What if Nami was a dragon tamer and the crew were dragons…

Brook lifted up his bony head to watch as his red haired mistress. Nami whistled and pointed, and the medium-sized yellow long legged dragon followed her directions. He made a perfect star in the sky with his trailing flame.

"Good job, Sanji, you can come down now!" yelled Nami. Sanji twisted in an impossible way and landed next to Nami with a flourish. She gave his snout a huge hug. "You'll win the agility competition with no problems!"

Sanji spewed heart shaped smoke. The old dragon wondered what the red haired girl would think of the yellow dragon's crush. It had been many centuries since the last human was claimed by a dragon. The rituals involved usually pained the chosen human too much as they changed her or him into a dragon for a dragon in love to endure. A dragon in heat was another matter entirely. Of course, the humans barely ever cooperated since they viewed dragons as nothing more than beasts and hardly ever wanted to turn into one.

"Zoro, get over here!" yelled Nami. The lithe green dragon puffed but didn't move. Their mistress kissed her green bead on her wrist, and the green dragon shivered. Brook could sympathize with the itchy pain under the scales that would persist until the order was obeyed, or rather he would if he had scales, which skull dragons do not. Skull joke, yohohoho!

At last, the green dragon landed in front of Nami.

"Slice that rock fifty neat pieces," commanded Nami, pointing and gesturing to the rock with specific hand signals. The hand signals were unnecessary, but the humans thought that they helped the dragons complete commands. Zoro puffed again, but Sanji whipped out his tail. Before another fight could ensue, however, Nami licked both the green and yellow beads. The two dragons froze. "Don't make me do it again, Zoro!"

Without even puffing this time, Zoro went to the rock and sliced. Fifty square pieces fell neatly into place.

"That's perfect," said Nami, almost twirling. She smiled at her bead bracelet and started to cuddle it. "I'm so glad I spent the extra money on the extra sensitive one. We'll make Zoro win the Tamer Battle Royale, won't me my little green bead."

Not even bothering to blow smoke at the girl as he normally did, the green dragon curled up at the bottom of the stack of rock pieces and took a nap. The new bead must be very powerful for Zoro not to challenge Nami again.

"Now to try it out on the others," said Nami. "Usopp! Chopper! Luffy!"

Almost as one the three youngest dragons appeared from their respective perches. He almost felt sorry for the young ones. They had never lived freely, since Nami had had them since birth. The youngest, the tiny brown dragon, was only four. The red stretch dragon and the black night dragon were both the same age, seven, though the red, Luffy, always seemed the oldest of the three.

The trio descended in front of Nami, with the tiny brown, Chopper, landing across her shoulders. She smiled at the three. In all honesty, the girl did seem to have a soft spot for the younger ones.

"I need you guys to practice, okay?" she said, stroking their snouts. "Luffy, you practice your flight finishes. Remember to stretch your neck past the finish line, just in case, and you'll be king of the Dragon race!"

The red flapped his wings in anticipation.

"And Usopp, you practice hitting those blocks Zoro cut. I want to see a perfect checker pattern, got it. We have to win that markfire contest."

The black nodded slowly and a little timidly.

"Chopper, you go use our stupid claw cutter as a guinea pig for your healing fire. You have to be in top form to beat those other healing dragons in the Fix-em-up."

The brown chirped and rubbed her cheek.

"That leaves me Brook to deal with. Get to it."

The three young dragons flew to do their respective tasks.

"Brook! Get up here!"

Shaking his head a bit, Brook flew towards his mistress. Even if he had no scales to make itch, a binding bead might make his bones ache or something equally unpleasant.

"Now listen, and listen good. I am not losing the music making contest to that stupid blue, Franky, even if Robin-nee is his tamer. You're a skull dragon, and you're naturally musical, so you're gonna win. Do you understand me," said the girl. Brook nodded. He knew that as her latest dragon, she didn't know how to handle him fully yet. If she had, she would have known that Brook would not give her any major trouble. The old dragon had been extrememly lonely before the young red had crashed into his home during a flight path practice. The skull dragon had been happy to be with other dragons again, and would thank this girl by performing to the best of his abilities. It didn't hurt that he loved to show off, anyway.

Hovering in the air per the red head's instructions, Brook began to use his claws to strike his rib cage in a very specific beat. Soon, a beautiful music filled the air, and Nami began to smile widely.

"Alright!" yelled Nami, jumping up and down. "We'll win a Draco Iconis for sure. I can't wait. What I could do with 500,000,000 dracs! Ah~! I get excited just thinking about it! I got the best group of dragons ever!"