shrine with no shoes on.

She dashed back up the stairs and ran inside. Her mom was holding the shoes as if she knew Kagome would do that. Kagome slipped on her shoes, gave her mom a quick kiss, and dashed down the steps again. She was hurrying for she had a history exam that day and didn't want to be late. Thoughts of Inuyasha and the fight that they had earlier were running through her head. She wanted to go back and apologize, but she needed to hurry on to school.

She ran with to school with all her books in her hands. She headed towards the school doors when, being the clumsy girl she is, she dropped her book without noticing. She kept running when she heard a familiar voice yell:

"Hey! You dropped your book!"

Kagome slowly turned around and saw a young boy with black hair pulled up in a braid, sapphire eyes, and the most gorgeous face. Kagome gasped, for she recognized the boy as Bankotsu, leader of the Band of Seven. The same Bankotsu that Inuyasha killed.

"AAAA! It's you...B-Bankotsu! but how?" Kagome screamed as she snatched the book out of the notorious mercenary's hands. Kagome screamed and was about to run away when the mysterious killer grabbed her wrist.

"Let go of me!" she screamed. She tried to pull away as she clawed him.

"Woah! Calm down! I'm not this Bankotsu guy or whoever! I'm Ken'ichi."

"Huh? Oh, I'm so sorry! I thought you were someone I knew before… and not in a good way." Kagome apologized nervously. She gazed into his gorgeous sapphire eyes and smiled, "Ummm... Let's start again. I'm Kagome Higurashi, and thank you very much for helping me with my book."

"Hi, the names Ken'ichi. Who's this bankotsu guy? Some murderer or something? You seem frightened of this guy. Can i help...Kagome?" he asked as he smiled. Kagome couldn't find any words to say. She was to busy gazing into his eyes. She was speechless and realized she was making herself look like a fool.

"Uh…um...yeah sure...I mean no! This guy is dead...I don't have to worry a-about him. " Kagome choked.

"Ok." Ken'ichi replied. /Wow. I thought girls at my old school were weird/, he thought.

~Oh great!you're making yourself look like a complete idiot!~ Kagome thought, ~just take a deep breath and say something else.~

"Umm, well, bye!" Kagome yelled over her shoulder as she dashed in the school.

"Wait!" Ken'ichi yelled. He was too late though, Kagome had already disappeared into the building. /And I wanted too know more about this girl... Why?/


Kagome tried really hard to answer the questions on the history exam. It was kind of hard for her since she hadn't been in school for a while. Thoughts of the boy she met that morning were running through her head.

~I wonder why that boy looks so much like Bankotsu.~ Kagome thought. She tried to think of explanations when the bell rang. Time was up and she had only answered five questions. "Oh no!...I didn't get to finish!" she thought, ~Ooh! Maybe I can finish it during free period!~

Kagome walked up to the teacher and asked if she could finish it during free period. Her teacher said it was fine and that there would also be another student in here during free period finishing up his test too. "That's fine." Kagome told him and headed to the lunchroom to get her lunch.

Today's meal was rice balls and soup. Kagome smirked and headed back to the classroom to her classroom, tray in hand. When she entered the room, she was surprised to see who the other student was. It was Ken'ichi.

"Oh... Hi Kagome." He said with a smile.

"Hey." she replied nervously. ~Why am I nervous?~ She sat in the desk right next to him and started on her test. Every now and then she would take a bit out of her rice ball and smile at Ken'ichi who was rapidly answering the questions on the test.

~Wow! He's smart~, Kagome thought in amazement. She was too busy thinking that she almost forgot about her test. She snapped out of her fantasy world and continued on with her test. Before she knew it Ken'ichi was bringing his finished test up to the teacher's desk. He walked back to his desk and looked at Kagome. She had one more question left. She quickly finished and brought her test to the teacher. She sat back down and turned to Ken'ichi who was nibbling on his rice.

"Hey, I just wanted too apologize again, for this morning." Kagome said to Ken'ichi.

"It's cool. Don't worry about it." Ken'ichi replied. "Listen, why don't we start over? Again… Hi, I'm Ken'ichi. You?" he said as he extended his hand out for her to shake.

"And I'm Kagome." she said as she shook his hand.

"Nice to meet the not paranoid you."

"Oh yeah. I'm really, really sorry about that." she said as she blushed. He smiled back at her and continued eating. Kagome had only eaten one of her rice balls when the bell had rung for P.E.

"Bye." he said as he headed out the classroom door.

Kagome smiled and was happy that he was the one she got to sit with, but little did she know someone had been watching them from the outside window. Someone that was who was really jealous.