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Haru sat alone in the kitchen as she faced the food she served a while ago. She wondered how she was so used to this despite the loneliness it brought to her. Her husband is not home again. Though she understood what Vongola is all about, she still hoped somehow that he would have the time to join her even for just dinner.

Then again, that had been their set-up since they have agreed to marry each other for their own reason. It was already five years ago since then – since she became Gokudera's wife.

Heaving a sigh of sadness, Haru stood up and fixed the table. There is no use waiting for him to come home. He's probably somewhere doing something again. As she set the plates back to their proper place, she could not help but feel a lump in her throat as tears started gushing uncontrollably.

It feels bad being so alone even with this big of a house that he had bought before they thought of marrying each other. She can't believe she had stuck with them from present to future then back to present time as the guys all but fought for their lives – for them to return back home.

Things changed from there. Sure, their bonds have been tightened even more but as days passed, the Vongola guardians have to deal with different trouble. But they all survived those and lived to the future.

Like she had mentioned, things have changed a lot.

Say, Tsuna for example. He wasn't that wimpy kid she first saw before. He was so mature now as he led the Vongola family. And he married Kyokou. That would be the first time Haru was heartbroken but despite the pain, she had agreed to become Kyokou's bridesmaid.

Gokudera Hayato had become what he aspired to be – the Judaime's right-hand man. Yamato and him are still close buddies to this day and the swordsman had continued practicing swordsmanship together with Squalo who often challenged him for a spar.

Ryohei is still as energetic as before. Everything is done to the extreme. Hibari is just the usual Hibari. Mukurou and Chrome are the same as well.

Lambo had grown up quite a bit into a young man – something which everyone had watched with their own eyes. Even Reborn and Ipin had grown.

And even though they have close relationship, everyone has their own life to lead. However, when duty calls, the Vongola guardians would all perform them efficiently.

Haru blinked back her tears and smiled bitterly. What's the point in crying? She had sworn to be loyal to the Vongola so she should not be feeling this way – feeling as if she was so alone. She's pretty sure Kyouku might be feeling the same as she but is dealing with it with so much understanding – something that Haru is beginning to lose.

Cleaning up the table, she hurried upstairs where she cried her heart out. When she married Hayato, she never imagined to live this kind of lonely life despite her own reasons.




Gokudera leaned on the wall carefully as he was giving sign to Yamato. They were given an assignment by Reborn to check into someone – to make sure he would not pose any threat to the Vongola family.

"What are you still doing here?" a loud voice surprised the two and Gokudera glared at the youngest guardian of the Vongola who immediately hid behind Ryohei, knowing he had done something wrong again.

"Stupid, can't you lower your voice?" Gokudera hissed.

"We have no time for arguments like this," Yamato intervened before Gokudera would kill Lambo through his dynamites – something which still affects Lambo. "We have to finish this so we could get back to Japan. It's been a week already and I can't wait to go home."

"I wonder why Reborn saw them as possible threats," Ryohei commented as he tucked his hands in his pocket. "But one man is enough for the job, why do we all have to come here?"

"Judaime could not allow any of us to operate individually," Hayato answered as he peered from where he was hiding.

"True enough," Yamato agreed. When silence ruled over, Lambo chose the time to talk once again.

"I want to go home already. I want to taste Haru-chan's food. I missed it," he declared and received a hit in the head from Gokudera who appeared to be annoyed at his noisiness.

"Don't you know when to shut up, stupid cow?" he barked.

"But he said something right. I sure missed Haru's cooking," Yamato said offhandedly as he moved to another space. He always eats in Gokudera's place when he had the chance and surely that's what Lambo does as well.

Gokudera scratched his head and sighed while feeling guilty inside. He's sure she would be wondering and worrying since he had not been home for almost a week. But that's exactly why he does not want to tell her where he was destined since she'd only worry. It's something he does not want.

When they both announced their marriage, everyone was practically surprised. For one, everyone or rather almost everyone knew that Haru is in love with Tsuna – the latter being oblivious about it. Second, it's so unlikely for Gokudera to suddenly ask Haru for marriage. In the first place, the two are like cats and dogs.

But they have their own reasons. They initially planned to stay married for only two years and later on annul it so it came as a surprise to both of them that it lasted five years already – though it was a five-year of loveless marriage.

