She looked at Inuyasha with evident curiosity written all over her face. "Really? Who?"

He looked at the setting sun, then back to Kagome. He smirked. "No one in particular."

And then, after jumping out the window and into the well house, he was gone. Kagome growled and glared at the floor, wishing she could violently bash Inuyasha's head into it. Crossing her arms with a huff, she thought, that friggin' bastard! Not telling me was just cruel of him!

She sighed and her glaring ceased as the breath left her lips. Coming to the decision not to just stand up in her room alone, she made her way down the steep stairs and plopped onto the couch next to her mother, who was idly flipping channels with the remote to the TV. Kagome watched the black box that would flash every time her mother would change the channel, until it blinked and turned a dead black. Shiori turned to her daughter with a smile.

"I knew you'd come!" she said in sing-song voice. "What can my experience as a daughter and mother do for you, my beautiful Kagome?"

Kagome threw her head back and laughed. Getting serious, she confided, "Mom… I don't know what to do…"

Shiori snorted and crossed her arms. "Well duh, otherwise you wouldn't be here, my precious."

Kagome glared. "Will you quit acting like the sarcastic prophetess in that silly television show you like? I need my mom."

Shiori sighed. "Let me guess, you've reached that stage every teenage girl does: you don't know which boy to choose."

Kagome nodded and looked down, sighing. She brought her knees to her large chest. "I just… their both so… I- they're so different, yet so alike… Bankotsu's bold and pushes to his limits, but Ken'ichi is sweet and cares what you think. Sometimes I think he's the side that Bankotsu never showed to anyone."

The elder woman nodded, soaking in the information just revealed. Then she snapped as a solution popped into her head. "You love them both… and they both love you…" she smirked. "You're my daughter; you're smart enough to know where this is going."

Kagome blanched as she had a picture in her head… Being squished in the middle of a Ken'ichi and Bankotsu man sandwich would be quite… delightful. With Bankotsu's experience in bed and Ken'ichi inexperienced hands figuring out her body… Uh-oh… Woman boner! She mentally shook the image out of her head and cursed her mother for plotting such an idea in her head. Speaking of, where had the woman gone?

Kagome growled at the spot once reserved by her mother. ~damn woman! Sneaking off like that! ~

Kagome sighed. It was strange, she missed Bankotsu already. Her forlorn face instantly brightened as the imaginary light bulb in her head dinged and lit up. Easy solution: She could go to the well while Ken'ichi was out!

She placed her feet back onto the ground and stood, turning to leave out the door… Only to bump into a rock hard chest. She blinked in a daze, processing why that wall was there. She looked up and saw that it wasn't a wall, only the very one captivating her thoughts. She swallowed quietly.

"H-hey…" she squeaked out.

He smirked and looked around at their surroundings as Kagome noticed something. This… was the aura of Bankotsu, yet the body of Ken'ichi. She was brought back to her situation as the Ban'ichi (the name she gave him, seeing as he was neither Bankotsu nor Ken'ichi) plopped down in the couch and patted the spot next to him.

"Come sit, beautiful." She grimaced at the pet name. Sweet as it was, he was a mystery. Practically a stranger She knew nothing about this peculiar Ban'ichi and as far as she was concerned, he was no different from a drunken hobo on the street saying the same exact thing to her. Ignoring her instincts, which were screaming at her to run away, she sat next to him. Not close enough to touch, but not so far away to let him know she was frightened. What the hell was she so afraid of? Yes, Ban'ichi was unnatural to be what he was, but he was made of the two men she loved. How dangerous could he be?

Taking a closer look at him, she realized he looked like an Egyptian god. Ken'ichi and Bankotsu both were gorgeous, so of course the two of them put together would be insanely beautiful. Their eyes separated were like liquid sapphire gems, but Ban'ichi's eyes were like looking into the clearest, bluest ocean of any shade of blue silk. They held innocence and the promise to fuck you into the ground. She shivered. His skin tone was the same as always, but softer, not having been in so many battles like Bankotsu. It held an alluring healthy glow. His hair was the deepest black she'd ever laid eyes on, noticing it's silky looking texture, she longed to touch it, but held back.

She brought her trembling hand up to his cheek and caressed it with wonder. He leaned into her palm and his lashes fluttered closed. "What are you? I know you can't be Bankotsu or Ken'ichi. So what are you, exactly?"

His eyes snapped open and he grabbed her hand in his larger one. "I'm both. I'm still Bankotsu from the past, yet I'm the still Ken'ichi who resides here." The miko narrowed her eyes.

"How is that possible?"

He sighed and pressed her ivory hand. "I suppose I gained my memories from the past, while keeping the ones from the present. This won't last for long, Kagome, so do not fret." She whimpered. Why? Her dilemma was finally solved… he was perfect! Not too innocent, not too mischievous. She didn't have to feel like she was cheating them both.

He said slowly, "You do not want them to be separate?"

She sighed and looked down at her lap. "I don't know what the hell I want anymore." He nodded, processing the information.

He looked into her eyes, now raised from her lap. "Ken'ichi wants Bankotsu's memories gone. He does not wish to be one." She raised an eyebrow, he noted. "It is very confusing. They are both so different, that when put together, it's like a completely new person. I hear them in my head, bickering, like I am a different person as well… though I am not." He kissed the hand that he still held. "I bid you good day, Kagome."

Her blue eyes widened with fear. "N-no! Don't go, don't leave me!"

He only smiled softly.

"Kagome… Kagome wake up… Kagome, I'm back, come on, get up. Please?"

She squeezed her eyelids and blinked as she opened them in a daze. "W-wha…? Kenny…?"

He chuckled from his patient position on the floor. "Good morning, gorgeous." He smiled. He turned towards the running TV. "You know, if you want to make it to school, there's still time. It's only seven."

She nodded. "I see… I'll be right back then." He nodded as she stood. She took a step, and then turned around and bent down to give him a peck on the cheek, then turned towards the stairs once more to get dressed.

Slamming her bedroom door closed, a small tremble went down her spine as she leaned against the back of her door for support.

~That… was a dream? But… it… felt so real. ~ She shook her head side to side, causing a strand of hair to remain in the center of her face. She blew out a big puff of air, effectively removing it. ~Of course it was a dream, silly Kagome! R-right, Midoriko? ~



"Awe, fuck!" She pushed off the doorway and went to her closet to retrieve a uniform. Slipping it on quickly, she was hit with the loss of the woman in her head. She slipped into the hall then into the bathroom and took a determined look in the mirror.

~Get a grip, Higurashi! You've only had Midoriko in your head for a few weeks, but up until that point, you were on your own! Now grow up and quit being the baka wench Inuyasha always says you are! ~

Teeth brushed, haired combed, and confidence boosted, she walked out of the house hand in hand with Ken'ichi… but forgot her new bag.

She groaned and yelled to the heavens, "Fuck my life!"