Yamato, upon noticing the troubled look on his friend's face, sighed and understood. "You haven't told her we're in Italy, have you?"


"Why'd you marry her?" he asked suddenly that made Gokudera glare at him for a moment. Yamato raised his hands in the air but his face was serious. "You don't have to answer that now. I just want to know. When we get back, I think I deserve to know."

Hayato ignored his friend when he signaled Ryohei to move inside. This mission had taken more than a few days than they have anticipated. And truthfully, he wanted to finish this home so he could go home. There is no better feeling than coming home with a warm welcome and a nice meal waiting for you.

Honestly, he had not realized that he wanted that kind of thing. To always go home to someone at the end of the day or at the end of every mission. So, Lambo and Yamato were not the only ones who missed Harue's food. He does too. But he would not admit that to anyone.

He knew he had his misgivings towards his wife and so he wanted to finish this so he could go home and make it up to her. He owed her another explanation. And perhaps, after this one, he could start evaluating his life with her once more…and maybe, just maybe…he could hope to continue a life with her. To start anew.

And hopefully she hoped the same because in the five years of being married to her, Hayato came to realize something. And he would have to show her that.

But when he, Lambo and Yamato arrived home…they were greeted with silence…

"Harue-chan! I'm back," Lambo was the first to break the silence as he rushed in, crying out for the woman who stood as his mother. Yamato and Hayato looked around…and something inside him told him something is wrong…

"This is odd…" Yamato mumbled as they stepped in. Everything is in order according to how Gokudera had left the place a week ago. There is no sign of any burglary inside…he headed upstairs as Yamato went to raid the kitchen where Lambo had already started munching on some fruits.

Hayato looked around their room as the light was turned on. The bed was still messed up, a sign that she had slept there. But where is she? It's already ten in the evening and Harue never walks out on that time of the night. He knew that.

He was about to actually step out to join his friends in the kitchen when he spotted something on the floor. Frowning, he went over it and picked it up. He recognized this necklace. It was the one he gave her on their first anniversary. And he noticed that Harue always wore it. in fact, she never took it off.

That was why he decided that something is wrong. Reaching for his mobile, he tried to call her. "Pick it up, woman," he muttered as he paced their room. Then he stopped when he heard something. Her mobile is in this room, inside her bag in fact when he bothered to look for it.

"Have you seen her?" Yamato asked from the doorway as he leaned on the doorjamb. He had been standing there since a while ago so he knew that something is wrong. Besides, his friend's face is enough to tell anyone that something is not right. First, that necklace given by Bianchi to Hayato which was actually something his mother owned according to her. Hayato gave that to Harue on their first wedding anniversary and she loved it.

"She's…not here…" Gokudera whispered…unsure of what to think…did she leave him? Is that why the necklace is on the floor? But if she did, why did she not take her bag with her or her mobile for that matter?

On cue, his got a call from the Judaime over from Italy. "Judaime."

"Gokudera, you have to come back to Italy. It is an emergency."

Said man glanced at Yamato and for the first time, Yamato saw uncertainty in his face. Hayato had always been loyal to the tenth. He always follow his words without question. But this time…

"Gomena…I've something I have to do," he finally spoke after a moment of debate. The tenth showed his surprise on the end of the line as he frowned. What is more important to him?

"You don't have time to – "

"Gomena Judaime…it's just that I can't…for now…I'm worried about my wife. She's not here so…"

"That's why I called…Xanxus and his team had intercepted a message from another mafia family. They took Harue."

"And you really have to come…this is something only you could settle with a family your father had trampled over before…Bianchi could not do anything," Reborn piped in and Gokudera simply stood there.

Then he glanced at his friend while his one hand held the phone. "They better make sure not to hurt my wife or I'd send them all to hell," he threatened and turned the mobile off. He does not need to say anything to Yamato as he nodded with understanding. "Lambo!!" he called the lightning guardian from above.

"Hai?" Lambo asked in fear as he swallowed the last of his food and ran from the kitchen to the hall. He shivered in fear upon noticing the baleful look on the face of Gokudera. "G-Gokudera-k-kun?" he stammered.

For a moment, Gokudera's face softened at the look of fear in the young man's face. "Have you finished your dinner?"


He nodded. "Good…we're traveling back to Italy tonight."